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  1. uwu~~ that aside, I kinda like the decent sized islands i used to build my city on, although i would like larger islands and maybe a larger ocean area. on spleef, i love the event, however i feel like the arena needs to be updated. A player contest could be done to create a new arena. I like idea of groupbuild as it creates a closer bond within the community, as everyone usually can contribute something. overall i think the C Team is doing great, keep it up, proud of you guys.
  2. I have read the mentioned literature and have agreed to follow the new policy regarding staff impersonation. :))
  3. Oh SORRY my phone autocorrected mod to kid thanks for unbanning me
  4. Hello, I was banned for staff impersonation after attempting to mess with mewcifer, who I had neglected to realize was a kid and was indeed committing staff impersonation in my pursuit to meme. I understand that I have broken the server rules.
  5. Why yes i so do, Thank you for asking me, son I'm Quite good at them. a blue blur, running around at the speed of sound got places to go, gotta follow his rainbow
  6. Because i live in the sewers because im pOOr ....yes https://gyazo.com/399607dc5e4aa055532a480457716929
  7. I like Ballard music and classical alot, i also like Spanish French, Chinese, and Japanese pop. Never I like Realism and Cartoonist alot but I'm only Semi Decent at Realism For Movie id have to say the Great Wall, and for show ive been enjoying The Man in the High Castle Lately. Probably Drawing and Singing in the Shower tbh
  8. Because i literally answered 4 questions last time i prOmise ill reply this time guys
  9. Haiku

    am Haiku AMA

    ye its in my bloodstrem
  10. The magic was 9/11, which was in inside job.
  11. Haiku

    am Haiku AMA

    Krispy Krene, that goooooood shit k bb come C me anytime
  12. ARIGATOU USER SANNN~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  13. Haiku

    am Haiku AMA

    Well you have 3 options: 1 "i was bouncin' on mah boi's dick for days" 2 "excessively toking" 3 "disposing of your mom corpse after i did her" go with option one if you have your family or boss added on miimoto
  14. Haiku

    am Haiku AMA

    Of course, only the finest fuccs will be allowed though, so they better be hiiiiiiiiiigh quality
  15. Haiku

    am Haiku AMA

    Hello its me Haiku Ask me shit thanks bbs Like comment and subscribe for more nudes
  16. A new dome has been born! Dome 7! The dome will be traditionally dug from bedrock to height limit with no WorldEdit and the dome's diameter will be 321 blocks! Anyone is allowed to Join and dig! To get to Dome 7 type '/Home Haiku Dome'(a warp will be added later), if there are any questions feel free to ask Me, Timinator58, or Trekman10!
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