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2020 Skyblock Fundraiser - Island Superlatives Nominations


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This is the thread for island owners to nominate their island for an Island Superlative. When posting your island, please submit the following information:

-Plot Number (found by typing /rg i on your island) and Warp Sign Block letter
-Plot Owner's username
-Whether you are a group island or an individual
-Island Name (If none is given, it will simply be labeled (Owner)'s Island.
-Category they wished to be judged under. (You may only choose one)
-The available categories to choose from are:

  • -Prettiest Island
  • -Most Useful Island
  • -Spookiest Island

More categories may be added upon popular demand.

This thread will open for posting at roughly 11am EST on Saturday, December 12th, and close at 5pm EST on Sunday, December 13th. Afterward, a public voting thread will open for at least 4 hours. The winners in each category will be announced after the close of the event.

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