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Cities being allowed to customize portals


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Hello Everyone!  This came up in the mumble meeting and I am curious as to what the community of PvE thinks of this idea.  Basically keeping it short, I suggested that cities be allowed to customize portals they claim by the techadmins editing the worldguard configuration to allow for portals to be changed from dull obsidian to other blocks such as this.  fqIKmky.pngmwmVt11.png

Anyways special thanks for Zuziza for helping! (kinda)




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I support the idea of having town mayors petition admins (adminreq) for a portal shape to be altered once 1.7 hits, to fit into a build, perhaps. But I don't really like the idea of portals being other blocks than obsidian. The servers are supposed to be mostly vanilla (obviously there are some non-vanilla things on our servers, but that's because the servers are so large), and while different portal shapes are, or will soon be, vanilla, different materials aren't.

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Even just a limited number of sizes (say anything between 5x5 and 2x3) would allow more flexibility. I've seen various towns have roads of odd-number width that look noticeable when they go up to the portal, or plans that have to be abandoned because of this. Obsidian only.


Here, Wellspring rev 8, the two-wide portal is met by the 3-wide road that leads into the town hall.

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