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I am appealing for having been banned under false pretenses.

Edit 1: .server is the directory I run my install for mods for 1.12 multiplayer out of, if you were wondering.

Edit 2: I find it highly insulting you would accuse me of xray.

Edit 3: I am requesting you show the logs stating that I in any way "xrayed".

Edit 4: I can show you the mine.

Edit 5: Now that I've chilled out a bit, let me explain what exactly happened.
I dug a mine under New Theramore's subway room. I begin digging out the main tunnel and the branches like you would in a branch mine, and hit 2 diamond ore veins (total of five blocks of ore because I had my silk pick and Mewwy had my fortune pick), one vein of gold (two or three blocks of gold ore), a vein or two of iron (7 blocks of iron ore), and a vein of coal, I think.
As I hit all this ore, I'm beginning to be spooked, because this is a LOT of ore for having just started a branch mine, (And I was commenting about the ore I was getting in the Theramore Clan chat, which Silver, Buzzie, and Kirstae are in and are able to testify about) so I called it quits and headed upstairs to grab my fortune pick from Mewwy, placed the diamond ore down, and fortuned it.
No wrong doings here. Just got lucky. Blame world gen. I didn't know where this ore was until I had actually hit the ore veins.

mod list.png

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Ban information: 

Banned By Reason Time Banned Server
kumquatmay X-ray on PvE nerd.nu/appeal 10 hours, 40 minutes ago c.nerd.nu

Per policy if you haven't received a response from her within 48 hours, please bump this thread up saying so and we will attempt to get her here, and take over the appeal if we are not able to. However I'm fairly certain she will be with you in not too long when it's no longer night time in Ausieland. Thank you for your patience.

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Thanks again for providing those.

We will be banning you for 7 days, your inventory has been cleared and your edits wiped from the map. Please open a new appeal on the 10th of June.

As you requested, the logblock logs of your edits are in screenshots below. These edits have been looked over by multiple staff members, some with many years of experience in investigating x-ray, all of which have concurred with my findings.

In the first screenshot it is clear you dig straight down into a diamond ore vein, as you do in the second screenshot before digging out a short branch then coming back and exposing another diamond ore vein and a gold ore vein (third screenshot). In the final screenshot you dig a stair down into a diamond ore vein (which was previously exposed by another player).





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I concur, and I wrote the book.

I also find it hilarious that you posted a screenshot proving you modified the contents of your mods folder shortly before you posted your appeal. That's proof that you deleted the xray mod. You are an incompetent xrayer and an incompetent liar to boot. Give it up.

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I again wish to appeal;

I have not had xray or any hack for that matter installed since October 23rd, 2013, and I'm proud of being hack free.

This is just a witch hunt designed to bring me low, as evidenced by your refusal to post chat logs.

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Locking this topic. The evidence has been presented and the ban is valid. Chat logs don't prove anything regarding X-ray, only your block edit logs matter. If you continue calling this a witch hunt and wasting our volunteer staff's time with needless accusations there will be consequences.

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