PvE Minecraft server


The PvE (Player versus Environment) server allows players to battle the environment and mobs while working with, instead of against, other players. The emphasis is usually on collaborative building and friendly competition. The entire map is PvE, without player-on-player damage, with limited exceptions for a few PvP-enabled arenas.

PvE is known for its large, active, and friendly community. Players often use Discord to coordinate building and events, such as spleef matches. The subreddit and wiki are used extensively by PvE players as well.

There's weekly events held on Fridays at 7:30pm EST and Saturdays at 1pm EST. They will be announced on Discord and in-game.

Rev 28


At 12pm on Saturday, Jan 22 Revision 27 will draw to a close. There will be a downtime of approximately 2 hours if all goes well, and we plan to launch Revision 28 on Saturday, Jan 22 at 2pm Eastern time. We will be launching on 1.18.1! In this document we hope to lay out the information you’ll need in preparation for the new revision. Please read the following thoroughly, as while some of the information is a refresher, new policies, plugins, etc are described below.


We strive to design each revision in a way that every player can enjoy playing in their own style. However - Please read the rules at spawn, even if you have been around for many revs, a refresher doesn’t hurt! We have a new claim policy and procedure which is detailed below. For restarts, always try to avoid logging out while on a minecart or horse, while flying, or with a chest open - just in case it results in a loss of items. Staff reserve the right to take appropriate actions against any player in order to maintain server harmony.


This revision we return to a strong rev theme of “Steampunk”! Expect themed events and collectibles to return. As always, players are under no obligation to build within this theme, participate in any challenges, or collect collectibles.


We understand that many players enjoy the benefits of having a bot/alt account sit idly at a grinder while playing on their main account. We also, however, want to make it clear that our goal is to have a playable server the whole community can enjoy. Please do not use bots for at least the first month of the revision. Starting February 22nd, If you decide to use a bot with automatic logging, please set the bot to log out once per hour. Padmins reserve the right to kick any bot (or idle player) found with built up mobs at any time necessary to improve server performance.


The overworld for this revision will be bigger than previous revisions at 9000 x 9000. We’re going back to the default generation to take advantage of the new mojang terrain. We are continuing not to plump ores in the overworld.


Revision 28’s spawn was designed and built by tict0c and i_c_e_, with sprucing done by the moderation team. There is a spawn rail station to the Northwest, please /modreq to get a connection. Once again we have spawn secrets hidden by staff. Make sure you explore every nook and cranny of spawn! To allow for access to land from spawn, grass bridges have been placed in the cardinal directions. Cardinal road builders may feel free to edit these roads, but please maintain access across them at all times!


This revision if 60% or more of players are sleeping in a bed night will be skipped. We ask that you are kind, and if someone requests not to skip night that you do not intentionally do so.


This revision’s nether will be a 6000 x 6000 vanilla generated map, with some resources slightly plumped. Sirlyle has provided a rail station next to the portal to connect your nether rails to.

Nether portals

With the success of our test revision we are continuing to offer anyone a nether portal with a cost of 8 Guilders per nether portal shard (enchanted glass panes bought at spawn). This means that the smallest 3x2 portal will cost 6 Portal Shards. Please build your portal frame from obsidian then place your portal shards in a chest and make a modreq. Your modreq should include the name you want for the portal. Do not place your portal shards! Once placed, portals will not be expanded or moved. If you want to expand your portal you must destroy it and replace it, paying again for all of the portal shards.

The End

Cheezychicken has, once again, custom generated the End. There are plenty of resources to gather spread across islands of the 5000 x 5000 map.

Dragon Fight

The dragon fight will be vanilla for the first month of the revision, and no elytra will be awarded. This will allow time for players to explore on foot. Following that, the custom dragon fight will return, with new stages and a guaranteed elytra drop.

End Mobs

Shulkers will continue to be a respawning mob throughout the end for you to hunt down!


We are continuing with the claims system introduced last revision. Once you have a rough claim fence installed /modreq to have a moderator create your claim. A build-allow region will then be created for your claim, which will allow for everyone to gather resources from the area but also make it clear that the area is claimed. If you want to find out if you are currently in a region, use /rg i. Claims should be roughly rectangular with clearly marked corners and fences made from non-natural blocks. They do not need signs or for the fence to form a continuous wall. Claims should not be excessively large and, while not required, we recommend a buffer of 3-5 blocks between claims. Claims must be used within a reasonable timeframe and cannot encompass other claims. For more information see here.


Protections will continue to be granted and created under the same policies as previous revisions. Once your build is mostly complete /modreq to ask for protections and a mod will create a region around your completed build. Less complete builds in higher risk areas may be protected to prevent grief.

Iron Golem Spawners

Due to the relative ease that high speed golem grinder can now be created, we are now allowing players to create their own vanilla golem grinders. This is due to new designs requiring far less villagers than before. Please be efficient with your villager usage and don’t use too many. The PAdmins reserve the right to convert any and all golem grinders to spawners if it is deemed that they are causing excessive lag.


To help mitigate server strain caused by villagers, this revision we will continue to offer perfect villagers. Perfect villagers are villagers which have all possible trades for their profession. For this rev the max trade limit will remain at 1000 so your villager will need to be able restock from time to time. The idea is to only need 1 villager of certain professions per villager market. The test went well last revision and we hope to continue tweaking the idea.

To get a perfect farmer you will need to train 5 farmers to master level (1 carrot farmer, 1 beet farmer, 1 potato farmer, 1 wheat farmer, and 1 melon & pumpkin farmer. Place the farmers in an enclosure and include a chest with 5 stacks of emerald blocks nearby. Make a modreq that includes the location of where you would like the villager placed and what biome style you would prefer. A padmin will collect the payment and place 1 perfect villager.

To purchase a perfect cleric you will need to train 5 clerics to master level. Then place 3 stacks of emerald blocks in a chest near those clerics. Next make a modreq asking for a perfect cleric. Please include the location you would like the cleric to be placed and if you would prefer a biome type for your new trader.

To purchase a perfect butcher you will need to train 5 butchers to master level, 1 each of the 5 possible meat trades. Then place 3 stacks of emerald blocks in a chest near those butchers. Next make a modreq asking for a perfect butcher. Please include the location you would like the butcher to be placed and if you would prefer a biome type for your new trader.

For a Perfect-ish Mason you will need to train 10 masons up to their highest level (master). Each mason should have 1 of the 16 possible terracotta trades (for a total of 10 different color trades) When you have the masons trained, place 6 stacks of emerald blocks into a chest near the trained masons and make a mod request for 1 perfect mason. Please specify the location you would like the mason to to be placed and if you would prefer a biome type for your new trader .

This Mason will not carry everything available by having multiple masons, but should cover 99.9% of what you would like a Mason to offer. The Perfect-ish Mason will have the following trades:

20 Stone → 1 Emerald

10 Clay → 1 Emerald

16 Granite → 1 Emerald

16 Diorite → 1 Emerald

16 Andesite → 1 Emerald

1 Emerald → 10 bricks

1 Emerald → 1 White Terracotta

1 Emerald → 1 Orange Terracotta

1 Emerald → 1 Magenta Terracotta

1 Emerald → 1 Light Blue Terracotta

1 Emerald → 1 Yellow Terracotta

1 Emerald → 1 Lime Terracotta

1 Emerald → 1 Pink Terracotta

1 Emerald → 1 Purple Terracotta

1 Emerald → 1 Gray Terracotta

1 Emerald → 1 Light Gray Terracotta

1 Emerald → 1 Cyan Terracotta

1 Emerald → 1 Blue Terracotta

1 Emerald → 1 Brown Terracotta

1 Emerald → 1 Green Terracotta

1 Emerald → 1 Black Terracotta

1 Emerald → 1 Red Terracotta

1 Emerald → 1 Quartz Block

1 Emerald → 1 Quartz Pillar

LIMIT 1 PERFECT VILLAGER OF EACH TYPE PER TOWN. Additional vanilla villagers should NOT be added to markets once a perfect villager is in place.


We will be continuing with the established policy regarding grinders, you can set your vanilla mob or iron golem grinder to be private and you do not need to share any of the drops. The exception to this rule will continue to be for guardian grinders and blaze grinders which must remain 100% public only at all times. Again, we encourage nether gold farms and bartering markets to be kept public.

Weekly Events

This revision we will continue having weekly events. Events will be run twice each weekend. Friday Night @ 7:30pm Eastern and again on Saturday @ 1pm Eastern. Players will receive event tokens for coming to events and winners will receive trophies.


We’re continuing the recent practice of having the livemap available from day one, but not having the terrain visible to start with. The live map will become available after 2 weeks or once players post a full visual map. Want your town/build added to the live map as a marker? Make a modreq. We will now add more builds and towns to the live map, even if they do not qualify for a /place.


Mapworld has once more been carried over from the prior revision! You can teleport to mapworld from spawn. We will be continuing to do some maintenance early rev, but feel free to use map world at any time. Please remember that you must have an empty inventory to enter and leave mapworld. We have placed an enderchest near the entrance for your convenience. We have also added a command to mapworld's exit to automatically clear your inventory.


We will continue to run our current plugins. To see a full list of plugins visit http://wiki.nerd.nu/wiki/Plugins

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