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Forum Restructuring

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As you can see, the forums have been restructured. There was a discussion here about how many boards were rarely if ever used and how it could be hard to find certain topics. This restructuring should hopefully fix those problems. Here's a summary of the changes:

  • Underused boards such as Introduce Yourself, AMA, and Looking for Group have been archived. 
  • Build Showcase posts were moved to Mineecraft General
  • The Minecraft board has been renamed Minecraft General, and is for general minecraft and nerd.nu discussion
  • The suggestions subforums have been removed. Any suggestions for specific servers can go on their boards and any general Nerd suggestions can go in General. There's a new post tag "Suggestion" to help make suggestion posts more visible.

Another change was made recently to enable replies on this board. So if you want to do that go crazy. Some threads such as the changelogs will be locked to keep them free of clutter.

If you have any questions you can post them here.

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Why did you get rid of The Lounge? And why did you move everything in off-topic to general?



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Guest Former Staff

I've shifted all of the pve-orientated posts that I could find into the new PVE forum from Minecraft General.

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