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  2. After months of collecting samples and battling alien species, the space exploration mission is drawing to a close. The ESS Nerd has set a course to its next destination. On March 13th, as the ESS Nerd passes over our home planet we will be beamed down to a quiet little town that is the perfect place to start your next journey. . . . . a road trip! Welcome to Spawnville, UMC Population ???? Located on historic Route 25, this once bustling town has been revitalized by tourism. Find roadside attractions, meet interesting characters, and kick it into overdrive … on Rte 25. Your client will need to be on 1.15.2 to join in the adventure. As per usual, the Revision info post will be posted 24 hours prior to rev launch. Want to help spruce up the next map? We are co-hosting a weekly build contest with the Cadmins. Starting this, Monday Feb 17th, and running through Sunday Feb 23rd hop over to C for a build contest. This week’s theme - Tourist Trap. We are looking for 2 types of builds, eye catching tourist traps for the overworld and structures for the nether. Builds chosen will be hidden on the map and possibly used in events. Hop over to the Creative server and do /warp WeeklyBuild to claim a plot! Map World will close and be saved on Feb 28th for us to do some tidying. It will be back for the new rev with the same maps in the same places, so don’t worry about losing your work. The current revision will end with 3 days of chaos! The map will be saved for the final time to be put up for download, then all player protections will be removed. TNT will also be enabled, giving players the chance to lay waste to the map!
  3. Hi Lorkileta / AbsolutePerson. I have unbanned you as this looks like it was a case of mostly destruction edits after a player name change.
  4. Hi and Hola We wanted to take down The TownDump by purpose, because we feel we must do that. We did build the building with many different names but in the end, lorkileta decide to do the last job on the Revision 24 build, that we have imitated from other player. Also, we wanted to have some activities on the server to the building that we had imitated. We know that it is a quite useful building, but we need to take it down and see from a different perspective, since Minecraft is a constant changing. All the items and building materials will be kept in the same area. Basically, we wanted to change the shape of the building and it might take us more login time. We are very sorry to not inform about the change and as always, Thank you. Have an awesome time everybody. 2/13/2020 lorkileta Minecraft Player
  5. We are pleased to let you know that all WorldEdit commands and brushes normally available to region owners are back in working order. The WorldEdit limit has also been increased from 50k to 100k. Happy building! - CAdmins
  6. February 2020 Changelog fawkes01 has stepped down from staff (moderator) February 6, 2020 January public Staff Meeting notes posted - February 11, 2020
  7. January 2020 Changelog Please note there was not a December or January Head Admin Meeting tict0c has joined the PAdmin team (from moderator) - January 26, 2020 i_c_e_ has joined the PADmin team (from moderator) - January 26, 2020
  8. January 2020 Staff Meeting Head Admins Discussed New Lobbies PvE Weekly Friday Fun nights - still going strong! Discussed [redacted!] Discussed New Padmins Creative Discussed upcoming Revision 35 Refresher training for moderators available Tech Admins Keep yourselves updated by checking out the Tech admin blog: https://nerd.nu/b/tech
  9. December & January - No meetings
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  11. can't wait to make so many builds!
  12. The new spawn looks beautiful, and the terrain improves drastically with every new revision. Props to everyone who worked together on setting up! Y'all are wonderful <3
  13. Handy-dandy Links A notice about WorldEdit at the beginning of revision 35 Creative Revision 35 information post Handy-dandy Maps Since the live map is not up yet, here's a couple maps. These map do not show the claims made by other players but they should help you navigate to the terrain of your choice. Live map is up!
  14. Not yet, it's conflicting with another plugin, we are looking at a workaround. Yes
  15. End of revision TNT party! Creative Revision 34 will be taken down Friday January 31st at ~8:30 PM EST The TNT party will begin shortly after, at around 9PM. Come blow some stuff up with us! TNT will be enabled for 24 hours right up to the launch of revision 35 at around 9PM Saturday February 1st. The final save of Revision 34 (pre-TNT destruction, of course) will be available for download at mcp-dl.com —— A notice about WorldEdit at the beginning of revision 35 As stated in the previous information post, a stable build of FastAsyncWorldEdit is still not available, so in order to update to 1.14, we will use the standard WorldEdit. However, an additional plugin we previously used to restrict WorldEdit usage to region owners has not been updated for a while. We found a temporary solution which will give region owners access to the following WorldEdit commands : //cut //copy //paste //set //undo //redo //replace. If you need another WorldEdit command performed, you will need to request the assistance of a moderator using /modreq. Protecting your region and enabling WorldEdit will be done in 2 steps, the latter will need to be performed by a CAdmin. Please note that this is a temporary measure, as : a) Tech Admin Challenger2 has committed to bringing back to life the plugin that used to handle WorldEdit region restriction, b) We plan to use FAWE as soon as a stable version is available. You may find out that your WorldEdit edits can extend past your region border. We are aware of this problem and we’ve decided to go with this temporary solution anyway because we trust you not to abuse this bug. However we will keep an eye out. If anyone if caught intentionally abusing this bug, it will be considered as griefing. - CAdmins
  16. We are happy to announce the addition of 2 more PvE Admins to the team: tict0c and i_c_e_! tic has been a moderator since November 2017, and ice has been a moderator since February 2018. You may also recognize them from their builds in Rose, and of course: their beautiful end-of-rev fireworks shows. We look forward to what they can bring to PvE for the future! Please join me in welcoming tict0c and i_c_e as our newest Padmins!
  17. I used to love survival mc servers until tried skyblock. Is it just me or actually skyblock minecraft servers are more entertaining?
  18. Launch date Creative Revision 35 will be launching on Saturday, February 1st 2020, finally ending Revision 34 which will have been our longest revision ever (1 year, 2 months and 2 days). Minecraft version We will launch the new revision on Minecraft 1.14.4. Info & changes We will be launching without FastAsyncWorldEdit since a stable version of it is still unavailable for 1.14.4. So we will be running with standard WorldEdit. In order to remove some load from the server, the maximum block edit limit will need to be decreased temporarily. As soon as a stable build of FAWE is available, it will be installed on the server. The main map is a custom Worldpainted map made by Bardidley. The size of the main map will be 7000x7000, smaller than the current one. To put that in perspective, it is the same size as the current PvE map, and the same size as Revision 32 and a lot of previous revisions. The main aim of that change is to bring builds closer together. Spawn is a completely original build by marting11 There will be no spawn city for this revision. There will be a buffer zone around spawn, but after that free land. Players are welcome to build a city around spawn. CTA fans, do not worry! The CTA has a reserved spot within spawn for the spawn station. The archived version of revision 34 will be accessible via a multiverse, just like revision 33 is currently. The redstone and testbuild multiverses will be transferred with their contents to revision 35. The default warps will be : bigtown, spleef, pixelart, playspleef, spawn, speedbuild, weeklybuild, WETutorial. If you have an unfinished build that you would like to continue working on, it may be possible to copy it over to the new map, please contact us so we can see what we can do for you. The spleef event normally scheduled Feb 1st at 9PM will be postponed to Feb 8th. This revision of Creative is sponsored by Bob Ross! The final save of the revision 34 map will be available at http://mcp-dl.com ~ The CAdmins
  19. this is official note that I am to be considered vagrant level through March due to work.
  20. Hi Jaded, These notes are only 6 and 8 months old; the usual standard these days is to appeal after 1 year. I'm closing this thread for now, but you are welcome to appeal again in a few months. And while I understand your reasons for leaving, you're more likely to have a successful appeal as part of the community, not apart from it.
  21. Maybe this style of administration is why C has been so quiet lately. God bless you sir, I won't hold the resentment you hold for me against you. Also bump for head admin. Aforementioned policy is as follows: "In order to have a note removed it must be demonstrated that the behavior that caused it has changed and is no longer a reflection of your current behavior. " I have demonstrated my ability to move past this behavior by stopping myself from playing. Considering this, I feel I would be fully qualifying for the removal of these notes from MCBouncer.
  22. Thank you all for your feedback. We appreciate your suggestions and ideas. Totemo has been working on testing and updating the needed plug-ins and we are well underway with Rev 25 prep. We will keep you posted and will announce the new rev 1 month ahead of it's start.
  23. The Spawn I think spawn could have been better signposted perhaps - while it was straightforward to find the hangar from the spawn point, it didn't seem as easy to find the lab or the commissary from outside the ship (lots of questions in chat about their locations). The Overworld I'd be interested in seeing what happens with a smaller map - from live map there still seems to be some empty space around. Admittedly with the current size transportation doesn't feel very lacking, though as someone who is based closer to spawn and had help with rail tunnels, my immediate vicinity felt pretty lively and well-connected. The Nether I'm not sure I like the mix of custom mobs in nether/end this rev - my preference is that custom mob pools in the vein of what was in the Nether (and End?) this rev (ie. frequent occurrences of generally tougher mobs) should be in a new, separate dimension, where the intent to challenge players can be made clearer. I think they were a good difficulty for more experienced players. Props for thematic consistency though, they really did look and feel like aliens from another dimension in another dimension and I enjoyed that kind of atmosphere. Now the real question is what are the Zox and Kirlids doing in both Nether and End dimensions, hmmmm. The End I thought the End layout this rev was pretty neat. The one thing I didn't like so much was how low the original End center's ground level was relative to the dragon's flying altitude. Elytra Elytra obtaining method feels fine this rev. Custom Drops I enjoyed the variety of ways which the custom drops were obtainable and think that variety should be brought forward in later revs. The trades have been interesting, though I have admittedly treated spesos as rare and haven't been spending much .-. Events I enjoyed the weekly events even though I'm usually late to half of them. Participation event tokens are a good touch. What I really liked was how much some (eg. wacky battles) were more casual/fun oriented compared to more traditional games that are more competitive/even; it's nice to take a break from controlled conditions and just roll with randomness sometimes. Rev Theme Really enjoyed the theme this rev 😄
  24. I didn't play for all that long so take it with a grain of salt. I would like to see: - Smaller map - More frequent (shorter) revisions - Fewer nether portals - No mesa/desert/whatever at spawn. Trees pls Would be good to divert some resources towards retaining new players. E.g. maybe some sort of recommendation rewards or a group of players who will mentor new players when they join? I know a lot of people do this anyway but it could always be better. A lot of new players slip through the net. Would also be good to have a nice website that ties together all the PVE info, deadmap notwithstanding. You could always hire a freelancer for a while to build it for you, if the 2020 sysadmin whisky fund isn't fully depleted.
  25. Hello jadedeconomist, Your notes on this account will not be removed as they are still indicative of your play style on this server. Just because you are absent does not mean your notes get cleared. They get cleared by demonstrating to us with your game play that you no longer reflect these notes given. If you decide to come back to this server and show us that you have changed - over a period of time, we will be happy to reconsider the note removal.
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