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  2. Suggestions for potential gamemodes.

    I'd like to see skyblock added to the list of minigames. A lot of big servers have it, but I don't like having to go to different servers I'm unfamiliar with just to play skyblock.
  3. Revision 21 Changelog PvE

    December 15th Courtesy of redwall_hp, mob tagging has been amended on P, as described here.
  4. Revision 21 Suggestionbox Responses

    Follow up: This feature will be live as of the next restart, as described here.
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  6. The Face Behind the Name

    Here's what I call the "Album Cover" shot: ...And here's an older photo of me, from back when I was in the OSU marching band. With the exception of a bit of stubble in some places, I don't look much different.
  7. Revision 21 Changelog PvE

    December 12th We have responded to all of the latest suggestionbox suggestions here.
  8. Revision 21 Suggestionbox Responses

    December 12th Suggestion: id like a /b for bolded messages Our Response: We appreciate the suggestion but for now we feel that sticking with /s to add emphasis is best for chat to avoid what could become some very spammy messages. Suggestion: offspring of same-named sheep should spawn named same Our Response: We do not feel that this is a suggestion that makes sense to pursue as it is a very niche contribution and nametags are able to allow you to choose what to name your animals currently. While we're not on board with this particular suggestion, we appreciate the out-of-the-box thinking and look forward to any future contributions you may make. Suggestion: "/suggestion box" should work Our Response: Sadly this is not available within the code currently as this format would assume that 'box' is a parameter and return a fail message. Given that you have found the correct use of the suggestion box though, this shouldn't be an issue! Suggestions: "three of the knight quest rewards - 5, 8, and 11 - are potion ingredients. Prime location for a "secret". Absorption X lingering potion (-> arrows)? Instant Health X? Notch Apple in potion (->arrows) form? "A Gross Mess" useless potion?" & ""pipe fluid" + "murky water" should do something" Our Response: With both of these suggestions we are going to keep these ideas in mind for any future quests we introduce, and where it makes sense, we'll look to implement some special items from combining others. We are not looking to make any further changes to the Knights' Quests.
  9. Head Admin Changelog and Announcements

    Spook6 has been trained as a moderator and permissions are up to date.
  10. Revision 21 Changelog PvE

    December 11th 130 golem souls were collected by the community and so, as promised, special traders have now arrived at spawn and will remain for 2 weeks.
  11. Revision 21 Changelog PvE

    December 10th The new community-sourced death messages are live! Going from roughly 90 death messages to 460. We have responded to the latest suggestionbox suggestions here. We held a padmin meeting today, here are our public meeting notes.
  12. Revision 21 Suggestionbox Responses

    December 10th Suggestion: /rs for italic message and /rme for roleplay message? Our Response: Thank you for the suggestion, we'll be looking to include both of these commands in future! Suggestion: plz make an alt log outing program causse when we die next to them they leave chunks loaded and its annoying. Our Response: We can appreciate the frustration when dying near someone else who has chunks loaded and then losing your items, especially if that account is idle. With that said, we are mindful that these alt accounts are typically in fixed positions around the map so we'd recommend additional caution when in the vicinity to try to avoid death. On your suggestion of having some way to make the alts log out, this would be very similar to having some means to kicking other users and this is something that we'd prefer to only keep in the hands of staff at present as it isn't something that we issue lightly. Suggestion: Add the deadmap to the /maps command. Our Response: We think that the deadmap is a fantastic resource but as this is not an officially sanctioned resource under our control, we are not looking to add this to any official documentation.
  13. Weekly Build Contest - Winner & This Week's Theme

    Congratulations to the Week #7 winners: rosebox9, ieuweh, texb The winning builds can be found right outside spawn, at /warp nutcracker and near the spawn entrance. Week #8 category: SNOWMEN!! This week will be slightly different than normal! We will pick 3 winners and use all 3 builds to decorate Spawn with for the whole month of December! How To Participate: The contest takes place on c.nerd.nu In game, type /warp WeeklyBuild Make sure to read the rules and the category before starting. Find an empty plot and type /nerdplot claim You may build with a friend, and you do have access to World Edit! The contest will run all week until Friday night (12/15).
  14. Head Admin Changelog and Announcements

    Ban Appeal Policy has been updated to include a policy for requesting old appeals to be hidden (note that we do not hide them for light reasons).
  15. Head Admin Changelog and Announcements

    Spook6 has joined the moderator team. Training and some permissions still pending.
  16. New Moderator Voting: Spooker6

    5 people voted yes and 10 voted they don't know the player enough. Since this is on a timezone that lacks moderators, the head team is vouching for Spook6 and we've asked her to join the staff which she has accepted.
  17. [Note Appeal] OmegaEnigma (now Omegaeddon) [Zomise]

    Ok, well, I'll give it a go. Look forward to seeing everyone online again. Thanks for your time Omegaeddon.
  18. Notes and bans are public indeed, but Omega, if anyone is giving you snide comments about a note, that is very much not allowed. I would urge you to come back and play on the servers and we'll see how it goes. If anyone has something negative to say to you about it, please contact staff and we will handle it.
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  20. Revision 21 Changelog PvE

    December 7th We have responded to the latest suggestionbox suggestion here.
  21. Revision 21 Suggestionbox Responses

    December 7th Suggestion: mob age timers should reset when they target a player so if you WANT the thing to stick around (see: nels_nelson losing a charged creeper), they do Our Response: For the moment, we have reached out to our tech admins who will explore this idea. We'll publish an update either way once there is news.
  22. [Note Appeal] OmegaEnigma (now Omegaeddon) [Zomise]

    They are indeed. http://mcbouncer.com/u/1a023533479c4dbeb722b7809f70a612/ http://mcbouncer.com/u/054402d52711475c8e5b6cf452faaf22/ Give me a shout if you want the link to yours deleted.
  23. [Note Appeal] OmegaEnigma (now Omegaeddon) [Zomise]

    As far as I'm aware, notes aren't public information.
  24. Revision 21 Changelog PvE

    December 6th We have responded to both of the latest suggestionbox suggestions here. Addition of Santa and his elves and a special gift for players now at spawn! Updated Christmas info post.
  25. Revision 21 Suggestionbox Responses

    December 6th Suggestion: ability to use UUIDs as doppels Our Response: We don't see a need to include UUIDs currently for doppelgangers as using names are far more convenient. Anvils are limited to a 30 character renaming limit which does seem to be exceeded by the length of a UUID too. Suggestion: ghast spawner should not exist, makes wings too easy Our Response: Thank you for your feedback, we'd invite this feedback to be repeated in our mid-rev feedback topic in January as we'd like to engage with you in a discussion over your thoughts on the next revision. For now though we'll aim to remember to include it in the revision 22 feedback which we consider.
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