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  1. So I would like to "explain" myself with all of this you have accused me of. In the above quote you see a "warning" however when I was given said warning I never received this information until a day after the situation and having a head admin dig into it for me. If you noticed in the thread it's regard which you listed below I stoped my "trolling" and actually add to the conversation about how redwall was hiding logs for weeks from his server. For these issues you have to take into account I was ridiculously pissed off on the reasonings for my bans. Also if you look into the warnings you gave me I wasn't banned until I said "brb typing something up" which was going to be me adding to my appeal about how ridiculous this situation was being. I did not however, say anything regarding my ban after you told me to stop the last time. Now for this great wall of text. I have had situation where I have gone a bit over board on the forums, however if you look into these posts you're talking about the thread was way off topic do to staff and players. I admit that some of the posts I did were wrong but was warned about the situation as I explained above. However, if you notice after I was warned I posted serious posts that were relevant to the conversation but yet those were removed also. This "forum issue" shouldn't be in this ban appeal it has nothing to do with my ban which was about mumble. I want you to understand that I've changed since that and I was trying very hard to benefit the servers up until you banned me. As my posts can confirm I've been working with S players to come up with ideas to help the admins succeed. We've also been working hard to bring the admins criticism in a non trolling way. I think it's funny that you don't even recognize the progress we are trying to make. So now on to my actual ban. I was banned for my "Signature - Mumble" however, it's a comment jchance just an fyi, My comment wasn't targeting who you may think. I was referring to a conversation Eehee and I had earlier that day about how he would be able to get images back in mumble if he had a "fuck buddy admin" which is what this comment turned into. I understand it's inappropriate and would have removed it if asked, however you never asked me at all jchance; not even a message. I would think you would have more respect than to blindly ban someone. I've been working with you as of late with this group expressing concerns and issues and you do this? You yourself explained to me how you saw I was trying, but you ban me without as little as a message asking to remove it? Also comments have many trolls in them, so I would look through everyone and clear comments that are "trolly" if you really want to implement this policy of yours. But will you? It seems these policies are in effect just to try to get rid of people like myself, the people that want this server to be as fun and flourishing as it once was.
  2. Banned from mumble do to comment, wasn't given a warning or even spoken to about it. Demand to be unbanned and have an apology from jchance. Edit: So I was banned from irc also, fyi jchance I never spoke about my ban again after you gave me a "final warning", so thats another apology I would like seeing as my last words were "brb typing something up" which wasn't about irc at all but was about my appeal.
  3. Seeing as you can start a public chat I've created a nerd.nu league group chat. If you want to join it all you have to do is go to group chats and click the + arrow and type in Nerd.nu. This would be the easiest way to find people online from the community and play with them.
  4. This group is trying to make progress for the server. We want to show how much we do truly care about the servers even though others think other wise. I'm trying to get in contact with staff to ask if we can make arrangements to meet up on a consistent bases with information we have learned and have time where the staff can fill us in on what they think should or could be done. So hopefully this will work out and we can make some progress.
  5. Fyi it's not invite only. It's a group that we are putting together to address issues. I made a skype group that people can join if they would like, main reason it's skype is because if people get trolly and out of hand they will be removed.
  6. This development idea is in preparation for a mumble meeting. Hopefully this team can get to a point where we have consistent meetings with staff to express ideas and concerns.
  7. Just an fyi I posted a new thread speaking about the development team idea. Below is a link to it. https://nerd.nu/forums/topic/2879-development-discussions-for-survival/
  8. So I've mentioned this idea to a few people, staff and none staff, and people have agreed that something needs to be done. I'm going to take the initiative and make a skype chat of people that truly want to see Survival changed. This group will be a development group for survival, we will help bring this server to what the community wants a thriving server we enjoy. If you would like to join this group send me a message on the forums with your skype name. If any staff would like to be a part of it your also more than welcome to put input in also. Just an fyi seeing as we are trying to help the server we need to keep the topics serious and keep the trolling to a minimum, yes Bmx is being serious. Now just me saying it needs to be serious we won't not have fun or have fun chats about things however we need to keep the topic and issues at hand.
  9. Just wanted to add a few points to this that we spoke about in mumble tonight. We spoke about possibilities and problems, but we spoke in a calm respectful manner. This server needs to have changes but in a good way, we may not know what needs to go on or change yet but I feel we need a group of people to speak on the behalf of survival. We need to be able to come to admins and speak to them about issues that we would like to have fixed and brain storm together to get this server to what we want it to be. If you look at what happened on C and how jchance and others loved the server so much they wanted it to improve and grow, look what happened, it's gotten to a point that they are proud of. We need this to happen on S. If anyone wants to join this "development team" to speak about what we would like to see or what we wouldn't, message me and we can figure out a time to meet up and all speak about it with hopefully the attention of the admins. Hopefully we can get this server to the point where we love it again and glad to see it flourish. I would like to thank all the people in mumble tonight that spoke to myself and d3north about this with an open mind, above is what we came up with. Hopefully we can all learn from this situation and get this community back to a flourishing community were proud to be apart of again, -Bmx
  10. If you look in the past there were a few that were put in a admin position and the within a short amount of time put into a head admin position.
  11. I have a suspicion that this promotion was to get aca ready for a head admin position and not just for a s admin position. So with this logic I would say it was the exact situation as mr loud being an s admin and then being promoted to a head admin, doesn't this sound exactly the same? When it comes down to it there has to be an agenda here, nothing against aca but how bad does it look that you promote someone on a server they have 0 minutes of play time on s compared to over 400 hours on pve?
  12. People don't always let the heads no when issues are going on which is a problem. However, there is also heads that don't listen to others ether.
  13. So I would like to bring up a huge problem.... S Admins.... As of today a new s admin was added! However I took a bit of time to look into some things regarding S admins... Survival time 33 hours 59 hours 46 hours 0 hours PVE Time 12 minutes 190 hours 118 hours 420 hours Creative Time 0 hours 17 hours 4 hours 0 hours So just in case people don't know above is the play time for the s admins. To me it seems pretty odd that they have more play time on other servers. Not that I have an issue with the playing on other servers, but when you look at this you have to see where many people have concerns with decisions on past and present admins on survival. My main concern is that beast bruiser is the one person that has played on survival prior to there mod and admin ship. When I say "played" I mean actually played not just played when a new rev started. So if we consider this data above and the past issues with people from PVE being promoted to a survival admin does it make much sense? Not to me.... It looks like you're trying to stop a gaping wound with a band aide. It's not going to work. If you want the survival server to flourish then you need to promote from within. Notice i'm using the word promote, I don't mean give someone all these powers for no reason I mean give them the proper tools to help the server flourish in a way the players would enjoy. Look at the top played time on survival and think about asking those people what they would like to see, or maybe promote them to a moderator and have them discuss consistently with you about what needs to be changed. But please for the love of god and nerd.nu please stop promoting people from other servers to do a job that none of you can even do, make survival work.....
  14. There's a difference with someone "agreeing" and someone being heavily pressured into agreeing.
  15. I ABSOLUTELY agree with this. D3north you're my hero. The logic alone here is concerning, the fact that i reported an issue and wanted things fixed for attacks I took yet this post seems like an attack on our "toxic" friends. Just because we put our point across in a fun and interesting way we get shot down and told were going to be banned. I love this place so much more now! So how longs my ban for and how longs every person you guys don't like ban for?
  16. I think the flying tuna brought up before having a terraria server hosted, I think that idea would be awesome. Some games don't use much resources ether which we could end up using left over resources to it's fullest if that makes sense.
  17. Nah man, they've all been like soggy shredded mini wheats.......
  18. I started playing roughly 4 years ago if I remember correctly. My favorite rev was PVE rev 6. Gotta love me some pleasantville.
  19. Depends on price to service ratio? I'd say google fiber is technically the best provider, however i've heard fios is pretty good.
  20. You are a gentleman and a scholar.
  21. I hope people ask questions like any other ama. Also it'd be nice to see people get to know me as someone other than that "toxic asshole."
  22. You mean your moms recipes?!
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