PvE Minecraft server


The PvE (Player versus Environment) server allows players to battle the environment and mobs while working with, instead of against, other players. The emphasis is usually on collaborative building and friendly competition. The entire map is PvE, without player-on-player damage, with limited exceptions for a few PvP-enabled arenas.

PvE is known for its large, active, and friendly community. Players often use Mumble to coordinate building and events, such as spleef matches. The subreddit and wiki are used extensively by PvE players as well.

Rev 24


At 6 PM Eastern time on the 26th of July, PAvE of Revision 23 will draw to a close. There will be a downtime of approximately 90 minutes if all goes well, where we’ll aim to launch Revision 24 at 7:30 PM Eastern.

We will be launching on 1.14.4! In this document we hope to lay out the information you’ll need in preparation for the new revision.


  • We strongly recommend establishing a clear claim border before starting work on your builds in earnest. A border should be obvious, have regular access points and be complete. Having signs which label your claim will be helpful too so that players and staff can contact you if needed.

  • For restarts, always try to avoid logging out while on a minecart or horse, while flying, or with a chest open - just in case it results in a loss of items.

  • Please be aware of server performance before logging in any bots to idle in any area.


We strived to design this revision in a way that every player can enjoy playing in their own style. This revision we have added a few surprises that we feel will not change game play dramatically, but add something a bit fun. We aim to run this revision for a minimum of 6 months.


The revision’s theme will be space! This theme will be represented at spawn as well as through events, challenges, and collectables for each of you to seek out over the course of the revision. As always, players are under no obligation to build within this theme, participate in the challenges, or collect the collectibles.


We understand that many players enjoy the benefits of having a bot sit idly at a grinder while playing on their main account. We also, however, want to make it clear that our goal is to have a playable server the whole community can enjoy. Please do not use bots for at least the first month of the rev. If you decide to use a bot with automatic logging, please set the bot to log out once per hour. Padmins reserve the right to kick any bot (or idle player found with built up mobs) at any time necessary to improve server performance.


The overworld for this revision will be 7000 x 7000. We opted to have a vanilla generated overworld, to allow players to experience the full benefits of 1.14’s new features, like the Pillager outposts and bamboo forests.

Special Biomes

Once again, we ask that no player or town make large claims in new and rare biomes, like warm oceans and bamboo forests. Protections for builds will still be granted but unfairly large claims may be considered invalid at Padmin discretion. Please be considerate.

Spawn Revision 24’s spawn was designed and built by Cheezychicken, with lots of sprucing by staff members. The size of spawn has been reduced to a smaller footprint and the portal will be more centralized and easier to find. We have opted to not included a rail station - allowing the community to implement one.


Continuing the practice of a non-vanilla Nether, the Nether for Revision 24 has been custom made by Totemo and is 3000 x 3000. It also contains new custom mobs and structures designed by kumquatmay. Nether spawn has been left undeveloped, in the hopes that its development will be handled by the community.

The End

New for this revision, Cheezychicken has custom generated the End. There are plenty of resources to gather spread across its 5000 x 5000.

Dragon Fight

The dragon fight will be vanilla for the first two weeks of the revision, and no elytra will be awarded. This will allow time for players to explore on foot. After the initial two weeks Nerdy Dragon will make its return to PvE.


Elytra will once again be a guaranteed drop for slaying the dragon, once the custom fight has returned.


Shulkers will continue to be a respawning mob throughout the end for you to hunt down! We will continue to monitor this feature and may adjust it as we see fit during the revision.


In the overworld, ore generation has not changed significantly. We’ve made some small tweaks to the existing generation as listed below:

  • Glowstone has been removed as an overworld ore.

  • Diamond ore generation will remain the same from revision 23.

  • Ice will again be found underground in cold biomes!

Ores can once again be found in the End! These ores are plumped in some areas and nerfed in others. There are trade offs for this, custom drops do not exist in the End.

Nether Portals

Revision 24 will include 8 claimable nether portals on the map, with an additional portal at spawn, as always. Nether portal markers will appear as a 1-wide, 2-tall bedrock pillar with a sign designating the portal location (i.e. North, South, etc) The portal is “claimed” by the first player to punch the sign located on the marker. All 8 bedrock portal markers will be on the map at rev launch, with no additional portals being introduced later.They can be claimed by clicking the sign on the marker, which will make a modreq for you alerting the padmin team to your claim. Portal owners will have 14 days to place their portal and request its activation. Portal frames must be placed within 100 blocks of the marker and cannot exceed the maximum size of 25x9 within the frame. Once portals are placed they will only be moved for technical / padmin error, so make sure you contact padmins for questions before requesting the portal to be lit.

Here’s a link to the portal/custom spawner document that will be updated as each is found: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1eo5d6yZsac15aoO_BG4qeYx2C1VcjqPCXpaK29ABIgQ/edit?usp=sharing

Custom Spawners

From day one there will be four custom spawners hidden on the map: creeper, slime, squid, and witch. More may be added at a later date. If you should find a custom spawner, click on the sign to claim the custom spawner as this will auto generate a modreq from you as proof. From this moment, you will have up to 14 days to request placement of your custom spawner within 100 horizontal blocks of the bedrock marker. If the spawner is not placed within the required time period the marker will be re-hidden somewhere on the map.

That link again: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1eo5d6yZsac15aoO_BG4qeYx2C1VcjqPCXpaK29ABIgQ/edit?usp=sharing.

Iron Golem Spawners

We have made a change to the golem spawner costs to reflect the new villager mechanics. The changes include removing the doors in exchange for the materials to make 10 beds. Also, 5 of each workstation and a bell will be required. The cost of upgrades have slightly increased by including the need for padmin heads. Please note: Any stone type, wood type, wool color, and padmin head will be acceptable.

Here is a cost sheet and visual representation of an accepted chest: https://imgur.com/a/ZQQI87Y

We will continue to allow a maximum of 4 spawners per grinder and 1 grinder per town; however, you may have a grinder containing between 1 and 4 spawners and you may upgrade them to higher tiers individually.

Please keep in mind that spawners will not be moved once placed.
The most efficient grinders use 4 spawners spaced 8 blocks apart from each other and spaced 5 blocks away from any wall.


We will be continuing with the established policy regarding grinders, where you can set a grinder to be private and you do not need to share any of the drops. The exception to this rule will continue to be for the guardian grinders, blaze grinders and any custom spawners which must remain 100% public only at all times.


We’re continuing the recent practice of having the livemap available from day one, but not having the terrain visible to start with. There is a map room located in spawn, as well as free maps. We hope players will map the overworld in its entirety and completed maps will be added to the map. Once either the map wall is complete or two weeks have passed (whichever comes first), the full livemap will be revealed.


Mapworld has once more been carried over from the prior revision! You can teleport to map world from spawn. The teleport into map world will now spawn you in the SE quadrant where there are more empty plots available. We will be continuing to do some maintenance early rev, but feel free to use map world at any time.

Please remember that you must have an empty inventory to enter and leave map world. We have placed an enderchest near the entrance for your convenience. We have also added a command to mapworld's exit to automatically clear your inventory.


We will continue to run our current plugins including hyper-carts and easy rider.

  • It’s a Trap will be updated to include the new mobs soon.

  • Gone Batty will be updated to include skulls of every mob soon.

To see a full list of plugins visit http://wiki.nerd.nu/wiki/Plugins

Custom Recipes

Coral Blocks: Coral blocks can be crafted from 9 coral of the same color, 3x3 on a crafting grid. Coral plants are renewable from bonemealing any block underwater in a warm ocean biome.

Heart of the Sea: Crafted from 8 Glistening Heart Fragments (arranged so that there are 8 around the outside and a space in the centre of the crafting interface), a custom drop obtainable from mining and found in some chests!

Server Admins

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