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  1. Honestly everything was done pretty well imo. The only thing I would suggest is switching plugins for armorstand editing. Typing the positioning into commands can get pretty tedious, and if a restart happens then you have to start over. Also you can’t do any minor adjustments once the stand has been placed. But either way great rev guys! :D
  2. Teecu used to have a sex sheep till it died
  3. I'm not good at graphic design but I thought I'd take a swing at it. I added some noses in there to spruce things up a bit.
  4. I would say I agree with the whole increased story telling idea. You can plump as much ore and alter the map all you want, but a good story keeps people interested. I feel that the desire to continue the story of PvE and not miss out on anything will help secure a larger active player base. Also a larger map size is the opposite of what we want. We want a smaller map if anything. If the NE of this rev has taught me anything it's that being smushed together with other cities is infinitely more interesting than being in the middle of nowhere. The little gimmicks between the towns is what makes P special. That's why I liked Rev 11 so much. The terrain was unique and posed an actual problem in city development. The map wasnt huge either so you had neighbors you could visit and trade with. One of the main reasons players aren't interested is the lack of conflict. If you can't overcome a conflict, what is there to do? Smushing cities next to each other creates conflict and makes things interesting. When you have close proximity to other cities, the demand for a culture and identity is higher. Yowie, Argoth, and Ambrosia all rose this rev in both of those, making the NE the most interesting region on the map
  5. Tomzski

    PvE Map Poll

    I think rev 11 was the perfect map. I like the idea of different continents with different biomes separated by a large ocean. This encourages trade between different cities which is cool
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