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Revision 23 Suggestions Box Responses

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Jan 20, 2019


1.  Would be great if sheep heads dropped per colour.

It might be possible to have all the variations of mob heads. We can certainly look into it for future updates once other priorities are taken care of.


2. Events with hints for special spawners overworld?

We have chosen to add 3 special spawners to the overworld before the revision began. Two of those spawners have not been found. Since the revision has been going for less than a month we do not feel ready to start giving hints to their locations. As for more spawners in the future, we have not made any decisions either way.


3. Add cave spiders to the nether or end without a spawner so we can get a chance on the head…

What head collection would be complete without it?! That is why we already have cave spiders included in totemo’s ItsATrap and bermudalocket’s SmartMobs. Cave spiders will spawn from custom skellie traps and can also be found in the nether (be careful of the gren-eggs though, they pack a punch!)


4. Throwing concrete powder items into water should turn them into solid concrete

We prefer to keep the vanilla recipes for blocks whenever possible, so we will not be making this change.


5.  skellie sould

Please re-submit your suggestion


6. There are so many items in the game now, inventory management is a nightmare. Shulker boxes mitigate the inventory problem and should be easily available.

7. Incase my prev. sugg. was to long: Shulker boxes mitigate the inventory problem and should be easily available.

9.  shulker spawner really needs to be a thing

10.  While I understand the new aspect the admin team is attempting to introduce by not having a shulker spawner, and having shulkers spawn in the end and have the traders, it isn't enough. The spawn rates are too slow of both shulkers and ender

We’re monitoring the situation and have made some minor tweaks. Spawn rates in the end will be adjusted to include more endermen and shulkers and less strays, husks, and witches. Shulkers will also now have a guaranteed 1 shell drop on death with a chance of a second shell.


8.   An ender chest and room for shulker boxes next to spawn traders.

A spot has been added!


11. hi there i would recommend lobby made by HeySofia in this revision 23 turn it into something more like the mids of revision 22 lobby because of complexity of the beauty disturb the peace pleas consider for the low spect computer

We spoke with the heads and HeySofia’s was used as a temp lobby and a new lobby should be installed this week.


12.  Villagers currently require 20 per breeder-village to max-speed breed. If you were to knock this max-speed to occur at 10 villagers, it would reduce villagers loaded in breeders by half.

We will pass this suggestion on to the techs and see if this will help with server stability.


13. please make /f say '{player} paid respect'

While we all like to pay our respects to our fallen friends, we feel that the inclusion of this feature could become chat spam as having a special command is more likely to encourage people to use it. So, for now, please pay your respects by typing F.


14. Will the /help section and public info wiki be updated please?

These are a slow work in progress, we thought we at least had /help updated to rev23 and were working on the wiki but will look into it again. 


15.  Add death messages for the new death types please.

Some messages that were added to MoF for 1.13 worked in testing, but seem to not be playing nice with other plug-ins causing the custom messages to not show. It is being looked into but not high on the priority list until those mis-behaving plug-ins are fixed.


16.  fix protection signage "a staff member /modreq protection pls!"

Fixed! Thanks for letting us know. At least 2 padmins missed that typo during rev-prep.


17.  the bridge rule is dumb and affects aesthetic design options. anti-fun. boat users can hop out and go around instead of being lazy.

Asking players to keep builds 1 block above sea level when building in an open waterway is not too much to ask. We would not expect builds built along coastlines or built into coves be lifted, but are more speaking of the general rule that the world should be open for exploration.


18.  a /poll command to have a quick poll feature in-game with anonymized results (with the caveat that admins can see who typed what since CH obviously can't prevent logging as it once could)

Although we could see the fun in such a command, we can also very easily see this spinning out of control quickly. Even though we are sure we would all enjoy a poll on which padmin smells the worst, it would not be something we could easily monitor or control and it could easily be used for harassment.


19. a way to /ignore all of global chat temporarily, but allow clanchat to still work

Tabby Chat was a nice way to handle that for players, but has not been updated for 1.13. At this time it is not something we will be asking the techs to work on.


20.  post somewhere in the rules page about 'reee' or stop moderating it when it's obviously not being used in an offensive way

It was explained when the change was first made. We will make sure to include it in the rules under hate speech.


21. make tnt function below sea level outside of WG regions

TNT is off to prevent grief, it will remain that way.


22. put something in /help features about your esoteric commands, like rail-speed

Commands are a bit messy in general right now. We’re always looking to improve documentation and will try to add to them when we know what is working properly and when we have time.

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