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  2. Staff Inactivity Notices

    I'll be enduring time with the family, 23rd - 27th.
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  4. Scottyr3h3 (Flumper)

    Your ban has been lifted. Please read the rules, as linked above, if you haven't already. Welcome back!
  5. Note Appeal(s)

    Sorry about the wait, Pit! Given our policy on notes, shown here, I cannot appeal your note until a year has passed, however given you have not repeated the behavior since the note was added, I will be happy to remove the note if you appeal again once it reaches one year at the end of January/the start of February. Given this, I'm going to go ahead and close this appeal. Don't forget to re-appeal once it hits 12 months!
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  7. Staff Inactivity Notices

    Out for a few weeks starting 12/18, returning in time for new P rev. Will likely check into communication channels (discord etc.) even if sparsely, but I am unlikely to log into the servers while I am out.
  8. Note Appeal(s)

    Sorry for the delay, I've only recently become active again. You were warned over a year and a half ago for some homophobic language on C. Given that there haven't been any repeat offenses since then, I think it's safe to say that that was a one-time slip-up, so I'll go ahead and remove that note. Thank you for your patience.
  9. TechnoLighter (Flumper)

  10. KyleKnightly [AndrewsAndNick]

    You have an old ban, and your banning moderator is inactive. I have gone ahead and unbanned you. Please read/follow the rules, and welcome back!
  11. novasparkk [AndrewsAndNick]

    Since your banning moderator is inactive and this is an oldy, I'll go ahead and unban you. Please read the rules, and welcome back!
  12. rempai [Trooprm32]

    Thank you!
  13. Ban Appeal (JamesFPS

    Please post your Minecraft account name so we know your ban reason Edit: Name change More than a couple months ago. Please read the rules and be sure not to repeat this offense again, it will not be tolerated. Unbanned.
  14. rempai [Trooprm32]

    Considering this is so ancient and any prior evidence I had was on my old computer anyways, I'm just gonna unban you right now. Be sure to read/follow the rules for when you play next! Welcome back! :)
  15. rempai [Trooprm32]

    Greetings! I was banned a long time ago for using x-ray on the survival server. I cannot remember an exact date of when it happened, but I'd say it was around 2015 or early 2016. What I remember doing was going into another player's mine and using a hacked client to mine diamonds. Afterwards, I tried making my way up back to the surface then I was shot with a enchanted bow, killing me instantly. I left immediately afterwards. Later on, I tried to rejoin and got the message saying I was banned. I've grown out of using hacked clients and I'd like to just start off fresh. Hopefully you can consider my appeal, if not, I understand. Thank you for reading. -Rem
  16. Note Appeal(s)

    Bumping; it's been about a week.
  17. Ban Appeal (JamesFPS

  18. TechnoLighter (Flumper)

    Sorry for the slow response, this appeal slipped past me. I've gone ahead and unbanned your account. Please take a moment to read the rules before playing again. http://redditpublic.com/wiki/Rules#PvE Welcome back!
  19. KyleKnightly [AndrewsAndNick]

    Hey, i recently came across your server while looking for old og servers to play, and when i tried to log on it said I have been banned for briefing. While i dont remember if i have played this server in the past, I can assure you if i did grief it was long ago, i recently got back into Minecraft after taking a break for about 4 years. I will be honest and say it is entirely possible that this ban was valid (I dont remember it happening but i was certainly the type of kid to do something like that a couple years ago, i hate to say it but its true) but i promise im now much more focused on creative building and the artistic side of Minecraft, please consider I was like 10 the last time I launched MC Thanks for your consideration and id love to be a part of this historic server :)
  20. Ban Appeal (JamesFPS

    So about a couple months ago, I was banned for saying a racial slur. I was trying to be funny, it wasn't. It was rude, uncalled for. I'm sorry, and I wanted to make sure you guys know that. I would really love to join the server again. I was childish, immature. It won't happen again, I promise. 480 × 260
  21. Creative Revision 34 Changeover Schedule

    I dont see the testbuild world on the server, and i was told in-game that they'd only be brought up as read-only "maybe" - can you clarify that please?
  22. Head Admin Suggestion Box

    Why is the biome Savanna in lobby? Leaves look so ugly. :( We're sorry to hear that you aren't a fan of the leaves! We'll check with the techs to see changing the biome is something we could do. Why so much vote spam? Please get in touch with one of us to let us know what it is exactly that you are not happy with in regards to the "vote spam"
  23. Creative Revision 34 Changeover Schedule

  24. Staff Inactivity Notices

    next week is finals week please send help (will probably be out all week except for the weekend, don't have too much rev 34 fun without me uwu)
  25. Hello Everyone! Below is the schedule we will be following during the change over to Creative Revision 34! - November 28th WEDNESDAY @ 9PM EDT CHAOS (Survival Mode, World Edit Disabled, PVP enabled, Griefing Allowed - All other server rules apply!) - November 29th THURSDAY @ 9PM EDT TNT PARTY (Creative Mode, World Edit Disabled, Griefing Allowed - All other server rules apply!) - November 30th FRIDAY @ 9PM EDT Revision 33 Launch (Everything back to normal, with new map.) Here are some more details on the maps features: Main World will be 15,000x15,000 blocks, and made with WorldPainter and WorldMachine. Spawn City will feature Suburbs, Downtown, Uptown and City Representative Offices in the spawn building. Suburb plots, Downtown plots, Uptown plots, City Rep Office plots - Nerdplots available from the beginning limited to 1 of each per player. Cardinal roads will be player built. We have several players who are keen to build them. The CTA has a spawn station. The current map and Testbuild will be transferred with their contents to Revision 34 as separate MV worlds. The Revision 33 Map will be available for download shortly after it is taken down. It can be found at http://mcp-dl.com ~The Cadmins
  26. TechnoLighter (Flumper)

    Username: TechnoLighter I am the dumbest person ever, for one thing. X-Ray Resource Pack. I apologize for what I did, because it was stupid. Why did I do this? So I can find diamonds. That's my reason. And I am sincere about my apology. Forgive me, for I will never xray ever again. Thank you for your time. - Techno
  27. X-Ray Ban Appeal

    Username: TechnoLighter I am the dumbest person ever, for one thing. X-Ray Resource Pack. I apologize for what I did, because it was stupid. Why did I do this? So I can find diamonds. That's my reason. And I am sincere about my apology. Forgive me, for I will never xray ever again. Thank you for your time. - Techno
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