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  1. 9-March A couple of changes to the nether mobs: Spider spawn rates have been reduced, you should only see Errol roaming around now. Custom mobs will now display their name plates in fancy colours!
  2. 25-Feb Updated the nether mobs spawn rate percentages to allow more natural spawns of blazes and magma cubes.
  3. 16-Feb After accepting a bribe of Valentines Collectables from the community, the drop rate of Love Letters has been increased for the Valentines Event!
  4. I'll be travelling from July 17th to August 17th and will be low activity for that time!
  5. From the information given about the event originally, I had made assumptions about how the event was going to work. The information in the post had said “Those who survive the mobs will be greeted with the following” which sounded to me like multiple people would be able to win the round, so I had a guess that each floor would have something like a timer and everyone who had survived the floor by the end of that timer would be victorious. Using a timer based mob arena could be good to try, in my opinion, as we wouldn’t see a huge amount of mobs being spawned in to kill off players until one person is left, and may feel more like an arena where you need to defend yourself by killing mobs rather than running around the whole time to avoid them. Is the current suggestion box meant to be an intermediate solution or a permanent one? It feels even less than one sided currently since people submitting suggestions don’t really get any feedback. I understand speaking with players directly gives more details on their ideas, but another point of the suggestion box was for some anonymity for users. I think what was a bit detrimental to the suggestion box was the change from replying to them monthly to every couple of days. To me it seems like this would give you guys less time to think on and consider suggestions, and maybe not enough time to enact changes before people were submitting more suggestions in response (as we saw with the Elytra this revision). Had the response time for suggestions been, for example, ~2 weeks or so it would have been easier to group batches of similar suggestions together to respond to as a whole, and also given more time to consider or act on any of the suggestions. As for a new way of handling the suggestion box, I think increasing the time between responding to suggestions could help, maybe not monthly like it used to be but maybe every 2 weeks or so. Also for suggestions that have been generating multiple suggestions in response to it or you would like more feedback and details on, perhaps a post on the forums could be created to get more opinions and open up more discussion. For the specific scenario I talked about I’m not sure that would work :P (I don’t think you’d be able to //move something into a whole other plot), again //cut would just be a QOL improvement. I’m not sure of which items are or aren’t allowed either, I just know that air would be very helpful.
  6. Hi NMEs, thanks for making an appeal! Thanks for coming clean with us. Unfortunately the x-ray was pretty clear, multiple staff looked over the edits and all came to the same agreement that x-ray was used and I will provide screenshots as evidence for what we found. As this is a first offence you will be banned for a week, til the 1st of July, all your edits will be rolled back and inventory wiped. I will do my best to unban you on July 1st, but should you not be unbanned by then please leave a reply to remind me!
  7. Ciao DuckyLeQuack, thanks for making an appeal! First of all, thank you for your honesty and for rereading the rules. For a first offence x-ray you will be banned for a week from the time you were banned, your edits have been rolled back and your inventory has been wiped. For good measure, here are some screenshots of your x-ray: I will do my best to unban you on the 1st of July, but should you not have been unbanned by then please leave a reply here to remind me!
  8. The Spawn Building I do like the spawn building this rev, and the museum that looks back at some builds from previous revs. It is easy to navigate through for those not wanting to hang around spawn, but has a lot to look for those that enjoy looking around spawn. I think both changes listed were very beneficial, these were both issues that caused some general annoyance so am happy you decided to take action! The Overworld Map I much prefer having a bigger map and I like the size of the current map. As someone in town the likes to go big, I enjoy having the ability to have a big enough area for the town with some padding so that it doesn’t feel like we are being encroached on from other people’s builds (Especially when we’re a colony on a planet that is meant to be otherwise desolate J ). Aside from this, a bigger map means there’s always more to explore, even now when I start a branch mine I tend to run into another person’s branch or tunnel. So now that mining has become such a big part of gameplay again (with iron grinders and archaeologist’s guild trades) more map to explore and mine in is always a good thing. Looking at the map there is an obvious lack of ocean (which I assume/hope won’t be a problem for a 1.13 map) and maybe a few more deserts would have been nice. I have noticed that there are a lot of quite small biomes that make up the map, aside from a few large icy biomes, so would like to see the map made out of a mixture of really big and small/moderate biomes. Having spent some time on 1.13 chaos, the most exciting change in terrain is obviously in the oceans. While running across the chaos map I didn’t notice much change in the rest of the terrain and nothing stood out to me like the custom maps we have on PvE. If the terrain generator does get updated in time I would still like to see what you can come up with! The Nether Map I think the Nether map was really beautiful and unlike anything we’ve seen in the nether thus far. It was really exciting in the first few days to go exploring through in hopes of finding another new biome. I also enjoyed having all the different resources available in those biomes. One thing that I do miss is finding random structures in the nether, I’m not sure how getting them onto a worldpainted map would go, but if it is possible I think it’s something that would make exploring the nether even more exciting. I think the new nether mobs have been a great addition! Hunting for wither skeles used to be such a painful task when there was even one other person in there with you. Personally I’d love to see even more kinds of custom mobs roaming around, that also drop collectible loot items such as the Pixie Wand. One thing that I think would be an interesting change with the custom mobs would be if they spawned only in certain areas or at a certain distance out in the nether, such as more difficult mobs with better drops spawning a certain distance out from spawn. This way players would have a greater incentive to explore and hunt further out with increased risk, while keeping spawn and roads to portals slightly safer for new and ill-equipped players. The End I was not a fan of this rev’s dragon fight, aside from the confusion and extreme lag from blazes during my first fight, I found that the fight didn’t increase in difficulty that much, just the length and tediousness of the battle did. I do appreciate the effort and welcome the decision of introducing a new dragon fight, as someone who has played for a few revs now and has done the regular dragon fight so many times I was really happy about the idea of a new dragon fight. I do hope a new fight is created for next rev too (I think totemo has shared his idea about a phased dragon fight that I would love to see happen and could make for a very interesting and unique fight) Personally I haven’t had any issues in the End and any that I was witness to (falling in the void from invalid spawn point) seem to have been resolved! Mapworld WorldEdit is a great addition and I would like to see it stay. There are a few commands I would see benefit in having: - /ci or /clear: It’d be nice to easily empty an inventory before going back to the overworld. - //cut: I’m not too sure why this isn’t already a useable command, //copy offers mostly the same function but sometimes you want that selection to be removed (for example, I was moving a 128x128 section from a 256x256 plot to 128x128 plot to better utilise the bigger plot. Rather than just //cut and //paste it I needed to copy/paste the selection, then select some air and //stack that over the rest of the bigger plot, was just a lot of extra steps that could have been done in 1) - Being able to use 0/air: Would have been handy in the case mentioned above, also if you wanted to remove the background of a map entirely. I am really glad the older maps have been brought back and appreciate the effort from the padmins in doing so, I especially appreciate the extra effort gone to in getting some of the plots that had missed the final save of rev. Portals I think a 6 weeks slow release of the portals wasn’t ideal. Given that out of the 6 portals ready to be found from day 1 there were 3 in the NE, the distribution of them felt off for quite some time. I agree with other people’s feedback as well that since the portals were released so far into the rev, many players were already settled on their location that I don’t think the prize of finding a portal was as motivating as it usually is at the start of rev. I was speaking with a friend about how portals are distributed, and how a lot of the feedback in wanting a smaller map stems from wanting towns to build closer together to encourage more collaboration and public infrastructure like rails and roads and they offered an interesting solution where we could hopefully have the best of both worlds. If we had portals placed closer in to spawn, not far out around the edges of the map, we would see the portal towns and players just naturally closer together. This would hopefully be more encouraging to build inter-town travel as the task wouldn’t seem as daunting, while still having a large enough map with lots of land ready to be explored and mined, and so that those who want to be hermits can go build out in the wilderness. Iron Golem Spawners I’m fine with the golem spawner costs, they haven’t felt too easy or too hard to get. Even though it was kind of an artificial change, I also like the higher golem soul cost along with more frequent golem soul drops, it sort of feels like you are making more progress when the drops are more frequent. Personally I like the gradual increase as I find working up to a high level over time more engaging and enjoy having a goal to strive towards with them. Custom Spawners I am not against the use of custom spawners at all. I always see minecraft as a game where you have to make your own fun and also set your own difficulty to a degree. In the gamemode we play on, in most respects there isn’t a huge issue of one person having an advantage over another as we aren’t playing against each other. If one person thinks having a creeper spawner makes getting gunpowder for rockets too easy that’s their prerogative and they can happily avoid using the spawner and collect gunpowder in a different way, but another player might prefer to easily collect gunpowder from a spawner and that’s fine too, neither choice of each person has an impact on how the other person plays the game. As for spawners in the nether, I’m also not too concerned about them. With the introduction of BeastMaster and the custom mob spawns, the severe lack of mob spawns hasn’t been as much of an issue. Custom Drops from Ore (Fossils and Rares) I have absolutely loved the addition of custom ore drops and think it’s one of the best and most exciting gameplay changes that has been done in recent revs. It definitely makes me more attentive and just excited to mine for more than just diamonds past a certain point in the rev and I think I’d be a little sad if there wasn’t something in the same vein as this in the next rev, changed up a bit to fit the revs theme. The drop rate feels right, in my opinion, nothing feel super easy to come by. It may be interesting to see more tiers of rareness added to the available drops, like super rare drops which happen very infrequently. The addition of the fossil and amber trades have been a great addition as well, the rewards for the trades are mostly decorative which is nice as it doesn’t make high enchant items or hard to get materials too easy to come by. The items up for trade can have quite a high price tag which I like as it feels like obtaining the item is something you have to work up for which in itself can feel pretty rewarding, like when you finally get your hands on the final archaeologist’s box! I also have some thoughts about the use of decorative heads which I will add to the end of my post. Custom Saddles Love the custom saddles and would definitely want them to return again (with the new 1.13 mobs too if we’re on that!!), they are a great item to trade in for or win which is purely cosmetic. I do prefer to have the option of trading for any of the saddles and not having some exclusively as a prize. This rev, in my opinion, the cost to trade for them is large enough that it still feels like a valuable prize to receive from events so I’m a fan of offering them as both trade item and prize. Elytra Elytra can be tricky, personally I enjoy there being some difficulty in obtaining them just from a gameplay perspective. If by ‘something close to vanilla’ you mean just finding them in chests in the End, I don’t think that would work out well as there’d most likely be some random person first in to claim them all. One idea for how they could be implemented; have a more interesting, tough dragon fight (such as the fight I mentioned earlier that involves different phases ;) ) then from the fight drop an item that is needed to begin an adventurer’s guild style quest to get Elytra. This I think would be a fun and creative way for obtaining them, while maintaining a vanilla-ish way of finding them and isn’t too expensive. Could be a series of quests to be completed, each giving an item needed to find/make an Elytra. I don’t think there is a huge correlation between Elytra being available and roads/rails being built this rev. I don’t think holding off Elytra for a certain amount of time really made people go out and build more roads than usual, as this time in the rev people are mainly trying to get their towns/builds started, amongst other things, anyway. For me, I know I just used my horse more until Elytra was available since I was trying to get Pico up and running, I wasn’t very concerned about building roads and rails. Events I will always feel that events throughout a rev are beneficial for the server. I think it helps players stick around as they are very fun and can offer a break from building, mining, etc. Depending on the kind of event too it can be a way to rally the community together. I have been happy to see you branching out of the typical events we see on here with the poetry and sculpture contest. I wasn’t a huge fan of the Slime Golems as it really is just trying to find a needle in a haystack. I prefer the quests similar to this one from past revs (Trials of Sorrow, The Lost Temples, ALIENS, the guardian one I forget the name of, and probably more) that gave some information about where the next part of the quest would be, whether it was a riddle or puzzle you had to solve or obscured coordinates, it made it a lot more fun when you had something to go off of and try figure out. I enjoyed the maze, it was difficult and took time to beat but felt rewarding each time you found another shard. I wasn’t a huge fan of the mob arena, mainly because I went in expecting something pretty different since not a lot of information was giving about it before the day. I have missed the admin hunts this rev! Also, All The Things, pls... I need to collect stuff for a reason again! Other Sugg Box and Blog Posts: I think closing down the suggestion box to only posting what suggestions have been submitted was the wrong choice. For me, I always saw the suggestion box as a way for PAdmins to interact and communicate more openly with the players, and for the players to feel like they have a voice that is listened to, and (sometimes) a direct impact on the server. I know the suggestions are still being discussed during meetings, but having that feedback on why your suggestion was or wasn’t going to be implemented was a positive thing. I have also missed the blog posts with fun statistics and information. Again, I think this was a great way for the PAdmins to communicate with the players and show off some recognition for the players that managed to score high in whatever weird stat was picked out! Between these points, to me it has kinda felt like the PAdmins have secluded themselves a bit from interacting with the community as much as they did in the past. Decorative heads: As someone who loves decorating, I can never have enough decorative heads. I always appreciate any that are offered, but a part of me is never fully satisfied while I know how many are out there just waiting to be used! So with that, I would still love to see an area similar to in creative that is full of skulls, using something like easy signs to exchange some currency (diamonds, or perhaps a decorative skull token sold by a villager) for the skull/s of your choice. -
  9. Thanks again for providing those. We will be banning you for 7 days, your inventory has been cleared and your edits wiped from the map. Please open a new appeal on the 10th of June. As you requested, the logblock logs of your edits are in screenshots below. These edits have been looked over by multiple staff members, some with many years of experience in investigating x-ray, all of which have concurred with my findings. In the first screenshot it is clear you dig straight down into a diamond ore vein, as you do in the second screenshot before digging out a short branch then coming back and exposing another diamond ore vein and a gold ore vein (third screenshot). In the final screenshot you dig a stair down into a diamond ore vein (which was previously exposed by another player).
  10. The modded install folder please! (And in the same list view as the screenshot you posted, just in case it isn't that by default)
  11. Hi Lilithvia, thanks for making an appeal. Thanks for sharing the screenshot of your mods folder, would it be possible for you to post one of just your .minecraft folder as well?
  12. You and your alt are unbanned! Hope your finals went well/go well! \o/
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