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  1. Well, it's probably about time to update my picture since it's about 2 years old now. Also, here's a photo from before I went to my prom. (Yes I totally wore a suit :D)
  2. Finally could be bothered to get dual screens instead of keyboards and what not. It's a bit messy on the floor and stuff as I literally took it mid-cleaning up after setting it up.
  3. A lot has changed, my 32 inch tv is out of shot hooked up with a 10m HDMI cable.
  4. Favorite British female mod with the first letter being C?
  5. I guess I'm kind of inactive, I don't play as much as I did before. My real life has really been taking over recently, I'll probably be back to active playing after this week :)
  6. Anybody going to Insomnia 51 in Conventry from nerd? :) I'm meeting up with a few people (if I end up going) so it would be interesting to meet up with some nerdians! http://insomniagamingfestival.com/
  7. Some of these may be delayed for a week or so, I'm off to Poland next week and I have an exam to prepare for this week :) I've literally had no lunch breaks for 2 weeks now :3
  8. Why do you lie about being called LetsBFehr! I know you're secretly LetsBSquare!!!!
  9. Made a render of all the headadmins together!
  10. Of course! I was thinking of doing ones with the admin team high fiving etc xD
  11. I wasn't able to pull off a thumbs up, even after moving the fingers around on the rig, sorry. But I did get the iron sword and the classic vault boy facial features. http://i.imgur.com/QK8D4W1.png
  12. Here ya go! http://i.imgur.com/vn614mZ.png
  13. Wasn't sure how to pose you, so I just made this: http://i.imgur.com/NHqgnWK.png
  14. Because of the hat layer on your skin it meant I couldn't make the head as detailed, or add a diamond helmet very well, but here's what I came up with: http://i.imgur.com/PCSTRha.png
  15. Hi there! If you don't already know me, I'm CharGB :) I've decided to take up rendering minecraft character as a little part-time hobby when I have nothing to do, I've made a few so far and I'm slowly getting better at making these. I have a few examples to show you if you're interested. I do not charge people in any way, I make these out of my own time and effort for those who want them. I can't guarantee I'll make them as soon as you ask because I make them when I have free time, but I'll try my best. If you're interested just go ahead and post your IGN in the comments of this post (I would like to hope your forum name is your username anyway) I can do all armour types, Swords, and all tools and pretty much all items in the game. Please add the details of what armour/tools/weapons/items you want and a brief description of how to want to be posed. I also do ones like Andrew's with titles and backgrounds etc, or just plain renders with transparent backgrounds Here is a few I made earlier:
  16. Char is clearly greater than diff Why? Because I have good tea.
  17. I really like that new page design and the rewording, I think that's a brilliant idea! very nice work :)
  18. Nolan and I will start on the city plans very soon so we can get a general idea where we want builds.
  19. As a (I guess) old mod, I think the system has been getting better for mod noms and is fine the way it is. I don't want to be the typical minecraft server that has 11 year olds applying for mod, those kinds of servers annoy me. I'm starting to think nerd is losing it's originality and is becoming slightly typical, I know that would drive current members of the community away. I'm not a big fan of change, but this is definitely something that I'm not on board with. I think the best mod nom system was probably just after I was modded and they did the 2 weeks and we'll get back to you thing, 1 week for voting, 1 week for deciding. I'd be more accepting towards Random's idea though.
  20. I can't stand mod applications, I'm sorry. I've always liked our method of selecting someone who is naturally kind and friendly, not someone who is only kind and friendly to get a new level of authority.
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