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Head Admin Suggestion Box

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Following this post we've enabled the /suggestion-box command on the lobby for suggestions for head admins or things that are not really server-specific. Below will be our responses to these posts!

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    • The lobby that is in place at the current time is not designed for elytra. We will not be implementing them at this time.
  • bring back survival
    • We currently do not have any plans to bring back survival as the last few attempts have not brought in enough of a consistant playerbase to sustain a pvp-style survival server. We do have some items being investigated to increase our offerings, however the survival server of the past will not be returning at this time.
  • Please consider reintroducing WingCommander for the lobby
    • Some lobbies are not optimised for eltyra flight. However when we have a lobby that is suitable for flying we'll be happy to enable elytra.
  • put mobs in the lobby, make us bleed
    • The lobby is designed for short-term stays between restarts and as a hub for our servers, adding mobs overall would be more of an annoyance to those waiting to rejoin the servers. Its possible it could be looked into for future lobbies as a side-arena but we'd need to check with techs on the feasibility of adding it prior to next years lobby contest.

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