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Lag suggestions


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Lag has been cray cray. 




But reading C45y's topic, one thing that stood out to me was the amount of ram available. 16gb of ram for a map that is considered 2-8gb (all deminsions) and all of those plugins seems like a memory issue. 


So My first suggestion would to be to bump up memory from 16gb to 24 or 32gb and monitor smoothness. 



Second, I saw that plugins have been turned off and on. My suggestion is to monitor memory bandwith and processing percentage of the plugins.




Monitor memory usage, processing percentages, and connectivity.




Also check for DDoS and bitcoin miners on the server. 

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In regards to RAM, 16GB is already more then we usually have. When running the big fundraisers we only use 4GB of RAM, and in the recent past PvE has used 8GB of RAM. The majority of the time PvE RAM usage is rather quite low (below 4GB) and hardly ever touches 8GB let alone 16GB. Bumping it up even more would do nothing besides make the Java Garbage Collector more of a nuisance.

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