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Creative Suggestion Box Responses


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If you didn't know, we have a command called /suggestion-box that lets users anonymously submit suggestions that the admins can then read. We recently had a CAdmin meeting and here are our responses to the suggestions that were in the box by that date (10/22). The suggestion will be bolded, and our response to it after.


  1. /op ppgome - After much discussion, we decided not to op ppgome at this time.
  2. bigger nether >_< - The nether radius has been increased to 500
  3. Allow spectator mode for players working underground - We're going to say no to this for a few reasons. Anything like a secret or maze would be pointless if people could just fly through walls. There's also similar potential for abuse as with invisibility potions.
  4. remove motd code that disables cave mapping in client map mods for underground build - Challenger is going to look into figuring out where this is blocked. Will update on this later.
  5. have an /afk command. indicate afk-status on the tab-menu (opt-in) - Challenger has written us an afk plugin that marks on the user list when someone is AFK. It will be enabled after a certain time afk, or can be done manually with /afk.
  6. make standmaster allow fine-tuned placement, for off-center stands - We can ask the person who made this about it, however there'd be issues making sure people couldn't move stands that weren't theirs, and making sure they can't move stands into regions they aren't on. Will update on this later.
  7. realized it isn't the creative motd script blocking cave mapping, its the lobby - This relates to 4. Will update on this later.
  8. please make a clanchat version of /ignore - Clanchats are opt in only. If you don't want someone in your clan chat make a private one and don't invite them. We don't want to put extra work on techs to solve something that is already solvable other ways.
  9. Disable Elytra flights during speedbuild inside Speedbuild Arena, please thank you - It's not possible to disable the elytra flying plugin at certain places or for certain users. We're looking into reducing the radius the sound goes out in so that you'd only hear your own elytra, or one that flew right next to you.
  10. /clanchat ignore <player> - Responded to in 8.
  11. add cloth:razzeh - lol
  12. add a /discord command, like /mumble and /irc - This is a thing now! There's an alert about it, too.
  13. allow compass usage in the spawn region - We're going to continue to deny compass use in spawn, both to protect spawn secrets and to encourage new joins to fly by the rules and hopefully read them.
  14. put the suggest a mod page in the daily announcements so the public is more aware - Alert about nerd.nu/applyformod has been added.
  15. make item frames available without the use of a modreq - While item frames are better about lag now than they used to be, we still don't feel they're to a point where we feel comfortable letting them be placed freely. We looked into whether it'd be possible to let them be placed in regions someone was on, but unfortunately its not.
  16. when somebody joins 1 minute before a restart, they should get an alert about it - We feel that the current notification at one minute and the ten second countdown are enough. There's always /nextrestart if you're worried about when the next restart is.

Those were all the suggestions in the box at the time when we had our meeting. If you've submitted one since then it will be replied to at a future date. Replied to suggestions will be removed from the box to clean it up, but this record of requests and responses will remain here. If you have any questions or comments feel free to post them here or in another /suggestion-box.

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Thank you everyone for your anonymous suggestions! We all really appreciate that you guys want to help make the server better and improve the play experience for everyone. Here in this post we've compiled ALL of your suggestions over the past several months and the 3 of us have responded individually. As you can see, a few of these already have official responses. For others, we still have some discussing to do. Within the next week or so, we'll be making a followup post talking about our final decisions regarding these suggestions, and let you guys know what has changed/what will change on Creative.

If you would like to submit a suggestion for the next time we compile these, please use /suggestion-box in game.


-Cadmin Team



Do we really need the server to message general chat every time it saves?


  • ExcessiveToker: I am in agreement that it can be a bit spammy.
  • Hollifer: No, we don’t. Long passed are the days where the security of that message to the players was relevant.
  • Bardidley: I think we should still have the notifications but on a lower frequency.


Add //fill -_-


  • ExcessiveToker: Looking into adding //fill and //rfill to the list of FAWE commands for players!
  • Hollifer: Sounds useful, definitely something we’ll be looking into. I wasn’t aware of its existence until now.
  • Bardidley: I am ok with players using this command.


Add a vehicle plugin/command block. It would be very cool to see some cars running in the roads! And maybe some other mounts too, by mounts I mean fantasy like, if possible.


  • ExcessiveToker: Those would be fun! It sounds like that would require a resource pack that downloads when you login I believe. We
  • Hollifer: This is a great idea for a plugin for C, however I worry about the technicalities and possibility of this. Cars on roads may be feasible but we would have to sacrifice a texture (say, minecarts) to make it possible, I believe. I do have a hard time understanding what “fantasy mounts” exactly refers to.
  • Bardidley: Not sure about the vehicle idea but it would definitely be client side. I think cmd blocks are still too unsafe to allow.


Y r staff so aboosive


  • ExcessiveToker: If you have an issue with any staff members you can contact an admin via forums/reddit/in game PM (whatever you prefer). Server Admins or even Head Admins would be more than happy to help out.
  • Hollifer: Given the wording on this suggestion, and professional answer already made by Toker, i’d like to say: We hand out our beatings fairly.
  • Bardidley: We work hard to keep y’all in line.


PPGOME grammar best? Best Grammr Gome has :D

  • ExcessiveToker: ………
  • Hollifer: Please try not to make spam/fake suggestions, as we want to make sure that real concerns and ideas are getting our fullest attention.
  • Bardidley: Please no spam suggestions.


New players have no instgructions and people are too lazy to read rules. I think that staff should influence new players to read the rules and add this: http://imgur.com/a/Ajy7X

  • ExcessiveToker: At spawn there is a board with rules, as well as a spot on that board that explains how to get started on Creative, and ALSO a list of helpful commands players can use. It’s just a matter of whether or not the new player feels like reading all of it.
  • Hollifer: We give new players a few options already for reading the server rules. I may be looking into making a server tutorial area, that also reinforces the rules. Again, this all will be optional, and if a new player refuses to read it, there is nothing we can do.
  • Bardidley: For the most part staff who are online will try to help new players but I don’t think it’s feasible to hold everyone’s hand. I do agree with your sign.



  • ExcessiveToker: We have a similar command called /prain. Use /prain on to enable weather, and /prain to resume normal weather. I believe it will snow if you’re in the right biome!
  • Hollifer: As ExcessiveToker has stated, we do have this command. If snow is what you’re looking for out of this command I can talk with Dumbo52 or Challenger2 about the possibility of forcing snow.
  • Bardidley: use /prain or if you want it permanent in your region request to have the weather flag set to allow on your region.


Remove the “Map is saving” alerts as they aren’t needed for the average user anymore.

  • ExcessiveToker: I agree they’re a bit spammy. In my opinion we should either have those alerts removed or come up with a different approach.
  • Hollifer: As answered above: We no longer need these alerts, and we will be working to get the alerts removed.
  • Bardidley: I think it would be good to still see some saving notifications but on a lower frequency.


Expand the map on C

  • ExcessiveToker: Every rev we start out with a 6k x 6k map size and expand to the maximum map size of 10k 10k a little bit later in the rev. WHEN we do the expansion depends on how quickly the initial size develops!
  • Hollifer: Thank you for the suggestion. Right now we have a set sized world, which cannot be expanded any further. Our next revision is coming up and we can use this feedback to create a larger map.
  • Bardidley: There’s a ton of free space!!! Use /maps to try and locate a suitable claim.


Add a server suggestion saying you can use f3+h to see item ID’s

  • ExcessiveToker: Added! Thanks for the suggestion.
  • Hollifer: Brilliant idea, already taken into effect.
  • Bardidley: Good idea!


I want to suggest /bacc to go with the new //stacc command

  • Hollifer: Dumbo52 and I made /bacc a thing. Merry Christmas.


Make me a mod I’m better

  • ExcessiveToker: If you would like to be considered for a moderator position please visit http://nerd.nu/applyformod/ and submit your application!
  • Hollifer: These are anonymous suggestions,we don’t know who you are. Please use the applyformod page linked by ExcessiveToker.
  • Bardidley: Better than??? =P


/roll /draw etc for users like back in the good old days

  • ExcessiveToker: The main concern here is chat spam. They are fun commands, maybe we can suggest to a tech that we give commands like this to players but with some sort of individual cooldown timer. Kind of like how you can only use /poke every 5 minutes.
  • Hollifer: I have no objection to that, only that the uses be limited, as Toker has addressed.
  • Bardidley: I would say absolutely not. Would be way too spammy. Plus it’s an incentive of being on staff.




  • ExcessiveToker: I’m not sure what this command does. Please be as detailed as possible in these suggestions so we know exactly what you want.
  • Hollifer: Absolutely not, not for players. This would allow a player to place blocks in regions that are not their own, and has griefing potential. /anvil is a command that even admins have to be careful with.
  • Bardidley: Nope, could be too trollish.



  • ExcessiveToker: Dumbo has granted access to //fill and //rfill for players!


/tppos for all

  • ExcessiveToker: The reason we don’t have /tppos for players is because it would make the /tpmode commands completely useless. Some players like to have a little privacy or alone time when they build and may want to be in /tpmode deny or /tpmode ask. It could annoy or inconvenience that player if someone could just simply /tppos to them.
  • Hollifer: Along with what Toker has mentioned about player privacy, this would also make spawn secrets, player mazes/challenges, and other fun events ...about 1000% less fun. While i’d love to see an easier way to get around than by using /randloc or compass, /tppos for everyone is definitely not the answer I believe is right for the server. We can brainstorm some alternatives that won’t end up as invasive as /tppos.
  • Bardidley: Agree with the above statements.


/mow <radius>

  • ExcessiveToker: I’m not sure what this command does. Please be as detailed as possible in these suggestions so we know exactly what you want.
  • Hollifer: Hahahaha! Brilliant, I will talk to Dumbo52 about this being made. (This may not happen immediately, but I assure you brilliant ideas like this cannot be set aside forever)
  • Bardidley: Sounds to me like this removes grass and plants? I like the idea of that, I’m all for it.


Make boats faster

  • ExcessiveToker: I don’t think that’s something we can do, unfortunately.
  • Hollifer: I believe this is possible as PvE has made their carts quicker. I can ask totemo about this, and the possibility of it applying to boats.
  • Bardidley: Not sure about this either. If it can be done that’s cool.


If at all possible turn off player collision

  • ExcessiveToker: I don’t know that we can turn off player collision for a single player. I personally wouldn’t want it off. I think it was a great addition to Minecraft. If someone is using it to harass you or annoy you somehow please talk to a staff member.
  • Hollifer: This has been a hot topic ever since unit collision has been reintroduced back to minecraft. When it was addressed before by the community, there was a stronger voice to keep unit collision than not. The unfortunate side is that it would be a server-wide setting, so we can only have it one way or another. This topic will be included into our upcoming feedback poll!
  • Bardidley: I like the player collision. I can push afk people off ledges! Just kidding either way it’s what the community wants.


Would it be possible and/or ethical to introduce and command that blocks certain players from sending PM’s-

  • ExcessiveToker: I would hope that that wouldn’t be necessary, if you’re being harassed by someone PLEASE don’t hesitate to talk to a server admin about it.
  • Hollifer: I was under the impression /ignore playername made this possible, however I am not experienced in using it. If it isn’t possible to block PM’s I will be looking into a way to fix that. For now please report any harassment to admins.
  • Bardidley: My concern with this would be players ignoring staff PM’s. If you are being harassed, report it to a mod or cadmin.


In-game voting.

  • ExcessiveToker: I’m not sure what kind of voting you’re talking about! Please be as detailed as possible in these suggestions so we know exactly what you want.
  • Hollifer: I have no clue how in-game voting would work, and I have never heard of such a thing anywhere. I’ll have a discussion with a tech about the possibility.
  • Bardidley: Not sure about this either. For contests that would be good because I’m sure it would draw more voters and make voting easier. Seems like it would have to be a special plugin.


Larger windmill island with winners listed for Speed Build arena

  • ExcessiveToker: Sorry there was no Hall of Fame this rev! We are going to make a new kind of Hall of Fame. It will be a museum showcasing the 1st place winners every weekend. We will get this set up as soon as possible!
  • Hollifer: See ExcessiveToker’s feedback.
  • Bardidley: Tokers idea sounds great.


/effect should list all available effects.

  • ExcessiveToker: That sounds convenient, perhaps we can talk with Challenger about adding that!
  • Hollifer: Since totemo went ahead and created /effect for us, i’ll go ahead and briefly mention it to him, if not Challenger2 or Dumbo52 may be able to make this possible.
  • Bardidley: This sounds like a reasonable request.


Enable potions in the minigame world for playtesting minigame maps.

  • ExcessiveToker: I don’t see an issue with that, sounds pretty necessary to have potions enabled there.
  • Hollifer: I thought this issue was previously addressed  and potions were already allowed in the minigames map world. I’ll look into what happened, and see if we can get this resolved.
  • Bardidley: I’m ok with them being allowed in minigame world.


Copy over /warp skulls to new test build world

  • ExcessiveToker: I don’t know what the purpose of moving /warp skulls over to the Test Build multiverse would be.
  • Hollifer: Since the testbuild world is occasionally wiped, i’d rather keep the skulls out of it. The skulls warp has become more of a general building staple, and moving it around constantly would be a bit tedious.
  • Bardidley: I agree with above statements. No need to have it in more than one location.


Hide //help list items which players don’t have perms to

  • ExcessiveToker: We will talk with a tech and see if that’s possible.
  • Hollifer: See ExcessiveToker’s response.
  • Bardidley: This sounds reasonable.


Torteela would like a promotion

  • ExcessiveToker: Torteela has been promoted to server Jester.
  • Hollifer: Promoted to: 7 years banned, no appeal.
  • Bardidley: Being on staff is not a promotion!!! =P torteela thank you for your service o\



Allow use of mob spawners in things like obstacle courses.

  • ExcessiveToker: Allowing unfriendly mobs in certain settings is something we’ve discussed from time to time. Maybe we can come back to it during planning for next rev!
  • Hollifer: As Toker has mentioned, this is definitely a hot topic. With the way the server is currently set up neither mods nor admins are able to actually place functional mob spawners in C, and we have yet to talk officially about letting hostile mobs into C, or discussed policy on placing such spawners. This may take a while, but it will definitely hit the top of our to-do and keep an eye out for feedback posts on the forum in regards to this topic.
  • Bardidley: Not sure if this can happen or not but we can revisit the idea!
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  • 4 weeks later...

Thank you for your anonymous suggestions this last month and a half! We've let a few pile up, and in this post we'll go over them and answer them as a group rather than individually like before. 

If you would like to submit a suggestion for the next time we compile these, please use /suggestion-box <suggestion> in game.


-CAdmin Team



Option to remove We tips and give us back some of the old commands we could do like //replacenear

We’re adding //replacenear for players!


Why is /up blocked?

It’s not blocked.


Delete chat button or something so I don’t look like a fucking idiot.

I don’t think we can just remove chat, sorry. Think before you speak!


Maybe next revision we can have an area where 1-2 days every week we can have a random game played (for example, spleef). The winner(s) would get posted on a hall of fame (this arena could combine speedbuild as well).

We have plans for next revision to incorporate more events INCLUDING Spleef!


More melon ty.

No melons, ty.



Consider putting a copy of the overworld map from the beginning of the rev, before builds were on it, up for download.

Bardidley works very hard on the maps we have on Creative. We like the idea of our maps being unique to Creative and we don’t want to risk someone using our maps for their own server, or distributing our maps to others.



Add voxelsniper maybe.

Now that we have Fast Async World Edit, we feel that Voxelsniper wouldn’t be so useful. FAWE has pretty much adopted most of the functions of Voxelsniper. We’ve got lots of fancy brushes now!

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Thanks everyone for your suggestions! 

If you would like to submit a suggestion for the next time we compile these, please use /suggestion-box <suggestion> in game.

-CAdmin Team

  • Could we make it so bonemeal changes block 24 and 179 to the smooth textured versions?

Bone meal works on the double slab version of those blocks. 24 being 43:1, and 179 being 181. Using bone meal on the double slab versions will change the block to the smooth textured version.


  • Alloing modreqing for no-AI animals/mobs to be spawned for decoration.

We are still not sure about spawning natural mobs for players. You have a limit of 6 pets you can spawn with /pet.


  • Could we occasionally do Speed Build/Spleef/other minigames on a different day from the norm?

Part of the reason Creative events take place on Saturday nights is because of our schedules. Saturday night is one of the most active nights of the week, and the only day we can all pitch in help with running events. I would consider opening up the arena for "pick up games". Simple for-fun games played by players but the other CAdmins and I don't seem to have the time to change the schedules of our regularly run events. We also feel that it may confuse players if suddenly we have officially run events on a different day of the week. We definitely wouldn't mind if you wanted to hop on into the Spleef arena with some friends and play some games though. 


  • Since Skulls has a portal right at Spawn on the way out, I suggest putting a sign on how to get back, maybe referencing /spawn command.

The /spawn command is a very universal command throughout most Minecraft servers and we don't feel like it's worth mentioning in all of our multiverses. We feel it should be obvious to most, if not all players that you can get back to Spawn using /spawn.


  • As bonemeal can change log damage values, maybe it could change signs too.

Since changing the orientation of a sign is as easy as breaking and replacing the sign, we don't see the point in accommodating that plugin to do it for you with bone meal.

  • A way to disable World Edit tips

Use //tips to enable and disable WE tips.


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  • 3 months later...

Hello everyone!
Thank you for being patient, and we hope to see more suggestions from you guys in the future!

If you would like to submit a suggestion for the next time we compile these, please use /suggestion-box <suggestion> in game.
-Cadmin Team

Suggestions from Nov - Feb:

  • Maybe allow schem printer in mapworld?
    Currently it wouldn’t be possible without  drastic changes to our no-cheat that may reduce its functionality (Schematica)
    Not possible to allow player permissions to schematics folder on server. (World Edit)
  • Add traincarts here? :) Would be great!
    Adding the "Traincarts" mod is outside of our realm. We are a semi-vanilla server that aims to be accessible for vanilla clients.
    If you are referring to a plugin with the same name, we cannot find it. Please resubmit your suggestion with more information/links!

    We have been educated from PvE, who informed us that their current plugin is indeed called "traincarts" see answer below!
  • Add hypercarts here please for testing for PVE and roller coasters :D
    We have plans in the near future to match PvE’s cart speed settings! (Faster roller coasters will also be fun!)
  • At the end of this revision, maybe upload a map of the other worlds, like the redstone world or testbuild?
    Yes, absolutely! We’ll set up a poll later to find out what other worlds people might like to see.
  • I’d like to sit on slabs please
    This is possible already! Right click on a slab to sit. (you may have to test/play around a bit)
  • Add nerdplot to bigtown
    Yes. We'll be adding nerdplots to the remaining spots in Bigtown. This will stay true for future revisions!
  • Idea: when you /wear stained glass it affects how you see things, as if it were filtering your vision.
    Glass blocks have no texture when viewing them from inside in vanilla minecraft.
    This fact would make it very difficult for us to make it happen on the server’s side.
    Please remember that client mods that only change
    cosmetics (Shaders,capes, player models) are allowed.
  • Petition to add /hack pentagon; when used, it kicks the player (or just tells if needed) and tells them “ACCESS DENIED”
    Fun commands with no/minimal functionality are not our main priority at this moment.
    They are usually created at leisure, after all important issues have been addressed.

    “Raising enough player support/petitioning may have results if you are hellbent on this command being added.
    Similar to any feature/need of the community with enough support” -Hollifer

    "You could do “/msg Mewcifer /hack pentagon” and I’d happily thor you for your crimes against the government." -Mewcifer

    " I don’t think this command is needed nor a priority." -Bardidley
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Hello again!
If you would like to submit a suggestion for the next time we compile these, please use /suggestion-box <suggestion> in game.
-Cadmin Team

Suggestions from Feb - April:

  • We should have a carto of space, 'cause it's hard to find stuff out here.
    Our livemap was updated last month to include the space world & we will be working on making a carto for this world available.

  • In World Edit tutorial have a link to a video. I keep forgetting what I just read
    We will be keeping our eyes peeled for a suitable video to link there!

  • A tree world. Like mapworld and heads, a place with smaller and bigger plots for people to paste/build trees for everyone to use. It will encourage better trees and help those make nice areas that wouldn't be able to otherwise. If it was carried over across revisions it would be even better; a huge database made by players to cut down on custom tree time.
    This has been brought up several times by players, including a post here on the forums. It's about time we actually went through with it. We will be making a world dedicated to this available as soon as possible. (We believe it is a good idea that it will be carried over to new revisions as well!

  • Traincarts for the vertical rails and sign commands would be amazing!
    We have been working on introducing this plugin's features to the server for a while now, but unfortunately have run into some technical issues that may need a bit more time to be worked out. (Hold tight, it'll be worth the wait!)

  • On the weekly build signs, you should have a sign indicating which plot won for the past event
    We're starting to do this as of receiving your suggestion & have plans in the near future to create a gallery of the winners for each week. (Past weeks included)

  • Let us use printer
    This is a very common suggestion, unfortunately we will likely never be able to allow schematica's printer function.
    Here's why:
    Schematica's printer function technically acts similar to a hack. It allows players to place blocks in a way that would realistically not be feasible. (e.g: placing blocks out of range of vision, out of reach & at an inhumanly fast rate). Not only is this against our rules, but even if it were made an exception, our anti-cheat will still prevent a large amount from functioning correctly anyways.

  • Make /admanta command that says something like "Get off my lawn, damn kids!"
    A /admanta command that works the way /taco did. Kicking me and the user who does it 10 seconds later.

    We will not be issuing any new playername commands. Most remaining playername commands have been removed in the last 2 years. Sorry.

    (P.S.: Dear admanta: H*ck ok peepaw, we'll stay off your lawn. Yeesh.)



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Creative Suggestion Box Responses

Anonymous suggestion box submissions are made in-game using /suggestion-box <suggestion> and are checked by the Cadmins.

1.  decrease the number of props in spawn building its too laggy

Bard + Mew - We will check for unnecessary props in spawn.

2.  turn off spawn snow pls its really lagging me out

Bard + Mew - Snow has been turned off, perhaps next year we will have it snowing less.

3.  ./checc should = /check like /stacc = /stack

Bard + Mew - /checc implemented

4.  Is it possible for the //snow command have snow be abled to be placed on top of leaves?

Bard + Mew - Unfortunately snow on leaves has to be placed manually

5.  can /nerdplot unclaim somehow become a thing

Bard + Mew - To remove ownership of a region, it has to be done with staff permissions. It allows us to manage and keep track of region removals and prevents abuse.


6.  Can //centre be a thing?

Bard - //center can be used by //center <blockID>

Mew - If I’m correct and you’re wanting a new command that fits to your spelling habits that does the same thing as the regular //center <blockID>, I can have a word with techs about getting that implemented.


7.  Maybe make it easier to access plots on test worlds?

Bard - Testbuild can become crowded after a while. I recommend setting a home in your testbuild so that it won’t be lost.
Mew - Since we have no organized grid system and allow claims under the same claiming rules as the overworld, having an easier system isn’t really possible. /Sethome is the only option you have, unless you’re good at retracing your steps.


8.  I don't speak english very well, sorry if i do some mistake, but in claim, it's possible to able TNT explosion to autorise players cannon using TNT?

Bard + Mew - TNT explosions are disabled on Creative. Sorry.

9.  Allow "/tp ~# ~# ~#" for more precise measurements or builds. Perhaps only within one's region.

Bard - /tppos is disabled to prevent players from accessing areas they are not supposed to be in.

Mew - I suggest making use of the //stack command for that (ie, measuring something by doing //stack x, flying to the end of that stack, and then doing //undo. Wah-la!)

10.  After we rotate our clipboard. We are unable to use //deform to undo it.

Mew - If //deform doesn’t work, I’d suggest keeping “savepoints” of your builds off to the side if possible. You can also save them in testbuild if you are working with limited space. We will alert the techs about this.

Bard - Deform works with the correct parameters. See https://wiki.sk89q.com/wiki/WorldEdit/Region_operations#Deforming_regions for details.

11.  have the mods actually be active

Bard - Staff volunteer their time on Nerd.nu, unfortunately some staff go inactive. We try to have staff available at all times.

Mew - Not to mention most staff members are adults with work and school to deal with. C is currently working on getting new mods, albeit slowly. Might be wise to look into a C training class for P-frequenting mods in the future, though.


12.  don't stop being awesome! -amossylog

Mew + Bard- https://imgur.com/a/xoRJ3Kk


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