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Spooky Halloween Speed Build!!


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Hello! As you all know, Speed Build takes place on Creative every Saturday night at 9pm EDT. With Halloween coming up, we decided it would be fun to have 2 Saturdays worth of super spooky Speed Build events. What you need to know:


  • WHEN- Saturday, October 17th AND Saturday, October 24th at 9pm EDT.
  • WHERE- Creative server at /warp speedbuild.
  • RULES- Originally, we let the winners of the rounds pick the themes for the next round. Since this is a special event, we'll have the themes for each round pre-planned. Also, there will be 3 10min rounds like usual, and then a 15 minute bonus round (4 rounds total). All other rules will stay the same.
  • HOW TO ENTER- When you get to the arena, fly to a plot and just stand in it to claim it. When the round is over, you might want to see if someone else who hasn't played wants to join the next round since we're limited to 12 plots. Sharing is caring!
  • OTHER INFO- Speed Build on Saturday, October 31st will be canceled! I'll be absent on Halloween, as well as the other Cadmins (possibly), and won't be able to host it. 


Hope to see you all there on the 17th and 24th! It'll be lots of fun. 


-Cadmin Team

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Guest Former Staff

Also, do you celebrate Halloween?


I may be wrong but I don't think anywhere other than the United States celebrates Halloween as large scale as you do but across Europe, it's a time-old event that seems to be growing more commercialised each year.

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What would be a good time for Euro timezoners? If you suggest a certain time frame we can look into the possibility of having one catering to those players. If there's a demand we can do our best to accommodate.


I would say at least 6 hours before the current time, preferably a bit more. Since it's a Saturday it has more options so would say the window would be something like 15-21 GMT for Europeans and still possible for US based people to run it if you don't have any European to do it.


Thank you for looking into it. :)

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