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  1. I'm currently building a build off arena in olympic city on P. Going to be 2 squares though
  2. I just use chrome, internet explorer doesn't work a lot of the time for me and it's shitty
  3. Basketball Match on Friday. Missing Business and maths and in the top team. Got moved from worst team. :)

  4. Does it have to be a book that was made into a movie or can be separate?
  5. A lot of games on playstation 1. me and my brother loved everything that we had which was about 50 games at least and I loved Sims 1 and Noddy and a game on gameboy
  6. Bridge to Terebithia and The Boy in striped pyjamas
  7. I help noobs that are at spawn if I have stuff for them. They are grateful. Usually I don't see them again though.
  8. Would people really need that many horses if they can be bred? Also I know who you're talking about who then went on to say they had at least 65 horses on C.
  9. Rails are very important to get around if we dont wanna ride a horse, walk or take the nether. Difficult1 has made some excellent points. :) x
  10. When clicking a link to send me to more forums it doesn't send me to it. When clicking my messenger or notifications box they doesn't come up. When I click to comment on a status it doesn't let me. Any help? P.S If anyone doesn't understand what I'm saying and someone can put it better than me than please do.
  11. Aww what. You were a great person Jord. Hope to still see u at times when ur feeling like playing a bit of mc
  12. PAdmins chose to be PAdmins and choose to help the community (really P) but must give us as many answers as possible. Like is there a percentage of next rev done yet? Im sure that would help. And also tell us without giving away spoilers (screenshots) what needs to be done still.
  13. How much longer? I need plenty of time to build. So will everyone. I know a lot of things are going on right now and appreciate a bit more feedback soon. Thanks
  14. Which girl in nerd.nu do u prefer? (Exceptions: CharGB)
  15. Taco, remember the picture I put on the subreddit once that u said u loved me? Does it still stand?
  16. I still come on to play with my horses whenever my brother give me the fucking computer which is hardly ever nowadays even though I bought it
  17. I still need to see the hunger games. I'll probably get the dvds for christmas
  18. I've gotten 6 strikes in a row years ago. Who is best person that has a T in their name? Who is best taco? Do u like teddies? Do u want children? When will u be CAdmin? Is ponyland gonna be back next rev?
  19. Any word on when CTF will be?
  20. How many more weeks? Also it looks awesome. I wanna build a town and a race course in the water. Also are boats banned on C?
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