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  1. I just figured by this point that this one would have been abandoned and a new one started. Idk, my forum-fu is rusty.
  2. Attempting to worm my way back into a community.

  3. This thread is still going? Eh, it's been two years. Have an update.
  4. I'll start. I've been pretty much inactive on the servers lately. I've picked up a few new projects (okay, a lot) both minecraft-wise and irl. I can't see myself being active on here any time soon, So i'd like to be moved to the inactive list. I do fully intend to come back later, once I have more free time. Thank you!
  5. I had a thought about having a single thread that we could use to note if we are going to be inactive in our moderating positions on the server, instead of a bunch of different threads in Mod Chat. I would think it very helpful to let it be known if we are going to be inactive, as it allows for the rest of the staff to gauge how many moderators we have active at one time. So, this should be that thread.
  6. Well, you're (kind of) in luck! There are quite a few episodes after the ones on Netflix, plus an hour and a half long 50th anniversany special! If you do manage to find them, be ready to spend the next chunk of episodes exercising your tear ducts.
  7. Staying on topic is good, mmkay? What happened in the CTF event was an ideal situation where there were plenty of mods and players online. All three of the servers have their lull hours in which there are very few players and no mods online. If we didn't have safebuckets enabled, someone could come on in those lull hours and grief a large part of the server without anyone noticing until much later. It may be true that the original intent of the plugin has become redundant, but it still stands as a great and simple anti-greifing plugin. If we were to limit the use of this plugin, I'd agree that there is little need for water flow to be restricted, though I still fully stand by restricting lava flow. I've suggested Glacier in a meeting a few months ago for PvE, but there were some concerns about permissions in large town-type protections, which can reach upwards of 200 members in a single protection, and how that would complicate things. I've talked to the author of the plugin about this, but from what I can remember, we came to the conclusion that there would have to be an exclusive distinction between the type of protection in WorldGuard (town or private) for Glacier to hook into, which doesn't currently exist.
  8. Well, we already have the nerd.nu/applyformod page. Why don't we update it to say what our actual process is for nominating moderators, and have the input box actually dump into a file that we can read the names from. (Not sure if it does that already or not, but we could set it up so we pay more attention to it.) Once we see a proper entry, we can start watching the player to determine how well they would do. Note: I believe the upside to using that page is that we won't be announcing or letting on in any way that we are considering a player. All they do is put their name in, and after a few hours, they'll typically have forgotten that they did so. (At the very least, it won't be the first thing on their mind.) That way we can see them in their natural habitat without them expecting us to be watching.
  9. it'll be another week before i have a computer again, but i'd love to help.
  10. I second this. I'm sure the community can come up with some pretty good ideas for icons. To tell the truth, I spent part of the day earlier laying out some icon ideas for various servers. I think I have a few ideas for the Nerd servers...
  11. Please be more mindful of the activities of your account in the future. Unbanned. Welcome back!
  12. Unfortunately, we do not account for what is done by another person using someone else's account. The account owner must always be responsible for whatever happens on their account. I originally intended on giving a three-day ban, but this appeal has gone on for that length of time. Please have everyone involved read the rules and understand the difference between world-generated and player-placed blocks. troubled1, please respond saying you have read and understand the rules, and I will unban you.
  13. Hello. Sorry for the delayed response, I have been out of town. I banned you the 17th of October for griefing items in another player's house. These edits took place on October 13th. You broke through a piston-controlled door to either escape or break into the player's basement. You broke an anvil and a workbench.. ..and a rail line going down to a mine underground. There were a few other edits, like a half slab between two chest and a torch, but those are inconsequential.
  14. First off, I'd say we should not advertise that we will give block counts per requests if we do decide to allow it, as that could get out of hand. Though, if we do allow it, I think we should limit it to giving block counts on land or builds that player has permissions or a claim on. There should be no reason we would give Player A a count of the number of stone brick in Player B's build. If we were to follow a guideline similar to that, i'd personally have no problem doing a modreq for this. But as Trooprm32 said, that's just me.
  15. (Eep, late to the party) First off, thank you for this awesome storyline! I know quite a few people (including me) heavily enjoyed having something unique to the revision. I've been piecing together the story from what all has been discovered so far, but there are two things I never figured out: In Log 019, it reads: We looked all over for this reference, but couldn't find it. I know Retrieval Team Echo never made it back, so it had to still be out there. Did it even exist? What happened to Julius Brennan? I only found the one log from him, and suddenly he's dead? (We all know what I want to ask, but I know you're sick of hearing it :P)
  16. I think a lot of people get bored with PvE. Sure, it is mostly about the community, but some people choose P because they don't like the idea of having to peer over their shoulders every ten seconds worrying about other players. Some like the sense of community along with the idea of a sense of challenge when exploring. Hard mode would add that sense of challenge. I personally like the idea of testing it out first. Since the poll runs after the start, that would perfectly support the idea of testing it out for a week or two after the post ends, then turning it back down if people don't like it.
  17. For those wanting a quick rundown on what switching to Hard Mode will entail: Monsters deal more damage. We're talking Endermen and Zombie Pigmen killing you in 2 hits with no armor, 4 in unenchanted diamond armor. Creepers don't need to be right next to you for their explosion to kill you. You will be able to starve. Zombies can break down wooden doors. Derp, Mob Griefing is off. No broken doors after all :p Spiders can spawn with potion effects. Invisible spiders, anyone? I know, I know. That list is full of negative things. Why in the heck would we want all that? Simple. PvE is too easy. Within a few weeks, mobs don't usually matter anymore. Unless we see a swarm of them, we're pretty much well defended against them. PvE might be a little more exciting with something to keep us on our toes. Personal suggestion: I think the first week or so might be a bit tough. If it looks like it may be too much to get started, maybe we could start the revision on Normal, then move to Hard after three days.
  18. I guess I could plug this here. If anyone remembers, I was trying to start the PvEAS (Archival Society) as a project to not only archive the logs found on Unity, but also for stories and other books people wrote. (Think giant library.) If people are actually interested in writing like this, I am totally willing to start it back up to have a place to organize all of these stories.
  19. Breaking News: Counterfeit Seneca News Issues Being Distributed!
  20. In the meantime, 1.2.4 Mumble clients can connect to 1.2.3 servers, so you will be able to connect whether you have updated or not.
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