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2 years, 5 months ago on Sept. 11, 2020, 1:24 p.m. I was banned by Defiex from the nerd.nu minecraft servers, as well as being banned from the nerd.nu discord by another head admin.
I immediately appealed this ban as improper, the appeal was closed and locked by an admin. I requested the appeal be re-opened, and was denied. This was my first time being banned at nerd.

I maintain that I did not violate any of the community rules at nerd.nu/rules. I maintain that the ban I was issued, "Advocating violence against members of the community." is libelous and unsubstantiated by the facts. However, I do think a temporary ban was warranted, even if the rules did not directly cover the situation, and generally was a good thing for me overall. I think the admins didn't know what to do, but they knew they didn't like the situation and I was at the center of it, so removing me made sense. I am sympathetic to this.

Two and a half years has been plenty of time for me to cool down. Thank you. I'd like the ban to be reversed, and for my name to be cleared of the libel. I don't intend to cause any more trouble and have no real intention of hanging around in the politics channel of the discord server - I have far too many other discord servers to keep up with as it is. I would however enjoy being able to check out my friends' builds on the minecraft servers.

Therefore I am appealing this ban once more.

Relevant links:

I have read nerd.nu/rules and they do not seem to have changed substantially if at all since I was last a server admin here.

I have also re-familiarized myself with the following policy documents:

As well as these admin discussions of which I was a part - the public did not have access to these and had no input so every comment (or lack of dissent) comes from a nerd admin at the time:

If I were to make an addition to nerd.nu/rules which would cover the situation I was involved in, it would be something like:
"Chill the fuck out. If you are getting too agitated by stuff, calm down and walk away. Keep it up and you get a timeout/temp-ban. A little grace goes a long way."
I'm sure the grammar could be improved.

- Mumberthrax

Edit: man, I'm reading through the copypaste that Pez posted of some of the chat logs and you guys were really piling on me hard, especially Fazaden with rapidly changing the subject before the last one got finished. I know tensions were high and all, but jeeze. It's almost like I was some kind of dancing monkey you were entertained by, and I was stupidly obliging by trying to answer every question. Kind of glad I didn't read it before writing the above or I'd probably be all frazzled and irritated. xD tbh I felt a lot more agitated than I think I appear to be from the logs, so maybe my rule proposal wouldn't work after all.

Edited by Mumberthrax
noting additional thoughts after reading the old chat logs
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Just a 24 hour bump after my 48 hour one above.


Bumping Appeals:

If the banning moderator has not responded to your appeal after 48 hours you may make a post (bump) in your appeal to bring attention to it. At this point (48 hours of no response), any staff member may attempt to contact the banning moderator and if no response is received in 24 hours, said staff member may take over to expedite the appeal.

For bans, if the banning moderator is not available another moderator or admin may handle your appeal. For notes, if the moderator in question is not available, a head admin will take over your appeal.


According to Nerd.nu's ban appeal policy, after the 48 hour bump any staff member may attempt to contact Defiex, or presumably in this case any of the other remaining head admins if they are active, about the appeal. I'm not certain if this has happened, but would appreciate hearing if it does.

It does appear at least that Pez is still actively moderating on the servers - good to know:

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Hello Mumberthrax,

It is good that you have taken the time to look inward and think about your actions in the past.  Unfortunately, we have not changed our stance on your ban.  Your comments and actions at the time were to egregious for us to be comfortable allowing you back. 

We wish you well,

The Head Admins,

defiex, pez252, & Fazaden.

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Hi Defiex. Thank you for responding. Would you be willing to specify exactly what rule you believe I violated, and what I specifically said or did which violated that rule? And are you willing to address the obvious lie that I threatened members of the community - or really any of the items I pointed out in my first appeal in response to your comment there?

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I wholly advocate the death penalty for people who perform abortions
as I said, culture precedes any legal statute. my ideal solution is for everyone who is pro-abortion to recognize that they have been advocating for murder - as I did years ago. barring that, I think mass genocide of all pro-abortion people is reasonable
It is true, the time for argument has passed. It's time for action. On this day at this hour, we must enact the final solution to the abortion problem.

Your attitudes have not changed, and advocating for violence is not welcome here.  Appeal denied.

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