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Hear ye, hear ye - mayhem and murder are coming to a server near you!


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Next weekend we will be having a very special event for EVERYONE to participate in from all servers!


We will be hosting an all-admin hunt on P next weekend Saturday December 19th, 11pm EST

and Sunday December 20th, 12pm EST 


This will be  a VERY SPECIAL admin hunt, as you will not just be able to viciously murder Padmins but also Cadmins, Eadmins, Head admins, and Tech admins!


For those who are new to the server or need help preparing there will be some kits available at spawn - you may want to show up a bit early to make your way out of spawn, or show up sometime beforehand to explore the map and get a feel for the land you will be hunting in. Feel free to start preparing now, you've got ALL WEEK to grind for materials and make your gear. And as usual the admins will be hard to catch :)


The schedule is below - pick the time your least favorite admin is online and be ready to dance on their graves violently murder them to death. For prizes! For glory! For maybe even your head mounted in spawn for all to see your prowess with dealing death!


Also make sure you are in mumble for some added hilarity as our evasive admins taunt and giggle and scream for their lives while they run from your flaming arrows.


See you all next weekend!


Saturday 11pm EST:

- Silversunset
- redwall_hp
- SwitchViewz
- Challenger2
- Sapphric
- totemo

- Bardidley

- Trooprm32



Sunday 12pm EST

- Silversunset

- Barlimore
- sirtacoface
- ExcessiveToker
- sir_didymus

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Guest Former Staff

Wait wait wait wait. You're saying, If I get up for 5am, I get to to murder didy?  And I can win prizes for doing it?!


Apparently, writing letters to Santa really does work.


That would be Sunday 5pm GMT if it helps. :-)


Had to double check after your comment because I don't remember being available for a 5am murderspree(!)

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