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Revision 22: Holiday Traders!

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Some special holiday traders have arrived at the spawn museum!

They tell me they are only around from the 30th June to the 8th July, and they seem obsessed with red, white and blue things for some reason.


The traders have given me a list of their strangely specific inventory:

Whizzy McBangbang

1x Firework - “The Patriot”                                       Cost: 16 Seeds

1x Firework - “Red Glare”                                          Cost: 16 Poppies

1x Firework - “Star Spangle”                                     Cost: 16 Feathers

1x Firework - “Lady Liberty”                                      Cost: 16 Oak Saplings

1x Firework - “The Vomit Comet”                            Cost: 16 Rotten Flesh

1x Firework - “Party Time!”                                       Cost: 16 Beetroot

Relisha Hamburg

1x Player Head: “Hamburger”                                   Cost: 4 Coal Blocks

1x Player Head: “Beer“                                               Cost: 4 Coal Blocks

1x Player Head: “Non-Alcoholic Beverage”             Cost: 4 Coal Blocks

1x Player Head: “Salad Bowl”                                    Cost: 4 Coal Blocks

1x Player Head: “Post-Celebration Toilet Paper”    Cost: 4 Coal Blocks

Nova T. Aytems

1x Player Head: “Anxious Pet Tortoise”                       Cost: 16 Cactus Green

1x Player Head: “Baby Eagle”                                        Cost: 16 Seeds

1x Custom Map: “Photo of Fireworks”                        Cost: 16 Gunpowder

1x Player Head: “King George III”                                 Cost: 1 Gold Ingot

1x Custom Paper: “Declaration of Independence”    Cost: 8 Ink Sac

Jacques Le Cube

64x “Safety Sand™”                                                       Cost: 32 Granite

64x “Flameproof Gravel™”                                           Cost: 32 Diorite

64x Red Concrete                                                           Cost: 32 Dirt

64x White Concrete                                                        Cost: 32 Cobblestone

64x Blue Concrete                                                          Cost: 32 Andesite


These enthusiastic and seemingly slightly drunk traders have settled near the Archaeologists’ Guild at the Spawn Museum - I highly doubt you will be able to miss their very dramatic stalls but if you do get lost, you can find the traders at coordinates (32, -64).

Enjoy the holiday if you have one! And if you don’t, we hope you enjoy these traders anyway and rescue as many of those terrified pet tortoises as possible.

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On 6/30/2018 at 7:36 PM, PPGOME said:

Must buy one of everything to be complete.

I got 52 turtles. I like the turtles.

You're supposed to buy two of everything. That way, you can take one set out of the box and keep the others as collector items!


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