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[AC] All-admin Hunt on P (12/19-12/20)

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Hey guys - i'm looking to organize an all-admin hunt on p sometime the weekend of 12/19-12/20. I will be on a plane until fairly late the 19th, but we can figure out times when everyone is available - i've got a bunch of people who have said they're interested so far (Barlimore, Totemo, Redwall, Switchviewz, Sir_Didymus, Bardidley, Challenger) - i'd love to have as many admins as we can get.


I am planning to put some kit signs at spawn for new players / c players who haven't had a chance to build up gear yet to kill us with - that will be easy enough to do. We've also got admin buffs for everyone to use (health boost, night vision, speed, etc) so we can survive a bit longer. 


We do have the option to split into two groups - we've been doing some dual-time zone events to try to cover everyone possible and p players at least have been appreciative. So if people need to do that to attend it's totally an option.


Let me know if i dont catch you elsewhere if you'd like to join in. It would be a good nerd community event so i'm really hoping everyone who is able shows up. 

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So I've got a good list of names. I am looking at holding two times due to the spread of time zones for both admins and players.

As always I've scheduled based on EST, but I've made handy time converter links below.

PLEASE LET ME KNOW WHICH TIME YOU CAN PARTICIPATE - the announcement will go out to players tomorrow evening (Friday) and it will be helpful if they know who will be on when. Also feel free to show up to both if you are awake (I am planning to be at both)

Names to pick a time: Barlimore, SirTacoface, redwall_hp, totemo, SwitchViewz, sir_didymus, Bardidley, ExcessiveToker, Challenger2, Silversunset

If I haven't caught you yet and you want to play there is still time. \o/

Saturday evening


- Silversunset

- sir_didymus (maybe)

- redwall_hp

- SwitchViewz

- Challenger2

- Sapphric

- totemo

Sunday afternoon


- Silversunset

- Barlimore

- sirtacoface

- ExcessiveToker

- sir_didymus

- switchviewz (teeeeeny tiny chance)

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Guest Former Staff



Saturday Evening (EST)- Very unlikely but there's a chance I might be able to attend.


Sunday Afternoon (EST)- I'll be there.

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