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  1. I think this poll was a good idea; it allows a simple way to gauge the communities perception of the people being nominated. It also helps make the leadership processes more transparent, reducing drama and conflict over the longer term.
  2. I say we replace the Ted's with the Cult of Waldo the Chicken
  3. admanta

    IAmA Ooer AMA

    WTF is with your subreddit?
  4. hatthefuc kdidyoujustfuckin gsayaboutme,youlittlebit ch?I’llhaveyouk nowIgrad uatedtopofmyc lassint heNavySeals,and I’vebe eninvolvedinnume rouss ecretraidso nAl-Qu aeda,andIha veove r300confirmedkills. Iamtrainedingor illa warfareandI’mthet opsniperintheentireUS armed forces.Youa renothingtomebutjusta nothertarget.Iwillwi peyouthefuc koutwithp recisionthelikesofw hichhasneverbeenseenb eforeonthisEarth,markmyfuckingwords. Youth inkyo ucangetawaywithsay ingtha tshit tomeove rtheIn ternet ?Think again, fucker .Aswes peakIa mcont acti ngmyse cret netwo rko fspies acro sstheUSAan dyour IPisbeing trace drightnow soyou betterprepar efort hestorm,ma ggot. Thesto rmth atwip esoutthep athet iclittl ethin gyouc allyourli fe.You ’refuck ingde ad,ki d.Icanbe anywhere,anytime,and Icankil lyoui nove rsevenhu ndredways,andthat’sjustwithm ybare hand s.Noton lyamI exten sivelytrai nedinu narm edcombat ,bu tIhaveaccesstothe entire arsen aloft heUni tedStatesMarineCor psandIw illu seitt oitsful lextenttowipeyourmi serablea ssoff thefaceoftheco ntinent, youlittle shit. Ifonlyyoucou ldha veknow nwha tunho lyretr ibut iony ourlit tle“clev er”com men twasa bout tobringd ownu ponyo u,ma ybeyouw ould haveheldyourfu cki ngtongue.B utyo ucouldn’t,youdi dn’t,an dnowyou’repayingt hep rice,yo u goddamnidiot.I willshitfuryalloveryo uand youwill drow ninit.You’refu ckingdead,kiddo .whatthefuckdidyoujus tfuc kingsayabo utme,youlit tlebitch?I’llhaveyo ukno wIgrad uatedtopofmy class intheNavySe als,andI’v ebeeninvolv edin numerou ssecretr aids onA l-Quae da,a ndIhav eove r300confir medkill s.I
  5. How are you enjoying having Ebola virus?
  6. Favorite plane. -2 Exactly 4.2 Already have my friend.
  7. Favorite firearm for shooting loyalist? Favorite explosive type?
  8. Where does your username come from and what with the weird CapitALization in it?
  9. When they say "free Northern Ireland" why don't they add "with any country of equal or greater value?"
  10. Just go to a good British doctor, they can cure that for you with an antibiotic cream to treat the red itchy sores.
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