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  1. Heyyyy Turns out my daughter griefed animals while using my alt account and I only just noticed the note. She no longer has access to this account, can I please have the note removed? ily ❤️
  2. I think the lack of response is your answer, bud.
  3. We all know that's not the reason why it was shut down. Lack of popularity was a symptom, not the cause. The only way a viable PVP server could be a thing is if the admin team tightened their stance on harassment and permanent bans. The toxic community that type of server breeds will just thrive in the current environment of 3000 chances.
  4. twilexis

    Rev 23 PvE Awards

    ahahahahaha what. ily gk_ryo
  5. That would actually be amazingly adorable, I'm in :D
  6. Only if I can adopt Little Defie LAWL okay.
  7. No. Stop asking.
  8. This would never happen, too many towns have tree farms set up to prevent that (to the detriment of my plan to eradicate acacia from the map forever).
  9. Yeah, there would need to be some type of scale for region sizes. Say the consensus is to bump the buffer from 5 to 25. Would a figg hut that qualifies for protections get that buffer size? Would a larger collection of builds qualify for a higher buffer size, say 50 blocks? Would towns have different treatment to solo builders? And to throw in my 2c; this isn't something the general server population should be weighing in on. This type of decision should be made at admin level.
  10. Editing out duplicate post from internet derp
  11. While I agree with the ideas you propose, my concern is that region protections are too open to interpretation. For something like this to work there would need to be more unification of the region expectations. Example. One rev I built a compound starting with the walls and building in. The moderator who created the protections for me protected the walls in 4 child regions, leaving the centre unprotected. This rev I did the same thing, but the staff member protected the whole lot and then some. Or, instead of using claim fences to protect foliage, up the expected buffer without having to go stupid with regions.
  12. Dumb idea. Basically what Troop said.
  13. How radical would you like to go, though?
  14. Don't get me wrong, I'm always for change and moving forward. You can't move forward while looking at previous revisions for inspiration, though.
  15. While that whole event was sad, one player is entitled to not be happy with how things are and are well within their rights to leave. They should not influence the shift of the servers just because they threw a tantrum on the forums.
  16. And while that was awesome for the good old days, this is the culture of PvE now and therefore needs to be balanced and catered for with this in mind.
  17. But that's the problem. People will hoard if there isn't an incentive for them to not do so. The two options to solve this is to just accept that people will hoard and balance accordingly or install a plugin that allows people to trade their resources for other things they want, either with each other via a shop or auction house plugin or with the server via a trade plugin.
  18. I agree with everything except this. I think they should be brought back now. Keep the four spawners and make them a community effort to upgrade and allow players to craft personal ones that can't be upgraded and limit how many per chunk radius. Current output on spawners is ~1.5 stacks per 2 hours, which is plenty for a township who are keeping chunks loaded due to building and being on while if you want bulk amounts you go to the bigger spawners. Also side note; taking players who afk alts at spawners into account when balancing the game mechanics is a stupid idea due to the economy taking a major hit when those idlebots aren't in game anymore
  19. That's all well and good if you're the only one going to the grinder and wanting that 1.5 stacks of iron, but what if 10 other people are journeying there at the same cycle?
  20. I'm 100% for this, and consider this a step towards balancing out the changes to iron and horses this rev.
  21. Would it drop XP like smelting other items?
  22. While I affiliate with towns (this rev Pico and Whiteoak), I've primarily been a solo/small group builder so I speak from that perspective. [TRS] While I agree that the tech tree needs to be expanded and lengthened, I hate the limited iron spawners. I study full time plus I am a parent and while I do spend a lot of time in game, I feel as if I have to stay and play longer to resource-gather to be able to progress evenly with the rest of the community. [RIG] There are plenty of alternate techniques to iron in builds already (ice/water flows, glass elevators etc) and ways to get around (ice/boats compared to rails) but one thing that cannot be combated is latency of international players. It's a thing, it will always be a thing. While I love jetting around on my boat on ice, ~100 blocks I start lagging and my screen starts spazzing out. My horse can't be above a certain speed or I travel faster than the chunks can load and my screen starts spazzing out. Rails have always proven efficient for me, but since the plugin updates that increase the speed of rails either the builder doesn't account for players setting the speed slower, or I don't adjust my speed and, you got it, my screen spazzes out. And while I know this isn't an issue for the wider community, it sometimes crosses my mind that when implementing these changes the staff sometimes overlook the fact that we have international players on potatoes that need to be taken into account as well. I actually miss the trade plugins from Survival and I think something similar should be implemented for P. I'm picturing something like an auction house where Players A, B and C put up items they want to sell and Players D, E and F have the option of searching for that item and what the selling players are willing to trade for it. The option for a quick sell is still there in global or the trade clanchat, but this option is there for players who don't mind waiting for the sale or players who play when the larger community isn't on due to timezones who want the opportunity for trade. I HATE the prizes for timed events. Things like padmin hunts, parkour, resource gathering etc are stacked heavily towards players who are on constantly. Others have addressed it more succinctly so I won't elaborate, just adding in my agreement. Adventurer's Guild is a good idea. ToS was fun to work with others to figure things out. Showerthought: Implementing personal levelling to unlock the tech tree. Can't craft iron items until level 5, gold level 10, enchant table level 15, diamond level 20 etc. Obviously for this to be considered it needs to be thoroughly thought out, written, balanced and tested before it goes live. The numbers I have stated are quick examples. [iGS] I actually suggested the spawners a few revs ago during a community meeting when entity lag was brought up. I'm 100% for them as an alternative to vanilla iron golem spawners but they have to be balanced correctly. What we had last rev was good, but needed to be worked on. The larger cities could tier theirs up as a group while solo/small builders could still have one at their base and travel elsewhere for bigger amounts. The system that was in place should have stayed the same, what needed to change was the higher-level tiers being nerfed or even limit the amount of spawners in a chunk radius. [Other random thoughts] I agree on what dny said about the community's voice being too big of an influence on server direction. There is nothing wrong with hearing the pulse of the community, what ruins it is when the community is the one directing the flow. That happened on Survival towards the end which resulted in no vision for the direction of the server or community. Instead of floundering around and asking the community, "well what would *you* do then?" the padmin and head admins need to sit down and knut out a short, medium and long-term goal and vision for the servers. PvE is nerd's flagship server, it's generally what people first see and join in on when they find us. The impression given at the moment is far away from the impression I first got when I joined rev 12.
  23. Ooooh. I need this. With options of single player or parties.
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