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  1. Hello everyone and thanks for taking the time to read this forum post and please keep in mind this is just off the top of my head and not 100% thought out but the beginning of what I think could be a great idea. Only a handful of you may know me, and that is probably because when I play on Nerd I only play for about the first month of a new revision before I quit and I think that happens to alot of players. After taking a look at the graph below I feel that this is the case for a lot of the players that play here early on in the revisions. When I play on PvE, after about a month I have accomplished everything that I have wanted to accomplish and with nothing else left to do, I get very bored of the game. I feel like the same thing happened to S players. This got me thinking about ways to help player retention and I came up with the idea of a Hybrid PvE / PvP server. In my mind this type of server was always the server I wanted to play on because I feel like it would be the most fun and realistic and gives the best of both worlds. Just to be clear I am in no way stating that we should turn PvE into this nor am I suggesting this as a “FIX” for Survival. I am suggesting that we attempt this as a completely new server in addition to the current servers on nerd.nu. So after reading my ideas below, if anyone has any constructive input to contribute, I would greatly appreciate it. Obviously this type of server won’t appeal to certain PvE and certain PvP players, and I understand that. If it doesn't appeal to you please don't post in this thread as that isn’t the intended purpose. Anyway, here is my idea so far: The hardest part and largest barrier that will come from this, is creating an effective balance of both play styles. Players can create towns. These players would then be allowed to claim land based on the amount of players in their town. While within the "claimed land" of their town or of a town they have an allegiance with they would be invulnerable to PvP damage. While outside in the wilderness or inside a town they are rivals with, they are vulnerable to PvP Players could self-designate PvP Zones within towns that would allow members of that town or allied members of that town the ability to PvP one another. If a player inside their town attacks an outside town member, the player would then be flagged for PvP for a variable amount of minutes removing their PvP vulnerabilities within their town. Players fighting within their town would be granted a slight bonus to damage output and damage reduction I also think making towns create PvP and Spleef arenas and then having server ran PvP and Spleef Leagues / Events would help with the longevity of the game. ALLIES, ENEMIES, and NEUTRAL Declaring Enemies: Declaring another town as an enemy means you are hostile towards them. If both towns declare each other enemies then the PvE conditions of those towns cease to exist between members of those towns. This would allow for strictly PvP oriented towns to attack one another at will. Declaring Allies: Declaring allies would protect you from other players when visiting allied towns Declaring Neutral between two towns would set the flags back to the standard. Declaring Neutral from Allied or Enemy would take a variable amount of time to prevent abuse Declaring Neutral Nerd has always traditionally been a vanilla based server which is respectable, however, the base game can only take you so far and ignoring additions that can accent the game I feel hurts the community overall. I would want to add plugins like mcMMO – Is a plugin that adds RPG qualities, experience, and abilities to the game. Everything about this plugin can be configured to suit the needs of the community and achieve balance in the game. The plugin offers both PvP and PvE abilities. The PvE abilities are nice. Take a look at “Tree Feller” for instance. “Tree Feller” allows you to chop down an entire tree in one swing at the expense of the durability of your tool. This ability can only be used so often (configurable) and recharges so often (configurable). Also depending on the amount of EXP you have in the Tree Cutting ability, this allows you to chop down bigger and bigger trees at once. For instance if you are level 0 and you try to chop down a large tree it won’t work. Many of the PvE abilities are similar to this one. There are PvP abilities too, however, I would disable them as they make the game very unbalanced due to the nature of the abilities. One of the cool things I like about mcMMO is the fact you can view all of the stats of players on a website. Below are a few of the pages from the site which I have access to the html files. · Statistics – is a plug that gives a ton of in depth stats about everything going on in the server a lot more than the current nerd.nu/usage stats. For a sample of what it shows you can look at this link http://blockynights.com/stats/ · An Economy Plugin – some type of an economy based plugin would be nice for various reasons and functions. Maybe make iron the currency and disable Iron Golems from dropping Iron making it more valuable and not abundantly available. · A Player Chest Shop Plugin – I think allowing players to sell items for the above currency would make the game more interesting from a PvE perspective. Those are the plugins I would 100 percent add in addition to the server and I can think of some others but for now am leaving them out of the initial discussion. POSSIBILITIES: Raiding: I was thinking of some type of raiding aspects but I don’t know how to balance them especially with the fact that I doubt any PVE player would want it to be a possibility. Personally I think it is ridiculous that you can lock as many chests as you want but also don’t think it is fair for someone to just open yours and get everything, especially if you are not online to defend it. What i was thinking would be Maybe some type of reinforcement system so it makes it harder to break / unlock the chest Offline protections so that it can’t be touched if no one was on to defend it A warning system to those online when a chest is being broken into Maybe only allow a variable amount of items to be removed from a raided chest per 24 hour period Weekly Wars: (pez252 idea) At the start of each week towns could sign up to join the weekly war At the end of the week whichever town has the most kills against other weekly war towns could be given a prize Obviously this would have to be monitored to prevent abuse Influence: (Waterslide’s idea) The amount of time you spend in an area the more influence you have in that area granting you more damage output and damage reduction up to a certain point. This would allow players the ability to better protect themselves in areas the frequent the most. The issue I see really comes down to the PvP aspects of the game. I can’t think of a way to include PvP, in addition to what I have already stated, that would not make PvE players not want to play and I think that is where my idea needs the most help. Thanks for reading my idea and as I stated before, if anyone had any constructive input to contribute I would greatly appreciate it. Sincerely, Blockbuster
  2. I was walking down the blue road and saw that someone had posted this sign (it's new, wasn't there Saturday) Always a fan of the risky link of the day, I drilled it into a browser and found that it is a griefing team, which is a thing? Sorry I've owned minecraft since alpha, but after playing through to beta, I didn't really play a huge amount, mostly to other cool games and free time sucks. Have been playing on s.nerd and enjoying, I read server rules and understand griefing is on honor system, there is no protected land plots, just locked chests, furnaces, etc. so didn't know if this was something the admins would be interested in. Please feel free to throw me a stfu noob if such is warranted, I'd just hate for someone's hard work to be trashed. From website: -and a post by admin maybe? So who pissed off Robin Hood?! Sign wasn't in front of my house so I didn't investigate to see what was done, if anything?
  3. Guest

    The Switch Switch

    We'd like to share the news that SwitchViewz is moving to the P Admin team! SwitchViewz has a notable interest and passion for supporting P, which has translated into countless hours played and modreqs closed there. SwitchViewz has been assisting as a moderator since May 2014 and as of April 2015, has been a part of the event admin team. I am very interested to see the new dynamic of the P admin team, with the addition of SwitchViewz.
  4. Please help me welcome back totemo to the techadmin team! totemo was first modded back in Fall 2011 and was a techadmin between June 2013 and January 2014. He was recently remodded in September 2015. You may know him from his work in Pico or from just hanging around on the servers! I look forward to working with him and seeing the new ideas, perspective, and experience he will bring to the techadmin team!
  5. Hello everyone, We currently believe one of the main sources of the lag affecting the servers is a result of a failing SSD on our main box. The techadmins are in the process of moving the necessary data from the failing SSD to our secondary box before contacting the host to replace the SSD. We don't know how long this will take since it depends on the availability of our techadmins and our host. This may result in some downtime for some of our serveries including pve, creative, CS:GO, website, etc., so make sure to keep an eye on the subreddit and forums for any further announcements. Other things are also being done and looked into and we will make further announcements once there is something to update you guys on.
  6. Guest

    Public Meeting

    This meeting is far overdue. Right now, I'd like to focus on finding times for when people will be available from the end of July to mid August.Click here to access the whenisgood page and then: Select your timezone from the drop-down menu. Click on all the dates / times you can attend. Submit your name at the bottom right corner of the page, so we can find out who you are! This will help us to ensure that there is a healthy balance of staff attending with the community as an imbalance will not work so well (as seen in our first fireside chat). We'll be looking to bring structure to this meeting in the sense of allowing people to speak without having to shout over several others to do so. Additionally, we'll try to run through a brief "news" package from each server / team to make sure that everyone is up to speed with current events however we'll try to get through that part fairly quickly to ensure that we can listen, answer questions and talk as it wouldn't be a meeting if we're just reading from prepared statements. Once you have had the chance to submit the times you feel you can attend for your timezone, please submit any discussion points you wish to raise below or any suggestions for how the meeting is organised / run are appreciated too. I'll be aiming to reply back here on how we're going to run the meeting once people have had a chance to lend any feedback.
  7. We have been watching the activity on s.nerd.nu across this revision and have been happy to see so many people getting involved with the server. From the start, there has been no end of revision timeline, instead we have allowed player activity to dictate the closure. Now that it has consistently dropped to levels far below what we were observing earlier into the revision (across June / July), we are now announcing the end of revision for Saturday 12th September. In terms of this revision, I have to reach out to Bluuefuzzy, C45y, ExcessiveToker, Willravel and Zburdsal who have put countless hours into assisting with this map and moderating over 76% of all modreqs. And to all of the people who took the time to give feedback before this rev had a plan, jump on to have some fun or cause some chaos with terrible puns in chat: Thanks for all you've done. :-) Moving forward, Survival will not be returning until a plan is in place to dictate its future - this is where you come in. For years survival has fought to reinvent itself as PvP has changed over the course of numerous Minecraft updates. What we once loved no longer works, so we need new ideas and new admins. We want you to submit your proposals for Survival when it returns. You can write this individually, or as a group, it should cover all the main aspects of the game in as much detail as possible. The submission of these proposals for the future of survival will be reviewed and either implemented or bastardized into a mixture from various peoples ideas. Future survival revisions will be a lot more community driven, and we hope more to the communities liking. Click here to head to the feedback topic.
  8. Hey their everyone, I am happy to announce Mumble Fireside Chats! Mumble Fireside Chats are similar to FDR's Fireside Chats in that every week or so an admin or group of admins will set up a channel in mumble where you can come and talk to them about anything you want. You can discuss policy, rules, game expansion, the weather outside, or anything else. We hope this will greatly help the communication between staff and the player base and will allow you guys to bring up your concerns with staff in person. Each chat may include the same admins as the last one or different admins. Our goal is work towards getting admins from each group to attend for you to express your concerns. The first Fireside Chat will take place on July 10th at 11AM - 1PM EDT. Current admins attending will be Barlimore and Mrloud15, others may join later in the meeting. We look forward to hearing your guys concerns and ideas, and hope this helps improve staff transparency!
  9. Guest

    Rise of a New Rev

    Every rev ends eventually, and it’s been a very long time (yes, we know; the next one’s going to be shorter!), but this one’s end is soon. Revision 15 will be brought down on August 28 at 8 PM EDT. Do not mourn for the map - a final save will be made shortly before the map is taken offline, after which it will join the rest of the old maps for download at http://mcp-dl.com. That being said, we are taking the map down to make way for the new one! Ladies and gentlemen, miners and explorers, builders and warriors, stow your alcoholic beverages - PvE revision 16 is incoming an hour later, on August 28 at 9 PM EDT! We are excited to share some more information about it and other changes in the coming days - maybe even a few surprises :O. For now, though, there is this one... Timesmaybesubjecttochange. ========================================= Posted by Buzzie on the subreddit here.
  10. (copied from Bardidley here) Hello Everyone! The Creative admin team is pleased to announce the details on Revision 29! as many of you have been asking and waiting for. We plan to have Creative Revision 29 go live on August 22nd, 2015 Specific times for the chaos/tnt party and the switchover to Rev. 29 will be announced in the approaching days. Enjoy the teaser video/music courtesy of SirTacoface https://youtu.be/kXvB7nZDTN8 Also here are some teaser screenshots from the map which myself and ExcessiveToker have been working hard on. http://imgur.com/a/7khkd The current Revision 28 map will be available for download shortly after Revision 29 has launched. Thanks Everyone! Time to hustle and finish your unfinished builds! ~The Creative Admins
  11. We’d like to announce that on Saturday 1st August 8PM EDT, our Counter Strike: Global Offensive server will no longer be password protected, instead it will be open for everyone to join in and play! A big thank you to redwall_hp for setting up the server and continuing to oversee the maintenance of it. Once the server is open, you can connect to: csgo.nerd.nu The server will be running the classic casual game-mode due to it’s popularity and ease of access for people to join in upon. The following maps are added into our server rotation: This will be a new foray into game expansion for us, so as of now we’re still working on a concise set of rules to ensure people enjoy the game, rather than make the experience a misery. We’re very much interested in feedback with any aspect to the game that you have, from the map rotation to your experiences. We’ll use the success of Counter Strike: Global Offensive to help us measure up for Team Fortress 2 in future. To celebrate our new CS:GO Server going live, SwitchViewz is hosting a Tournament for players to compete for prizes. Prizes include steam gift cards and subreddit flair as well as a monument on the Event Server. For full details about the event go here: https://nerd.nu/forums/topic/3639-csgo-tournament-sign-ups/ Tournament Live Bracket: http://challonge.com/NerdNuCSGO
  12. Guest

    New Event Admin

    SkrapssparkS will be joining SwitchViewz as part of the event admin team, effective now. From Spring 2011, SkrapssparkS has been a part of our community and over the course of two years, moderated and assisted as a creative admin. During 2015, he has returned to the moderating team and in a short space of time, has been assisting with a variety of events in the community such as promoting further use of plugdj, bribed invididuals to participate in singing with the promise of alcohol1 and has been proactively co-ordinating other events which are not yet ready to be shared. We're very excited2 to see the new dynamic of our event admin team work towards their current and future plans so please make SkrapssparkS feel welcome by opening up contact to discuss all things event. 1 A lie. 2 Just as excited as I'd be to beat one of the event admins in a cards against humanity game.
  13. Hey their everyone, this is something I have always wanted to do and I intend to push really hard to get this going. I want players to be able to host their own events on the server with staff assistance if needed. When I was a player I always wanted to host official Mob Arenas or Spleef Matches but was turned down by staff because we don't do that. I want to change that and open event hosting to all of the community. I want to do this however without granting any sort of extra perms to players and to do this they will need staff assistance and support. This is what I propose for Player-Ran-Events. Info Players submit a document following a specific format (that I will write up at a later date) that will include information about the event. Such as what server they want the event to be on, what kind of staff assistance is needed, what the prizes are (if any), and other details regarding the event. The goal here is to have the player completely run the event and only have staff assistance for things they can not do. These are the things that I feel we should offer to players: /o and /broadcast usage (announcement on the servers) Teleporting short distances Prizes EasySigns All of the above would be done by a designated staff member for the event and not done by the player. The player(s) running the event would be in a clanchat to communicate with the designated staff member. The initial launch of PREs would not include players building something on E in Creative and then having it transferred over to P, C, or S. However this is something I would like everyone to comment on as I think it is a neat idea. Essentially a player would submit a idea proposal, let's say a 5K for PvE. They would build it on E, then next rev PvE it would be transferred to the map. How would server admins feel about something like this? If it is on S or P it would not be put in the world, it would be put in a MV World or under spawn where players can not do block damage or bring things back to the overworld. Rules Draft Event must be hosted on P, C, S, or E Event must not take down any other servers (You can not do something like the fundraiser where all servers are taken down) Prizes can include any item that is obtainable through survival gamemode. Can have a custom name or enchantment (such as a fish with Protection 2). Can not be anything to ridiculous if on PvE or S (ex: giving out stacks of diamonds). Staff reserve the right to halt an event if problems are to arise Approval Process The approval process would work like this: Player posts event submission in the correct format EAdmins overlook it to see if anything seems unusual or a bit extreme (such as huge prizes) If nothing is wrong, it will be overviewed by that servers admin team If all server admins and EAdmins see nothing wrong it is approved Event is built/hosted This is my initial proposal of Player-Ran-Events to you guys and this is definetly subject to change. Please leave any feedback you have and if you would be okay with something like this.
  14. Guest

    New Head Admin

    Please help me welcome SirTacoface to the head admin team and a further welcome to Bluuefuzzy and Hollifer the staff team (link here)! SirTacoface infiltrated the servers around the time of revision 24 but became more prominent during revision 25, became a mod in August of 2014, and has been a part of the cadmin team since late November 2014. You may know him for his great attitude helping others, have had a friendly conversation with him on one of the servers, or for one of the many mazes or parkour warps he has setup. I'm looking forward to working with everyone in the future and seeing the new perspective and ideas they will bring!
  15. Please make the following two individuals welcome to the moderating team: Bluuefuzzy Hollifer Nothing says "welcome" quite like a few extra modreqs their way. ;-) Bluuefuzzy and Hollifer, please check your forum pms as we'll be reaching out to you to find a suitable time that we can get you trained up.
  16. Hey their everyone, we are looking to add additional Event Admins in the near future and would love to hear who you think would make a good fit. Please send me a PM if you have anyone in mind and I will add it to our discussion. Thanks everyone!
  17. Originally posted on the subreddit by C45y. Please share any feedback either in the subreddit post or here on our forums. tech·ni·cal o·ver·view Hello once again, we have come out of hiding in order to bring this terribly long document for your viewing pleasure. Below is a number of tech specific things we are working on or have recently completed, as well as a few pretty graphs. Staff Contact First off, we know that it's really hard to track issues that we are working to solve, so we're hoping that by using Trello we can better track all the things we need to do for these servers and provide you guys a meaningful way to track our progress. Your best method for raising issues is still via /modreq or via email to admins@nerd.nu. For sensitive issues there is a private Trello board that your request may end up on, so don't fret if you can't see it! Server Infrastructure Currently at nerd we run and maintain 2 physical servers, housing 6 separate Minecraft servers with a combined total of 30 worlds. Quite recently we have started dipping our toes into the world of CS:GO server management at the request of our Head Admin team who are coordinating with other admin teams to get that built. Below are the memory usages for our primary server, which houses C, P and S as well as development servers for various admin teams. Memory is the biggest constraining factor with the creation and running of more servers. Our primary server has 32G of ram. Memory usage graph Our second server is currently running our CS:GO server as well as being earmarked for development and eventual release of a 4th server type which we can't quite release details about yet. Server usage Below are the total players online for nerd.nu, beginning around the end of September through until now. Total nerd.nu players You can see which servers are contributing to that total below, this however doesn't include events such as the last CTF which contributed greatly to the peak server total. Per-server players Minecraft Changes Quite recently there has been a huge overhaul of the /list command, as well as the public release of PEcon and EquineEgg, both of which are currently in use on the latest survival revision. Around the place there has been ongoing bug squashing for NerdLobby and development efforts put into ModReq, CutePvP, NerdSpawn and EasySigns. When not developing plugins we have been keeping busy with the operational support of the current C, P and S revisions. Still under way is the development of our shiny new website, as well as the removal of about 84,000 bans from our records, with the list now being checked over and removal imminent. As usual, please leave any questions or comments you have below (at the suggestions at the top of this forum post). We are a team of 5 techs with timezones almost spanning the globe, so one of us should be around to answer any questions you have :) Thanks for reading
  18. This is just a quick reminder to add notes if you guys warn someone for something. There have been a few instances of someone being warned for something, but no note is made which is not good. Adding notes helps us document rule breaking and allows us to see when we need to take further actions.
  19. Guest

    Raising Tech Issues

    We're working closer with our Tech Admin teams to ensure that there is better co-ordination, specifically in the way that issues are reported from people in the community to the Tech Admins. Previously if someone had an issue to report, there was no central location where these reports were collected and the tech team could be messaged through so many different communication channels that some things may have been forgotten. One of the tools that we are using more frequently is a website called Trello. It can be easily set up and suits our needs for now (I'm not being sponsored by them!) Click here to see our Tech Issues & Tasks page, which is publicly viewable. How does this work? I encourage you to submit bugs / issues either through the /modreq system or the dedicated forum section. Once the report has been submitted by yourself through either of these two channels then all on staff are able to add your issue to the Tech Issues & Tasks page (for staff requiring access to the Trello group, please contact an admin). From this point you'll be able to see the comments made for your report, alongside who assigns themselves to the issue. For more sensitive issues to report that require a tech admin, please contact anyone on staff to report the issue. More sensitive issues will be added to a private page, viewable by staff only.I've not been fond of taking people away from our own website / services to report issues but we see this as a temporary solution for now as anyone in the community can raise issues through channels easily accessible such as in-game or on the forums whereas staff will ensure that reports are submitted to the Tech Issues & Tasks page. We have a long-term goal of a system which is more direct to the tech admins.
  20. Please help we welcome Barlimore has our new head admin and c45y as our new tech admin! Barlimore was first modded back in March 2012, made a cadmin in March 2013, and was a head admin from July 2013 to October 2013. He was recently re-modded in May 2015, and you have probably seen him hanging out on P, IRC, or the forums. C45Y previously held this role from November 2011 to December 2012, he was originally modded back in May 2011, and was recently been re-modded May 2015 . You may know him for one of the many plugins he has worked on including cutepvp or you may have just seen him hanging around on one of the servers. I look forward to working with them, and they both will bring new ideas, perspective, and experience to the admin teams they are joining!
  21. Are you excited for Summer?! Are you tired of school/finals or work?! Then join us on Friday June 5th as we kick off our first 2015 Fundraiser! Who: YOU! What: The first 2015 CTF Donation Drive! When: Friday June 5th at 9PM EST - June 8th 12AM EST Where: Nerd.Nu Minecraft Event Server (e.nerd.nu) and Mumble Why: To help raise funds to help keep our servers running! A entire weekend full of building and fighting for your team! During this time our regular servers, C, P, S will be taken down for the duration of the event and will return when the event has concluded. An information post regarding the event will be put up within the next week containing everything you will need to know about the event and more! Stay tuned! Teaser: http://i.imgur.com/kiFdTEr.png
  22. Please welcome new moderators from the April 2015 Mod Vote: Narissis Weazol Lord_Nate wyndysascha Sir_Didymus zburdsal Lappy486 DementedM0nkey New moderators: please contact a head admin in game, in IRC, or in Mumble for your perms and initial training. You will then do individual training with server admins from each server to learn their individual server rules and guidelines.
  23. Please help me welcome SwitchViewz as the new Event Admin and ExcessiveToker as the new Creative Admin! SwitchViewz has been playing on the servers since November 2012 and has been helping out as a mod since May 2014. You may know him from the Friday Night Gaming events, helping to build some of the holiday lobbies, UMC and Whiteoak on PvE. For those who are wondering what the Event Admin will do, they are in charge of leading the event server, coming up with ideas for events, coordinating players and staff, helping out server admins with running events on their respective servers, etc. ExcessiveToker has been playing since late 2013 and has been helping out as a mod since January 2015. You may know her from Potlandia on Creative. Both of these people will bring a lot of experience, ideas, and a new perspective to the admin teams they are joining, and I look forward to working with both of them!
  24. Hello everyone, We will be using marting11's glasses frame, "nu variant," for the new Nerd.nu Gaming Community logo! We will be changing the logo on the subreddit, wiki, forums, etc. over the next few days, so keep an eye out for that. Thanks to everyone who participated in the contest
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