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Revision 21 Suggestionbox Responses

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November 12th

Suggestion: We have a new suggestion: Could we get enchanted horse-armor or special saddles to make horses faster/healthier/jump higher? Maybe a trade for EoF/golem souls? Saddles would work on donkeys too. Or like some special item you could click on a horse.

Our Response: We like this idea and will be reaching out to our tech admins to see how feasible this may be.

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This post in the suggestionbox topic is going to be a little different to the usual posts which respond to suggestions submitted directly on P. Early this month, we concluded a survey running on P which generated 78 responses!

There were several core areas which we were inviting feedback upon. You are welcome to view the outcomes from the "Golem Souls: What should we do with surplus golem souls? (Tick any that interest you, or add your own suggestion)" section here and here for the "What prizes would you like to see in exchange for Knights' Castle Coins (awarded for completing the 12 castle quests around the map)" section.

One area that we've been focusing on very recently has been the section which contained the question "Are there any minor changes or quick fixes you'd like to see? Or anything that needs to be made easier to understand?".

Our team has filtered all of the submissions from this section, removing any empty submissions or comments which claimed they had no feedback to share. This left us with 33 unique responses which we will be responding to in the spoiler tags below, not too dissimilar from how we respond to suggestionbox suggestions.



Feedback: I've clipped through the wall in the nether rail station when riding in, doing 4 hearts of damage in full diamond armour - especially riding in from Gawain. Removing a couple of wall blocks should be safer I think

Our Response: Thank you for making us aware of this issue! We've since amended these walls at the nether station to ensure that damage doesn't occur.

Feedback: Fix guardian spawns - there are too many temples this rev for the mob cap and if people are at their super-extra-double-grinder (which there are many) it kills the spawns for everyone. Vanilla temples aren't this prolific, but cant really be removed at this point.

Feedback: Please increase the guardian spawn cap! Lots of temples and lots of grinders greatly nerf the spawns if multiples are loaded, which they are more often than not.

Our Response (to 2 & 3): We spent a period of time looking into this with various tech admins. The owners of some of the guardian grinders have adapted their designs so that the spawning should be working more fairly across these grinders now!

Feedback: Bring back Sir Meow!

Our Response: What a purrfect suggestion! We are considering including custom mobs within contained events.

Feedback: I was going to say make the place menu more readable but it looks like pez is ahead of his game

Our Response: All credit goes to Pez here of course! We're glad you're enjoying the update to /place

Feedback: /place should have autocomplete

Our Response: We will look into this suggestion, thank you!

Feedback: I wish pets were invincible, but I guess that might cause more problems than it solves

Our Response: We do agree with you here on both counts, that it would be pretty fun to have invincible pets there are instances where this is problematic, such as when a pack of invincible wolves is accidentally aggroed!

Feedback: A list on the help page of available, craftable or modreq'd, cosmetic blocks (like perma-lit furnace).

Our Response: We've been making a point to attempt to consolidate all of the P related information on the pve information guide, including custom recipes which you can craft. Sadly we can't display images in this format on the help page but we'll aim to bring the help page further in line with the information guide.

Feedback: When using high efficiency tools, the blocks tend to lag out and disappear only to leave a ghost block that glitches you around.

Our Response: Sadly this happens to us all and is likely to be the result of latency. There's not much we can do here.

Feedback: gold

Our Response: We could only speculate on your thoughts here, you'll need to give us more information next time! We took a review of your responses to the biome/map-related questions and now have the full context of your gold comment. Thank you, we will keep this in mind when we review the biome/map-related feedback in future!

Feedback: Gravel.

Our Response: We are not mind readers, more information please! We took a review of your responses to the biome/map-related questions and now have the full context of your gravel comment. Thank you, we will keep this in mind when we review the biome/map-related feedback in future!

Feedback: Skeletons are really, really fast and accurate, I think they should be nerfed a little.

Our Response: With regards to regular skeletons, we would like to remind you that the server is on hard mode so they can hit for a fair amount of damage if you are without armour!

If however, this is beyond your normal experience, then we'd like to point you towards this bug which may explain some of the issues you're encountering.

Feedback: Lighting glitches are the biggest thing, it's not fun running into enemies you can't see under trees because it's so dark.

Our Response: From early in the revision we wanted to try to address these lighting issues. Sadly this presented us with two options; Either extended downtime of tens of hours to days, or, a slow fix which will tick away in the background. We opted for the latter so that people could continue to play.

Going forward into future revisions, we'll aim to fix this issue (if it recurs) before the map is live.

Feedback: Lighting was a disappointing problem this rev in the early stages.  Also, rendering distance for mobs in the nether especially is highly problematic and makes the ghast grinder an absolute necessity if you want to kill a few dragons.  The ghast grinder makes me feel like a cheater.  :-/

Our Response: With regards to the lighting issues, we've responded to a similar suggestion above this response.

Early in the revision, we do limit the render distance down significantly to mitigate lag as much as possible, unfortunately this does increase the difficulty of nether side mobs.

Feedback: Item frames should be immediately rotateable by players after placing. I shouldn't have to type a command for each item frame I want to rotate. That makes no sense, it just adds more work if there is a lot of frames. Preventing other players from editing them makes sense, and is a needed feature. But preventing all rotation until a command is typed is just needless tedious.

Our Response: We're hearing a small number of people raising this concern. It's a potentially valid issue and we'd like to gather experiences from a wider sample of players before making any changes. We'll look at implementing a poll of some kind to better gauge the feeling of the whole community, and go forward from there.

Feedback: i think that portal lighting should include a complimenting End chest at each portal

Our Response: Due to portal owners being capable of adding these in at their leisure, we're going to leave it to them to include such functionality at their respective portals.

Feedback: Would love to be able to buy rails for diamonds or emeralds from a custom merchant. I think rails should be very cheap in order to encourage inter-city transportation. The less time I'm mining the more time I can build rails and connect everyone.

Our Response: We like this idea and have plans to implement it in some fashion for the current revision.

Feedback: Horses were rarely found at the start of the rev.

Our Response: Experiences in this area have been mixed. Speaking from my own experience, it did take me some time to find a horse but they were around (just less so closer to spawn earlier on). Don't forget that you can now breed player owned horses together, without needing to have the owner do it for you.

Feedback: The cartograph appears to be showing dark oak as acacia around spawn

Our Response: This is very unusual and could be a symptom of us using such an old mapping tool. We'll reach out to our tech admins to see if there is a fix for this, but we're also always on the lookout for other mapping tools that might suit the needs of our server better. If you have any suggestions feel free to pass them on!

Feedback: [redacted personal complaint against a staff member]

Our Response: We do take note of your feedback but also that you seem to have longstanding issues directed at one individual on staff. We'd strongly encourage complaints regarding staff to be directed to a head admin, rather than submitted in a survey. This way your concerns can be followed up on directly.

Feedback: maybe make the ender dragon harder? i feel its kinda easy

Our Response: We would like to see the dragon fight become more interesting in the next revision, we'll look at ways of going about this!

Feedback: please limit chat alerts to two colors max, one color on most

Our Response: Generally speaking, our core alerts in rotation are following a similar colour theme, with the temporary alerts in rotation following a secondary colour theme to grab attention a bit better. We'll try not to offend the eyes as much as possible.

Feedback: I guess server messages announcing the castle quests if they're available

Our Response: We do agree that visibility could have been better from our end so we've recently worked with Cujobear (who oversaw this project) who put out an announcement for the castle quests, as well as featuring them in the first blog post of the revision.

Feedback: Im pretty new! I just joined last week, while I found the wiki amazingly helpful there were a few things I feel could be documented a bit better? The wiki doesn't mention Knights Quests at all, so I saw people talking of them but couldn't find anything out. Since the Quests are vague, even a small summary of what they are and how to find the adventurers guild (/place ag) in the wiki would be helpful.

There was also nothing about clan chat/clans other than the commands. Im not sure if there are public channels or something. Again a small section on 'There are clans/clan chat channels blah blah blah"

Our Response: Welcome and thank you for sharing your feedback! We did agree that the Knights' Quests were not as visible as they could be, so we worked with the person who oversaw the creation of the quests (Cujobear) who kindly put together an announcement post for them, which we featured on the information guide and then in our first blog post.

We will look to add more information in the information guide on the use of clanchats but we'd like to go a step further, particularly for newer people such as yourself and in future, introduce new tools to help you become familiar with the server.

Feedback: I don't know if my luck is terrible, but at ~1500 iron ore mined, I have only found a single golem soul.  That seems a bit low.

Our Response: Sadly you've just been quite unlucky! We did note in the blog post that the unluckiest person has mined 2189 iron ore without a single drop!

Feedback: spawn rail need to be easier to find (directions from spawn). newbies don't know about livemaps esier

Our Response: We do feel that the primary issue here is that new players may not be familiar with available resources such as the livemap, which help greatly in locating features on our map (such as the spawn station). We'll look at ways of advertising this tool better.

Feedback: as a beginner spawn was difficult to navigate without a blueprint. Maybe a drawn layout on the subbreddit for reference? The rail system is great, but I find that some connections don't take you to where the arrow is pointing.

Our Response: The revision 22 spawn has a very accessible layout, we'll look forward to introducing that in the next revision to hopefully address your request on the layout being simpler.

Feedback: There seems to be a bit more lag on the server this rev but that may be due to more players on at a time - although this might not be a minor change or quick fix :P

Our Response: There has been an ongoing lag issue this revision which has been thoroughly investigated by our tech admins. Efforts are still ongoing, particularly with some of the more recent issues popping up (such as one ISP preventing access to the server temporarily).

Feedback: I've played for 3 or 4 Revs now, and this server was my first introduction into the game. I still have a hard time finding information. I don't understand why its spread over multiple sites/forums/etc. Why isn't it all just on reddit? Or at least reposted to reddit? I have in my mind that this is the "reddit minecraft server" so I have the expectation that things should be easily found there. As an aside, I fucking love Silver's deadmap. She has improved it each Rev. The addition of the armor stand guide and schematic converter really make more in-depth builds/decorations seem possible. I've already made two maps and have armor stands all over our town. I know some people (older players) don't particularly like it when people ask the chat for the location of grinders or towns *drinks*  so I think it would be helpful to add the link to the deadmap to the alert list. Last time I checked, it wasn't on there.

Our Response: We do agree that it would be ideal if all the information were present in just one single location as that would be easier to find but it would also save us hours in updating the various sources.

Currently we use the subreddit for information posts (pre-rev launch), this lists all of the upcoming changes and sets expectations for the revision. The subreddit is also used for individual announcement posts. We've added in a link on the subreddit along the dropdown 'pve' button at the top, to the information guide (wiki) too.

We have the in-game help which also outputs as a webpage here.

Additionally we have the forums, which we primarily use to record our updates in the changelog.

Finally, we have the information guide (wiki) itself which houses the vast majority of the information.

The issue we have is that we are fighting formatting with reddit, we can't use images to display information as cleanly as we can on the wiki page. People find their information through different sources too, outside of word of mouth, some people would prefer to use the in-game help over a webpage elsewhere and vice versa, so we've tried to cater for a variety of needs.

Ultimately, if you're looking to stay up to date, we'd recommend following the changelog which will inform you of every minor and major change to P as well as using the information guide (wiki) to find details.

With regards to the deadmap itself, this is an unofficial community resource which we're glad to see out there but we are not looking to officially endorse this tool as it is outside of our control.

Feedback: Too many commands are not explained clearly. Also, I couldnt find any information on how to get an elytra apart from asking online players.

Our Response: We do have some ideas for new tools we'd like to make available for new players, particularly for getting used to the server as reading through the help resources and information guide (wiki) may be daunting.

Feedback: the whole system of protection and chest public/private settings is not very well explained. Maybe give all players an ingame book with the codes rather than putting everything on the chat and the wiki

Our Response: We used to only have in-game rule books which were used for similar bits of information. These books housed tens of pages and were rarely read so they were scrapped. What we have done since is focused on keeping the information guide, help function and the information post up to date. We are looking into other ways of sharing information particularly for newer people joining the server.

Feedback: I'm new to MC (p much started in April). I find a lot of the general MC wikis to be lacking so maybe a cool repository of info that's nor /r? But general ingame FAQs that come up could be added to it.

Our Response: We very much appreciate this feedback here, particularly from the perspective of a newer player. We have some ideas of new tools we'd like to implement, particularly to help newer people such as yourself joining us.

Feedback: Maybe there already is, but add message in server notification explaining golem souls to players so new people might see it

Our Response: We've included a few help references for golem souls, starting with the lore text on them, which indicates their purpose. Additionally, there is information available on golem souls by typing /help Iron Grinders & by using the information guide here.



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November 22nd

Suggestion: on christmas day, between two restarts, the map is rolled back to a "rev of christmas past" - a backup from LAST december

Our Response: This is another great idea in paper but ultimately it would disrupt anyone playing during that restart period on Christmas day, as well as requiring tech admins to be present to change the maps over. For this reason, we're not going to pursue this idea.


Suggestion: Reskin lava as water to make nether more 'festive'

Our Response: We love the sound of this evil- evil idea! That said, we do not wish to be directly responsible for the potential deaths of people in this way. We would encourage you to use resource packs to reskin lava if you wish to enjoy this experience!


Suggestion: dye-ing beds (yes I know you can craft them with dye)

Our Response: We're going to consider this later in the revision where we seek feedback for requests to updates for existing plugins (in this case, likely ShroomWithAView).


Suggestion: /cinfo on a skull should say whose it is (both meanings - who placed it, and whose skin if applicable)

Our Response: We like this idea and will follow up with tech admins to see if it is feasible!


Suggestion: golem souls from killing iron golems, but only on player kill, and at a rate comparable (via the iron block cost) to going out mining

Our Response: While we like the sound of this idea, in practice, people would be able to use the unlimited iron from grinders to attain golem souls at an easier pace. For this reason, we're not looking to proceed with this suggestion.


• splash cranberry sauce recipe
• ...cranberry sauce arrows recipe
• turkey eggs should spawn random turkeys
• zombie turkeys should summon zombie turkeys, currently they summon regular zombies
• slime turkeys
• witch turkeys, throwing potion eggs
• invisible baby turkeys should have a 100% wishbone drop
• dragon should 100% drop a wishbone

Our Response: Thank you for the many suggestions you've submitted for the Thanksgiving Event. Some ideas we liked the sound of and would consider for next year, others we feel needed more description. We are not looking to make any further changes to the Thanksgiving gameplay, other than to add additional trades for wishbones this year. We'd encourage you to share your feedback in more detail, to flesh out your ideas more, within our Thanksgiving post.

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November 25th

Suggestion: some way to reset knight quest progress

Our Response: We can only reset quest progress by resetting it for everyone on the server at the same time. With this in mind, as well as the fact that this quest was not designed with progress being reset - we will not be looking to reset knights' quest progress.


Suggestion: Pet bats pls. Or even frozen bats we could place somewhere. I just want a bat!

Our Response: Great idea, we'll look to include bat eggs for a future event!


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November 27th

Suggestion: Make a mid rev quest that lets you upgrade Excalibur with BoA 5 too

Our Response: We'll keep this prize submission in mind for future quests, thank you!

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November 27th

Suggestion: Since we can craft red sand by combining normal sand and red dye, could we have another custom recipe to craft regular sand by combining red sand with bonemeal?

Our Response: With your suggestion, we looked into why this recipe was introduced in the past and it seems to have typically been included where there has been a shortage of red sand. This has been an oversight for us this revision as red sand is plentiful across the mesas and in the nether especially. We will review the red sand recipe (as well as all other custom recipes) for revision 22.

Coming back to your suggestion on a red sand to sand recipe, we would not like to include this as sand is readily available too. Thank you for putting forward this suggestion though as it's got us thinking about an area of the revision that we will put more time into for rev 22.

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December 2nd

Suggestion: server messages player when modreq is taken control of, including moderator doing it (this information is already available via /check)

Our Response: We feel that running /check is currently sufficient for this. There are a number of occasions where the first person who claims a modreq isn't the person who ends up handling it, which from the perspective of the person who submitted their request - could only lead to confusion if they are notified each time someone claims their request.


Suggestion: display <submitted message> after /suggestion-box use, before the "hey, thanks for your input!" message

Our Response: Thank you for the idea, we'll look into requesting this!


Suggestion: Consider turning the global dragon death sound back on in the config? :slightly_smiling_face:

Our Response: We've not knowingly changed anything! There have been a few resource packs going around recently so please double check that you do not have one of those enabled.

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December 3rd

Suggestion: Add a recipe for concrete powder -> concrete

Our Response: We have considered your submission of a recipe for concrete and we can see the obvious benefits that such a recipe would provide. That said, we would like to avoid adding custom recipes where possible. Typically the custom recipes are present due to limited supply issues with some of the blocks / items being scaled by the game for more of a single player experience.

For future revisions, we will aim to address blocks such as these by including them out in the world for you to obtain, all while retaining the vanilla experience of converting concrete powder blocks to concrete blocks.

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December 5th

Suggestion: power smelters that use diamonds as fuel to smelt much faster than regular furnaces to reduce lag

Our Response: We appreciate this suggestion but we would prefer to explore other options for reducing lag, particularly if furnaces contribute significantly to the overall tick rate.

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December 6th

Suggestion: ability to use UUIDs as doppels

Our Response: We don't see a need to include UUIDs currently for doppelgangers as using names are far more convenient. Anvils are limited to a 30 character renaming limit which does seem to be exceeded by the length of a UUID too.


Suggestion: ghast spawner should not exist, makes wings too easy

Our Response: Thank you for your feedback, we'd invite this feedback to be repeated in our mid-rev feedback topic in January as we'd like to engage with you in a discussion over your thoughts on the next revision. For now though we'll aim to remember to include it in the revision 22 feedback which we consider.

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December 7th

Suggestion: mob age timers should reset when they target a player so if you WANT the thing to stick around (see: nels_nelson losing a charged creeper), they do

Our Response: For the moment, we have reached out to our tech admins who will explore this idea. We'll publish an update either way once there is news.

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December 10th

Suggestion: /rs for italic message and /rme for roleplay message?

Our Response: Thank you for the suggestion, we'll be looking to include both of these commands in future!

Suggestion: plz make an alt log outing program causse when we die next to them they leave chunks loaded and its annoying.

Our Response: We can appreciate the frustration when dying near someone else who has chunks loaded and then losing your items, especially if that account is idle. With that said, we are mindful that these alt accounts are typically in fixed positions around the map so we'd recommend additional caution when in the vicinity to try to avoid death.

On your suggestion of having some way to make the alts log out, this would be very similar to having some means to kicking other users and this is something that we'd prefer to only keep in the hands of staff at present as it isn't something that we issue lightly.

Suggestion: Add the deadmap to the /maps command.

Our Response: We think that the deadmap is a fantastic resource but as this is not an officially sanctioned resource under our control, we are not looking to add this to any official documentation.

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December 12th

Suggestion: id like a /b for bolded messages

Our Response: We appreciate the suggestion but for now we feel that sticking with /s to add emphasis is best for chat to avoid what could become some very spammy messages.


Suggestion: offspring of same-named sheep should spawn named same

Our Response: We do not feel that this is a suggestion that makes sense to pursue as it is a very niche contribution and nametags are able to allow you to choose what to name your animals currently. While we're not on board with this particular suggestion, we appreciate the out-of-the-box thinking and look forward to any future contributions you may make.


Suggestion: "/suggestion box" should work

Our Response: Sadly this is not available within the code currently as this format would assume that 'box' is a parameter and return a fail message. Given that you have found the correct use of the suggestion box though, this shouldn't be an issue!


Suggestions: "three of the knight quest rewards - 5, 8, and 11 - are potion ingredients. Prime location for a "secret". Absorption X lingering potion (-> arrows)? Instant Health X? Notch Apple in potion (->arrows) form? "A Gross Mess" useless potion?"


""pipe fluid" + "murky water" should do something"

Our Response: With both of these suggestions we are going to keep these ideas in mind for any future quests we introduce, and where it makes sense, we'll look to implement some special items from combining others. We are not looking to make any further changes to the Knights' Quests.

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On 12/7/2017 at 8:06 PM, Barlimore said:

December 7th

Suggestion: mob age timers should reset when they target a player so if you WANT the thing to stick around (see: nels_nelson losing a charged creeper), they do

Our Response: For the moment, we have reached out to our tech admins who will explore this idea. We'll publish an update either way once there is news.

Follow up: This feature will be live as of the next restart, as described here.

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December 17th

Suggestion: future event prize or purchasable item: your own head but enchanted - might have to be useless enchants since it would be an infinite durability helmet? but you'd have your face, glowing and slightly larger

Our Response: We like this idea but sadly skulls do not visually change when an enchant is applied. With that in mind, we would recommend to continue using doppelgangers to obtain your own skull.

Suggestion: Instead of custom resourcepacks + painting for wreaths/xmas lights maybe set up mapworld maps people can request so those without the custom pack can still see the decorations and not a ton of weird looking paintings

Our Response: This is entirely possible right now! If you set up a map in mapworld, you can carry it across with the aid of a modreq! Tabula Rasa has done this recently for Christmas Town, with a bunch of Christmas maps.

See the information guide here for how to get your maps across to the overworld: http://wiki.nerd.nu/wiki/PvE_Information_Guide#Map_World

Suggestion: Potions of Shrinking? :stuck_out_tongue:

Our Response: We will talk to techs to find out if this is possible. If it is we will look to implement it for a future event where it makes sense. A shrinking potion would at the very least need to be contained within an area, to minimise the requests for help we receive for when people are stuck.

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December 18th

Suggestion: Horses should be able to rehydrate by standing in water and stopping for a second or so. don't have to dismount.

Our Response: Thank you for your suggestion. The requirement to get off your horse to rehydrate it plays a key role in preventing the AFK grinding of horse levels, and so it must remain for now, in order to ensure a fair environment for all players. If that should change in future, we would certainly consider such a change.


Suggestion: Running /rg i <placename> should highlight names of players in that region that are online.

Our Response: Thank you for your suggestion. We think this is an interesting idea, but we're not sure how technically feasible it is at present. We will talk to techs and see what they say, and update this response in the near future.

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December 20th

Suggestion: Could locking large swaths of villagers be considered griefy or at least, could those who do so be warned? It's really rude and inconsiderate and goes against everything we work for on PVE.

Our Response: We do agree that this behaviour is widely considered rude and inconsiderate on P, and we hope that others may lead by example. In terms of your suggestion, we are not looking to dictate behaviour at this level, and tracking individuals who leave trades locked is not something we are able to verify.


Suggestion: Add an option to clanchat to return a /seen on everyone in the channel.

Our Response: We will explore this idea with our tech admins to see how feasible it may be, and what impact it may have on the server, running multiple /seen queries at once.


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December 24th

Suggestion: do we have the technology to prevent unlicensed making-a-dragon-egg-teleport these days / can we? or am I stuck putting it behind four layers of glass or whatever, like how it used to be

Our Response: Sadly there do not seem to be any worldguard flags that would cover the teleportation of this object. If you wish to display it, we would recommend to use an itemframe, or a glass casing with a region, as you have suggested.


Suggestion: Death message: <player> pulled the R.I.P. cord

Our Response: Thank you for your submission, though, the death message train came and went a few weeks ago! We are no longer accepting any new submissions.

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December 26th

Suggestion: bring back //calc please

Our Response: We will not be looking to bring this command back as it was used in an exploit.

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December 28th

Suggestion: announcements in chat when someone gets a golem soul, including their total found so far, and place on a leaderboard, and a command to see the entire leaderboard

Our Response: Thank you for your suggestion! We are not too keen on seeing an auto announcer for every single golem soul drop but we do like the idea of leaderboards for such items. Ideally, this would feature on the website but failing this, we'll explore other ideas for revision 22. Don't forget we feature leaderboard lists like this in the blog too and are always open to suggestions for what you'd like to see included within the blogs!

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December 29th

Suggestion: fixit https://bugs.mojang.com/browse/MC-90923

Our Response: Issues in the base game are just something we have to deal with unfortunately. We checked with a tech, who took a look at our TrainCarts plugin to make sure, but there's nothing to be done from our end at present. Hopefully Mojang will fix this bug soon!

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December 31st

Suggestion: doFireTick true in the UMC fortress

Our Response: We are not looking to change this gamerule currently. This was implemented via tech admin guidance at the start of this revision.


Suggestion: can we get a giant volcano next rev like the one in i forget which rev?

Our Response: We'll be opening up a feedback topic for next rev feedback very soon, so we'd welcome your feedback there! In terms of a giant volcano, rumour has it that the current nether may hold such a feature.


Suggestion:  Introduce ranks to players to have beside their name such as Mod or Admin for them

Our Response: While this is a common function of many other servers, what sets us apart on p.nerd.nu is that we try our best to keep everyone without titles in chat to maintain a sense of fairness and act as a reminder to staff that no-one is more important than anyone else, not really. It is very unlikely that we'll ever be looking to implement ranks, beyond a joke on P.

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On 12/10/2017 at 7:53 PM, Barlimore said:

December 10th

Suggestion: /rs for italic message and /rme for roleplay message?

Our Response: Thank you for the suggestion, we'll be looking to include both of these commands in future!

These commands as described here, are now available on P.

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January 2nd

Suggestion: /place endchest

Our Response: There are too many enderchests in the world for us to maintain an accurate place list for them. Given that the resources to create these chests are plentiful, we would recommend creating a surplus at your settlement for when you wish to access one.


Suggestion: any way to do dimension-specific mob radar enable? thinking for dragon

Our Response: We would prefer to keep mob radar off in all dimensions to maintain the difficulty. With the dragon in particular, we do feel that this mob is reasonably easy to spot without the assistance of radars!


Suggestion: route the end portal hopper at spawn into an end portal block so it lands at the entrance platform

Our Response: We can see the potential here for individuals to gain access to this end portal at spawn for a quick route to the end. We would continue to recommend blocking the exit portal in the end with blocks during the dragon fight to prevent the items falling through into the overworld at all.


Suggestion: add orespawn. its a mod that adds like 40+ mobs, and more weapons and shit

Our Response: Thank you for the suggestion! While this _forge_ plugin is quite removed from vanilla, we'll keep our minds open to special mobs and such in contained events.


Suggestion: op lethal_tree

Our Response: Done! Wait, we hit the wrong button, you now only have half your inventory space(!)

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January 5th

Suggestion: please remove shulker-box & bonemeal functionality.

Our Response: Thank you for your suggestion. We don't typically remove plugins during the revision without good reason. That said, we do have a major update approaching (TBA) which is one of the times where we take a look at our plugins, additionally we do have a mid-revision feedback topic that is due to go out this week where we'll be inviting your feedback on the plugins we use for the next revision.

We will consider your feedback for both cases but what would help us to understand your request, is what about the experience of the shulker & bone-meal functionality is not enjoyable for you. We can explore both quick fixes and removal if we could get a little more of your experiences.

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