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  1. I have re-read all of the rules, I am clear on all of them. Thanks.
  2. Bump, If any other head admins could deal with this it would be appreciated, i heard redwall_hp was busy with another server atm.
  3. Hello I was told to appeal after 6 months of being banned . Happy newyears - BCB228 (edit: drunk spelling)
  4. I agree, the main reason Images were removed is now removed from nerd.nu so we can post in peace
  5. But you might hurt somebodies feelings for swearing! don't you know?, FEELS = BANS
  6. Suggestion: Why not make all swearing / name calling against the rules so the servers can be rated PG. Nerd.nu hates criticism and any type of name calling already, hell downvotes on the forums have been removed because players would get downvoted and cry.
  7. before you lock this thread and say "stay banned, perm" or some dumb shit like that just think about why im banned in the first place.
  8. because it is a silly ban like i said. Im just asking to be unbanned on my main account so i can just enjoy the servers vpn and alt free.
  9. its been 30 day since my last appeal. I feel just a little over two months of being banned for "inappropriate chat" is a bit silly.
  10. How do you feel about no downvotes?
  11. I agree, its a simple system.
  12. you try to hard
  13. Yeah, it can be exploited so they get power just to use it on another server they did not get nominated on. Who cares if a player favors one server over the others, they might not enjoy them. EeHee2000, on 17 Aug 2014 - 9:16 PM, said: this is kinda what i was thinking about with the voting thing.
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