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  1. If there is mods to disable the things then that would be handy. Who brings glass with them when mining? Unless they know the way of course.
  2. Minecraft sessions and accounts thingy are down. If you're already in mc, don't close it.

  3. If we get votifier, don't have mc-index on the list as it doesn't ever work. Because the place where you put your username is further up than page limit. Could we give people a little reward who vote every day though (or top voter each month)? Be good if we were to get people to vote.
  4. Some servers that I know use it and if u vote u get free diamonds, xp and money. I don't want votifier because 1. It'd be too tiring voting everyday and 2. There's much easier ways to get more people playing the servers. For instance, on P we could have horse racing and already have spleef. Also Olympic City will be coming next rev and lots of fun stuff in that. On C, any good builders could easily build games to play and have tournaments. On S, there's pvp and normally the weekly Survival PvP League. Then there's free advertising websites. We have a couple of ways to get more people playing without the need for votifier. Plus we have the youtube channel and twitter.
  5. Never told me about the server being down, no.
  6. ROCK the server we are doing it on doesn't work.
  7. Some bans don't have a reason though. I know someone who got banned by admin with the reason Banned. I actually told this admin that banned player made a fake account and appealed for another person because they knew the servers better than their friend who doesn't even bother to do things himself. (Slavedriver a bit). And this admin knew it was fake because it had the same ip address as their main account.
  8. Having discussions on bans wouldn't benefit as there'd be quite a lot of them and people would start getting confused which would led to a lot of mix-ups. I think just mailing admins is fine the way it is.
  9. I don't mind Jord. It's just that some people like TornadoHorse and Ozomahtlii who usually wouldn't comment in stuff would just downvote my every comment with no explanation. Bit unfair? I think downvoting should really be for disagreeing with them, not because you dislike them. Upvoting should be for agreeing with them, not just because you like them. Why can't all players just make an effort to get along. I'm fine with a lot of people but 1 or 2 P players and a lot of S players I don't seem to get along with. (None of these P or S players are staff) (Derailing the topic a bit)
  10. What about the finding horse command totemo? It does seem to work. Thanks again for finding my horse :)
  11. I check ban appeals every day and other topics that have been commented on while I was asleep. I think we could do a trial to see how the two voting systems would work out. If one of them doesn't work out fine then we could still do the other.
  12. I missed the deadline cause of hols, will be back home on Tuesday. Mine is finished, coords are something like 2000 2500 or something
  13. About voting on bans would it be that witnesses and some staff that have viewed logs would only be the people who vote as they'd know what had happened and there wouldn't be much arguments? Also if this was implemented and do you vote, first check to see if the person has been banned in past, particularly for the same reason, and second use your sense and don't vote if you have hated them before they didn't something to get banned.
  14. I hate it when people surround spawn with lava just so they can loot everything.
  15. Since 1.6 came out I've played on new launcher only and they work fine for me
  16. If I'm chosen, I'll send you my skype username.
  17. I wanna have it on P and S. More players, more action, more stuff to do, more excitement etc.
  18. Who is the one person that thinks, This is one of the worst ideas I have ever come across, it's a waste of our bloody time and you guys should go get a life instead of playing video games all day. But of course, we have summer holidays, work and school. Video games are mostly for leisure time.
  19. People downvote me because they dont like me
  20. It's also useful when you have items that aren't in creative inv and you keep forgetting their number
  21. Then there was a wait because he probably forgot to lock the thread. Otherwise he waited a while to see if anyone commented then closed it
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