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Regarding the change in functionality that will result from a 1.14 update


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The 1.14 update to the Java edition of Minecraft will remove much of the off-hand functionality we gained in 1.9: 

I can't speak for the community, but I don't want to see this loss of functionality come to the server. I'd suggest that, unless Mojang decides to not alter off-hand mechanics, we not update the servers to 1.14 when the time comes to do so.

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YES!! Keep the current off-hand functionality for Nerd! If you changed to 1.14 functions, then mining would be slower, as we would have to switch to torches from a pick EVERY TIME we wanted to light up a  tunnel!! People could also die from lava flows if they couldn't access a block in time because they couldn't place blocks in their off-hand! Placing blocks in the off-hand is also a  great building technique for floors (replacing blocks)! I want the 1.14 just without the off-hand change. Maybe you guys could find/make a plugin that keeps the old off-handing!

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I forgot to add solution w/ 1.14
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