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  1. I honestly dont understand why there are already 2 pages of rules before the plugin is even in effect. The rules ive read so far are basically all against a dynamic economy. Lets just say a player got a plot near spawn and thinks its a good idea to build a shop with 20 chests. He needs to make a modreq for every single chest. Thats 20 modreqs and maybe 3 hours before he got all chests filled. Now the prices change because others sell it cheaper. The problem is he cant just break the sign and put a new price on it, he needs to make 20 new modreqs. At the time they are fulfilled the prices might have changed again... Forcing the players to Modreq a chestshop outside of the mall, drives the possibility of being a free trader, that trys to have the best deals almost to a halt. Next question for me is: Why shouldnt players sell Diamonds, Emeralds, Gold, Lapis or Redstone ? Because the bank buys them for a fixed rate and a player could buy them cheap to sell them high ? Thats how economy works. Buy cheap, Sell high. What if a player got 500+ diamonds ? Why not let him sell the non renewable resource to other players, instead of the server ? Whats the first thing a newbie wants ? If you answered Diamonds you were right, so let him hunt some monsters earn some cash and buy them from a player. YES someone could abuse that system and use an alt account to make some dough, but why dont you trust the players for once. By removing Lapis Redstone and Emeralds from the villagers, and gold from the pigmen you already made those resources non renewable, which most of the time means that the price will go up, so it should be rather easy to find people that are trying to cheat the system. Another indicator for this theory is that Lapis is a key element in Enchanting The no /pay thing is another useless thing. Okay so i cant send the money to the other account, ill just modreq a chestshop and buy tons of cobble with my Alt from it. And thats just one workaround of that block. What it really does is it hinders clans to actively help their members, by sending them some funds if they need them. It also removes even the slightest chance of a player driven bounty system, and it removes the slightest chance of players getting hired as mercenaries. It also completely removes the idea of Having players pay "protection money" which could be a nice thing and a little game changer for some players, if they know they are protected by a clan. It does more damage to the economy than its worth imho. Tl:Dr. Give the system time to evolve before you cripple it with boundarys that might not even be needet.
  2. Well time for me to get involved again. This was actually one part that drove me away from the servers too. The massive amount of Bans, the missing backup from the Adminteam and the inconsistence with Bans. In my eyes Permaban means a player will never return to the Server, No matter how much time has passed. Yet to get a permaban a player must have done something very bad. Like Doxxing a Player or staffmember or Leaking Server Passwords or Harrassing the Staff in such a way that normal gameplay just isnt possible anymore when he is around. I would also count multiple prior bans to this category. Just because if a player has been banned like 10 times before he has clearly proven that he doesnt care. The next thing thats something that drove me away too was the amount of bans issued and why they were issued. In my time as a mod i have seen players getting banned for breaking 10 blocks of wheat, wool, dirt, or just a door. A simple kick should have been enough to get the attention of that user. Most of those users clearly were newbies or under the age of 12. Those banned users are a reason too why there are not enough players anymore. I can just speak for the bans i made, but i left the modteam almost a year ago. So far i havent seen someone i banned making an appeal. I know most of those players i banned would actually have a chance on getting unbanned, but if they dont appeal, do you really think a newbie will ? As i said i am playing on a different server now, and the funny thing is one of our mods was actually banned from the nerd servers for griefing. When i asked him what happened he answered me, that he was banned for removing glowstone that was spammed all over his land and build. I told him he could appeal his ban and he answered me that he sees no point in it. Because it was his build nd claim and the banning mod didnt even talk to him. Another thing thats also a big problem is the shear amount of rules. Everytime something unsuspected happens you guys make a rule about it. The server im playing on atm only got 8 rules and it works perfectly Your server on the other hand needs a whole wiki for the rules alone, no wonder people get annoyed and confused by it. Lets have a look at them for a moment. Please be respectful and civil towards your fellow players. Harassment of any kind will not be tolerated. No sexism, racism, homophobia or any type of hate speech. Excessively negative comments or disruptive arguments/discussions in global chat are not tolerated. This includes, but is not limited to, discussions concerning politics, religion, issues with staff/policy, issues with specific other players, or validity of bans. Any and all such conversations should be conducted in/moved to private channels, such as /msg, clanchat, or /mail. These three rules could all be put under one simple rule. No whining or offensive language. Be respectful. Players using modifications to change gameplay may be asked to stop, kicked, or banned with little or no warning depending on the severity of the situation.This includes, but is not limited to: noclip, invincibility, speed modification, xray/ore-detection, and duping hacks. (Note that Survival has its own list of approved client mods; see below.) No attempts to circumvent any protections on the server, including but not limited to the server script, LWC (Chest protection), WorldGuard (Block protection), and No Cheat Plus. No use of bugs or exploits (eg: item duping). Again three rules that can be put into one simple rule Do not exploit glitches or use unfair client mods. No griefing, including but not limited to: Destroying blocks placed by other players. Placing blocks or leaving inappropriate signs on other player’s structures. Flooding structures. Spamming items. Destroying crops without replanting. Note that this rule is not applicable on the chaos server. No "grief-baiting". This means that players cannot try to get other players in trouble by tricking/forcing them to destroying structures in an attempt to get the player warned or banned. Redstone mechanisms, dispensers, and pistons may be removed at moderator discretion; abuse of these (e.g. lag inducing) may result in a ban. Again 3 Rules that are just overcomplicated. A simple No griefing, stealing or spamming. Would do the same job, you dont need to list all the possible versions of griefing. I mean just think about it if this keeps going on, the lawbook would look like this. Do not murder someone, including but not limited to: Murder with Lightbulbs, firearms, knifes, blunt objects, doorknobs, toasters, dogpoo, your grandma, etc You are just overthinking the rules to get every possible thing that could happen covered, and that is what drives players away or gets them to search for loopholes. The last things that really bugs me are the open Ban appeals. The only persons that should be concerned by them are the banned person and the person that banned him. Other users shoudnt know why User A was banned and what his "punishment" was, that way User B cant whine about getting a longer ban or a different treatment. Also i think (here it is another loophole in the rules) that Ban appeals for Alt accounts or the questions about possible alt accounts are against this rule: No posting of other players' personal information without their explicit permission in general chat or to anyone else on the servers, including but not limited to: names, photographs, addresses, and social networking profiles. Since the mods/admins demand that the player tells them in relationship the said accounts are, wich clearly is personal data. Also this "rule" We are not in the business of protecting players' alt accounts - but if a player has made it clear that they don't want their alt accounts publicized, then you need to respect that. Is to complicated for banappeals If an admin asks about a possible alt account the banned person had no chance at all to say he doesnt want that one publicized. Which is another reason for the Ban appeals to be private. See what i meant with the search for loopholes ? tl:dr Slim down the rules you dont need to cover every single possibillity. Stop banning for small infractions, Ask first shot later. Permanent means permanent. Ban appeals only concern the Banned account and the banning mod and should be private to make the mod work easier.
  3. Somebody had to post it https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=jC61zbu0ZLk#t=49 Like we say in my Hometown. Immer eine handbreit Wasser unterm Kiel Translation: Always a hand wide water under the keel
  4. I have encountered such rules on many different servers and its never been a problem. Mainchat always had to be english and all other chats Clanchat whispers etc was up to the people that used it. Since almost everyone understands english its easier to monitor for the moderators. Do i know if i was just insulted in chinese, french or swedish ? No i don't. Do i know if that guy wants me to help him or if im standing on his claim ? Again the answer is no. And neither do most of the mods or admins, so they cant help or intervene. Another problem with non english languages in the mainchat is that the other languages will be ignored most of the time. Again because almost no one understands them, meaning they are separating themselfes from the community and at least from what i know thats something that should be avoided
  5. It has been fun but i just dont care anymore People are raging over a fricking game here instead of having fun A permabannend EX-Techadmin has fun to pour oil in the flames instead of growing up and ruins the fun for even more players in his "quest" to get rid of the headadmin The last time i saw such a thing i was in kindergarten I am so sick and tired of this shitty drama over a fricking GAME for children that ill just do the smart thing and leave I wont leave any thanks, the people i would thank know what i am thinking and that i will hold their back anytime they need it.
  6. Blackness spreads inside my head, all swollen up my eyesight is, the heart it burns into white nothingness, and yet it will go on.

  7. xXNjordXx

    Im away

    Need to take a break from moderating to attent some personal stuff dont know when i will be back, until then keep your heads up
  8. And another type You build a trap that doesnt kill the victim so he has to grief to get out . In this case the victim (trapped one) wont be punished.
  9. As far as i know If there is leftover money it will be saved for the servers, thats why we dont need to make a fundraiser every month also, yes the money could be spend on advertising but imho why ? Isnt it better to save the money to pay for the server rent instead of advertising i rather have a server with a smaller community where i am sure it will still be there in 6 or 12 months then a server with a big community that struggles with the rent. NO you dont get to say for which specific thing it should be used, by donating you are saying use it for the servers, and that is for what it will be used. Why is that ? Simple because otherwise the admins would need to ask for every single time they need to use money for the servers, and what if someone says no ? cancel the project ? Can you tell the red cross to not use your donation for fuel ? No you cant. Because its not your business anymore. The whole team so far did a great job on keeping the servers alive up and running, so where do this trust issues come from suddenly ?
  10. Teddy look what nooble_6 wrote and click on the link It will tell you what to do we cant make you understand thats the one thing you need to do by yourself
  11. Welcome back my little chubby elephant baby
  12. Well long time ago is right. The ban is from 04.june.2012 and was for griefing, i could try to find the screenshot of it now but since its been a year lets make it quick and easy. Head over to our rules section at http://www.redditpublic.com/wiki/Rules Read them Post back and i will unban you ;-)
  13. I see the same problem like tolgar here. If the mods dont know that someone is chased through the end and then uses the portal to get to spawn we cant track it. So all we have is the word of the chaser (who says the other guy did it) and the word of the chased (who undoubtly will say he didnt do it) So all we can do is keeping an eye on this and hope we catch him red handed. Everything else would be unfair and it would make the moderators exploitable. So like i said we can only get active if we see it happen. ( And on a personal side, If you chased someone through the map and the end and he still managed to get away. Dont you think he kinda earned the short rest ? ;-) )
  14. I am with WCS on that point I really hate these voteplugins and i hate rewards or it too If the users want to vote, they should vote because they want to, not because they get a reward out of it. The reward should be a player filled server nothing else. But if we get a votifyer plugin we could at least make a scoreboard for it to keep up the competition.
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