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PvE End of Rev Apocalypse!

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An announcement from the PvE Emergency Broadcast service:

Zombie Apocalypse!

March 13th at 6pm EST (click here to convert to your timezone)

The end is nigh!


The PvE server is about to experience a zombie apocalypse. You still have time to prepare a base before the zombie hordes reach our borders, so grab your friends, neighbours, and that llama you’ve grown particularly fond of, and make a run for safety!


The final map save will take place just before the event starts. Please have any builds you would like included in the map download etc. finished by then. Also note, mapworld access will be removed at this time.


Please take note of the following safety notices:


  • These are not your regular neighborhood zombies. Zombie hordes are faster, and congregate in far greater numbers.



  • Be aware: zombie hordes have been known to break through buildings, dig into caves and pillar up to reach your tower. If they see torches, they will break them to allow more of their number to spawn.
  • Some materials are safer than others - for example, zombie hordes have more difficulty with obsidian blocks and iron doors. The full list can be found here. These block breaking times are subject to live changes as deemed necessary by the admin team.
  • If the zombie hordes terrify you, and you prefer to live within the safety of spawn during this event, you can! Nilrem the Wizard is working to keep a protective forcefield around spawn, though some of the castle was destroyed in the initial attack. The enclosed South side of spawn will be safe, and open for collaborative building - the goal being to stock up supplies for our zombie fighters out there in the wilderness!
    • Edit: Spawn is not as safe as we intended - we can't do anything to hold back the zombie hordes, you're going to have to work together even more to survive!


  • Government issue protective wear is always available at spawn, along with some basic tools and food.

  • Elytra users BE AWARE of Nilrem’s spawn forcefield, and fly above y120 in that area!
  • A myriad of empty public chests will be available at spawn, for you to help fill with useful donations for others to use as needed.
  • Traders at spawn will accept materials in exchange for various useful items such as armour, protective blocks and more effective projectiles.
  • Spawn changes will take effect in the first half an hour or so after the event goes live, to allow for a quick change over, so please factor this time into your plans.
  • Think you’re safe in the End or the Nether? Think again!



Please note that from March 13th to March 15th, protections and all other general PvE rules remain in effect and only zombies are free to ignore them.


And announcing:


March 15th 6pm EST (click here for your timezone)

PvE will enter PvE-chaos mode with the following additional changes until rev end:

  • Indirect PvP is allowed (you can’t stab someone to death, but we won’t stop you dropping lava on them).

  • Water and lava flow are enabled - be careful where you drop your lava!

  • Land protections and LWC are removed, and griefing is allowed - always wanted to bury Barlimore’s house in sand? Now is the time.

  • TNT will be enabled - yes you can blow up that neighbouring town.

  • Zombies have TNT too - that’s right the apocalypse continues, but if you let them get bored, they may TNT your base.

During PvE-Chaos mode, staff reserve the right to clean up any areas deemed necessary, e.g. affecting the stability of the server, or blocking spawn exits. Admins also reserve the right to drop unexpected dragons on you as the revision enters its final hour, but that goes without saying.

PvE-Chaos mode will continue until revision end on Friday March 16th.

Our thanks to redwall_hp for designing and implementing this plugin, and the rest of the tech team for any further assistance given during the planning and running of this event.


~The PAdmin Team


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Guest Former Staff

Posting as a notice to all - and editing the original post!

  • Zombageddon has begun on P! The world has been saved and the map download will be available sometime from the reset onwards.
  • Spawn was intended to be a sanctuary from zombies, however they are far too persistent for any of our efforts - You will have to work together even more, to survive!

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