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Contest on Creative: Build a Zombie Survival Event Base


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Event Base Contest!


There's been a good amount of interest in a future Zombie Survival Event, with the possibilities of players becoming mobs and different effects based on day and night cycles. While the event isn't set in stone yet, I think the theme would make a fantastic month-long building contest, and the possibility that the best designs may be used in future events will motivate you!


So here is the challenge, build us a base that would be ideal as the starting defensive location of a Zombie Survival Event.



  1. It must include 2 separated areas (labled with a sign): Spawn point (e.g. Helipad) & HQ location (i.e. if this area is overrun the game ends)
  2. The build must be built by you, or your team (you cannot enter someone else's build into the contest).
  3. The build must fit within a 100x100x100 cube.
  4. The build must be built during the duration of the contest (no reusing past builds).
  5. Once you've completed your build, make a post here with the coordinates and a pretty picture or two to be considered. 
  6. Multiple entries are allowed.

Don't be afraid to be detailed and (dam)age your buildings. Expect that during an event players will have fun fixing and reinforcing the structure.


You can make this come from any timeline; past, present, or future.


I expect we'll see a number of hospitals, churches (with graveyards!), and military installations.


On July 28, after 4pm, the contest will close and I will consider the entries, and post a poll of the top 5, on which the community will vote for which is the best!



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Will it be a zombie arena or a place to keep yourself from zombies like the prison in the walking dead?

Definitely the latter.


The winning design will be the starting base for one of several types of games. One game would be a CTF, where several surviving communities are openly hostile and they are trying to take all the resources for themselves. The other popular idea is that there will only be one team of survivors that start by using this base and dying members will respawn as part of the zombie horde. The choice depends on what the tech's are most willing to code for us.

The designs that do not win may also be used as explorable and capturable outposts, providing valuable resources, buffs, and possibly even points (flag captures) to the team that discovers them first!

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Hmm, I might have just created an epic looking map, then gaven up on it... Well, theres only 2 more buildings to add, a small one, and the escape building. Probably won't finish, but I'm gonna submit it anyway, if I can. Coords: x 502   y 76   z -2167   There is a giant black cube surrounding it, just go through the holes in it, because it's not finished. The cinema is supposed to have a tower thing for you to get to the top of to get to the helipad to "escape", but difficult1 wanted a cinema, so we decided on a cinema tower, but then diff left the team ("Manta Isles FTW!!!" -difficult1). So, I guess if nobody else is going to help, this is completed, unless the admins/moderators want to finish it.

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