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  2. Unfortunately no, not yet. I need some time to finish compiling some logs. We need to address some issues, and find a way to ensure this does not continue. It's likely I won't reply until about noon tomorrow, sorry for the delay.
  3. I was banned. Can I have an appeal date please? I know what I did.
  4. Im am very sorry for grieffing. i will not do it again. Please unban me? Emilandor
  5. I did post a picture, I'll just do the link: Teh Picture
  6. Last week
  7. Hello, and thanks for taking the time to appeal. From what I can recall based on the notes I took, this ban was from a series of minor griefs that just went on for too long. It's been over three years which is more than enough time, so I'll be willing to unban the account now. Please take some time to re-read the rules before rejoining. Welcome back =)
  8. Looks like you couldn't think of anything that could beat Mr. Roboto. Does this mean I win?
  9. My son is a little new to organized MC servers. His experience is mostly with minigame servers and he did not understand the rules setup. Please unban his account. We have had a talk about appropriate behavior and he is clear on his responsibilities as a member of the larger community.
  10. The wonderful Challenger2 has added the commands /alert on and /alert off, which do what you would expect.
  11. Click Here for a video tutorial that might help you with replanting trees you are unfamiliar with. Have you looked over the rules yet? Are you familiar with the ones you have broken? Let me know
  12. i dident know i had to place them in a 2 buy 2 I only put one down
  13. Hello Rubix_cube100. Yes, that is correct. You were banned yesterday for multiple cases of grief. Today you failed to replace saplings in a tree farm which you used, as seen here: Please take time making a replying explaining which rule(s) you have broken, and how you intend to avoid breaking them in the future. After you've read over the rules here: & Please post your reply and I will get back to you within the next 24 hours discussing an unban time.
  14. I got band yester day and the ademen gave me another chance
  15. We have our mid-rev feedback topic planned for a date in summer but all feedback is welcomed sooner or later! Thank you for taking the time to put your thoughts down in such detail! While we can't promise that we will incorporate this feedback for revision 21, your feedback will be considered along with everyone else. Maybe we'll look to ask other people about their experiences with the end when the time comes. I'm glad you're enjoying your stay in the end!
  16. Please be mindful of those. Unbanned.
  17. I know read the rules and it wont happen agen
  18. Please validate you've read the rules in their entirety according to the link above.
  19. I diden know that was con sided greafin I'm sorry can I have another chane I promiss I will try not to do it agen
  20. Rubix_Cube100: Within the last 16 hours you have received 3 official warnings for various grief offenses (animal, block and crop grief,) plus at least one instance of fence removal that was handled directly with a player. For this latest offense, you were unlucky enough to perform the actions as I logged back in from being in the area to check on another of your earlier offenses, so I was there to watch you kill off multiple, unique colors of sheep and remove grass blocks placed by another player. We take all forms of grief seriously on this server, please re-read the rules at and acknowledge you have read and understand them back here and you can be unbanned. In the future do not modify other's builds, and do not remove crops/animals without replacing (exact models in the case of some animals like sheep.)
  21. Closing due to duplicate post.
  22. To who it may concern hi I was just playing and I met this guy yesterday and we were playing together and I was just cleaning out his plot because he is building a town hall there and I was farming and helping him out and I got band fo no reason
  23. Closing due to duplicate posting.
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