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  2. Following up from the subreddit post here, I figured this could be an interesting way to add additional photos or whatever in something a little more friendly to that format. Thanks to everyone that showed up, and provided assistance along the way! 4 image album:
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  4. In terms of suggestions, we encourage the use of this forum or the subreddit if you'd like to open up a discussion. For people who want to fire out a suggestion that sits with us, where our team puts out a response then using /suggestion-box on will leave a suggestion there and we will respond to them here. Having the idea written down in one of these areas will remind us to address it. However, you're welcome to chat with us elsewhere too in addition to having your idea written down somewhere if you wanted more of a private discussion.
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  6. Is there a static thread somewhere for mod requests? I imagine it happens often enough that such a place would be handy for you?
  7. Hello Ethaksus, thank you for taking the time to put forward your suggestion here regarding the JourneyMap Server plugin. Padmins will be hosting a team meeting this weekend to discuss a range of tasks, suggestions, and needs. While we already plan to discuss your recent approved client mods request, we'll make sure to add your latest suggestion to our agenda too. We'll aim to respond back here once we've got together! If in the meantime anyone wishes to post feedback, we'll keep an eye out for it and factor it into our discussion.
  8. For myself and perhaps others that use JourneyMap Client to have a minimap up + keep an overworld map up to date, I believe it would be beneficial to install the JM Server plugin among the servers. Primarily the function of this plugin is to generate unique id's for the worlds that are running on the server(s), so that the Journey Map clients can tell the difference between P, C, or even Lobby. The present behaviour is that Journey Map will overwrite any existing mapped areas when visiting similar coordinates in other servers, if the server transfer was done internally or through the lobby rather than quiting the game and using a different server link. In the future, the plugin also promises to be able to have server-side restrictions of mapping features in the clients. so it will be easier to ensure no one is doing any "accidental" xraying.
  9. The impression I got is that Watson was allowed/useful for non-staff primarily for its highlighting - in one of my old spleef videos I explicitly had the word "ready" highlighted from when I was reffing a game. I don't know if the auto-query-region-info-on-identification-with-wood-sword also worked for non-staff (it did for me when I was staff). That being said, I haven't used Watson since the days when only third party versions were available, so I'm not too sure what the state of the mod is now.
  10. Astronomew > Mewcifer
  11. Hello Everyone! Over the next two weeks we will be running the Post Office Build Contest on the Creative Server. The purpose of the contest is to produce a post office building that contains a minimum of 100 single-chest (or double-chest) PO boxes for creative players to claim and share mail in! The winner's build will be placed by spawn and warped. The build will be located beside the Spawn CTA Station (See the building site HERE), The site can also be visited @ /warp postoffice To participate login to C and type /warp PostContest, There are 12 plots (more will be added if all are claimed). To claim a plot, stand in a free plot and type /nerdplot claim You may claim 1 plot, and you'll have until July 7th to finish your build. It will be listed for public voting on Saturday, Sunday and Monday. Tuesday July 11th the winner will be announced from the poll results. Users will be able to claim chests for PO boxes (donation chests) Mostly for all that spam we love. [ Or send you that novel-length /mail message in a book instead of blowing up your inbox ] Have Fun!
  12. I don't believe word highlighting is included in any of the latest 3rd party versions.
  13. It does allow for keyword highlighting if I recall correctly. I used to use it to have my username appear in a bright color so I would see it if someone mentioned me in the sea of text on PvE that is easy to tune out sometimes.
  14. I dont see any benefit to non-staff for this particular mod.
  15. In the wiki (, it says that "Watson" is an approved mod. It displays LogBlock info. Wouldn't this be useless to average players and only useful for staff?
  16. I will be gone starting 6/22 and be back some time late next week.
  17. The reason //setbiome was originally removed from default permissions is that WorldEditRegions, the plugin we use to restrict WorldEdit to players' regions, doesn't respect region boundaries when players run //setbiome. That means anyone could set the entire map to swamplands, which is a Bad Thing for people to be able to do. I believe that FastAsyncWorldEdit, an alternative to WorldEditRegions, might handle //setbiome correctly (in addition to doing some other things better too), but when we last tested it prior to the current revision, it was unstable and had some unignorable bugs. We're in the process of reevaluating FAWE during the 1.12 update though, so if we decide it's stable enough and it handles //setbiome correctly, I see no reason not to restore access to it.
  18. KING of the hill
  19. I don't really have an opinion on your suggestion otherwise, but I wouldn't say it's tedious, since it's just selecting the region and running //setbiome. If you feel like you need to wait for a long time for a mod, remember P mods might not have noticed there's an open req on C, so you can always check who's online and ask them to come do your req. :)
  20. Please take the time to read through our rules since it has been over a year since you last played with us and respect other player's at all times. Unbanned.
  21. I wanted to ask whether users on C could use //setbiome again. It's understandable that it was kicked from default permissions for whatever reason but I think time has proven that mods having to set biomes is kinda like asking mods to do tedious world edit for people and it's not really convenient for the mods or the users waiting on the mods. Could we either discuss a plan to get //setbiome re-added to our permissions or maybe some alternative solution (maybe a new plugin) that could help make this issue a bit more solved? I'm looking in your direction Challenger :P Thanks
  22. when you think about it, it's true.
  23. Closing due to duplicate post.
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