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  1. I'm sorry about the delay, something is off in my notification settings that I'll have to fix. For prosperity, the ban was for "Griefing only edits, fire and lava spam on C." A full 5 years ago. We'll go ahead and unban you, sorry again for the wait, and welcome back!
  2. -Plot number: 0012 -Plot Owner: Zburdsal -Individual -Zburdsal's Island -Category: Spookiest
  3. I'm really hoping for a completely vanilla nether next rev. The entire nether system was just overhauled, let's enjoy it the way the update was designed. edit: In general I like the custom nether stuff, and would like to see it come back in future revs. But it would be nice to see the vanilla version in game for 26.
  4. It's back up! https://old.reddit.com/r/mcpublic/comments/i1zq24/xnerdnu_is_running_on_116_snapshots/
  5. That sounds like it would take a far more substantial amount of tech work than is currently available. That alone would be enough to make it non-viable, truthfully. Something that would require setting up a full additional server, full admins, techs for weeks, new and updated plugins, testing and more, as well as the suggested cross-server chat which has already been in the works for years, before I was even a moderator, sounds unreasonable for a server which had for the last year+ of its life very little play time. As a reminder of the last revision of S, here's the carto: http://redditpublic.com/carto/survival/s27/carto/#/-77/64/87/-3/0/0 And here's a video of an arena in the 2nd to last rev of S, showing all of 11 people showing up including 4 admins at the time: I'm posting these to show that maybe we want to grow that player base back before devoting so much effort to it, rather than the other way around. Yes, minecraft has changed a lot since then but how about we setup an easy to make PvP world, something which could literally be set-up tonight if we had everyone working on it, and let it grow back to a full server if the player numbers are there?
  6. I miss survival. But it does take moderation time, and tech time, and infrastructure to setup. 3 things that no one has been willing to pour in as it previously didn't bring about a flourishing server. Look at how much time c45y put into the PvP server that happened after S closed, and it was never as big as S was even 1 rev before its end. I have a suggestion. What would you think if there was a multiverse world on P that had PvP enabled? And to clarify, I don't mean a walled area that people can go into and out of and go farm their stuff in P and fight in S. I mean a world with separate inventory but on the same server. It would take less resources and then modreqs and chat would be collected, meaning mods playing on P would see the modreqs coming from the S side, and the chats, and could communicate with both. The worlds don't need to be similar, the S side could have any map size, they could reset at different times, and could change separately as needed. Would that be something that the people who ask for S back be interested in? And if not, why not? What does that not offer?
  7. For posterity: "Griefing only edits, cake and other block spam on C. nerd.nu/appeal" from 4 years, 6 months ago. Very old indeed. You'll be unbanned shortly, please be sure to read the rules at spawn when you join!
  8. Hi Emurlie, For posterity, here is the wording from the ban: "Extensive griefing only edits on C. nerd.nu/appeal" Since this has been quite long, we'll go ahead and unban you. Please note, future instances of griefing will result in long ban times. Please read the rules, and welcome back.
  9. Join us this Wednesday, May 2nd, 7pm Eastern for our new weekly (well, hopefully) game night! This week we'll be doing GTA V, although it'll change week to week based on the poll from the previous week. Go here to vote for a game for May 9th! If you choose 'other' please comment with an alternative.
  10. There is! It's not exactly intuitive but it is possible.
  11. I'm thinking about making this a weekly thing. The game night, not the sleeping through it. Thoughts?
  12. Hello 47trollkill, as you'll see below the only edits I found from you at the time were non-constructive. But of course this was 2.5 years ago, and we don't hold grudges here. We'll be unbanning you, but please be sure to read the rules and follow them. Here's the info for your ban for prosperity's sake, as it disappears when you'll be unabnned. Sorry for the cropping, doing this on my phone.
  13. Wednesday, 1/24/18, 7pm EST, we'll be having a community GTAV night; some racing, a lot of killing, maybe even fun, who knows anything is possible. Join us for your very own chance to blow up my vehicles until I'm stuck riding a bicycle (like last time)!
  14. Major bedrock spam, grief, no constructive edits on C. nerd.nu/appeal - 2 years, 3 months ago My apologies for the delay in answering this. Please read the rules here before rejoining as we will be less forgiving in the future. Unbanned.
  15. They can be found here! Just respond here saying you read them and you'll be unbanned :)
  16. Sorry for the delay, unsure how this slipped by me. Bans work by UUIDs not usernames, I would have banned you when you were named "Enderturtlegod" as can be seen here: http://mcbouncer.com/userban/14357128 You can also see your name history here: https://namemc.com/profile/VladimirLenin70.1 The ban was on 7/18/15. You say you acquired this account in 2015, did you buy it from someone that may have done this? I'd be willing to accept that, I'm just curious. Otherwise, if it was maybe you, it has been nearly two years and that's plenty of time to change, I would just need you to read through our rules.
  17. Hello Jayseye, it was from nearly two years ago (June 21st, 2015). I'll unban you now, and hope to see you on! I would recommend you take a look at the rules firs though, simply as a refresher.
  18. Note removed, moving to closed.
  19. Hello Mewcifer, I agree with your points, and as the note is quite old as well, I'll remove it the next time I'm on later this morning. Thank you for appealing!
  20. zburdsal

    When to add notes

    I add notes to know if someone has been warned in the past, because if someone is doing something small like 20 blocks of crop grief, but according to notes this is his 3rd time, I'm not just going to add another note. I add them whenever there is more than 15 blocks of grief, whenever a hacked client is used, when they use a derogatory term, etc. Pretty much anything that is intentionally malicious, or that would be useful to know that they were warned about previously.
  21. Hello metwpost, very sorry for the delay. So, firstly, you are responsible for any actions done from your account, even if they were done by another person, as we have no way of verifying that it was. However it has been just shy of a year, far longer than we ban for grief anyways, so I'll go ahead and unban you now, but please in the future keep your account safe from anyone not mature enough not to grief, and read over our rules before rejoining. Also as far as the "no constructive edits" goes, this ban was from my third day as a mod, so I'll give you the benefit of the doubt there.
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