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  1. Contrary to popular belief, 910460 is not my favorite number. 42 is my favorite number. Because Douglas Adams.
  2. For reference: This is a screen of it being used on a seperate server. It's an interesting plugin, but I don't see it being implemented on the nerd servers.
  3. I really love the look of red stained clay. Also, note blocks. They are mystifying!
  4. Vinhaven must happen! I think this is a great idea! But, I don't have any suggestions at the moment. Just came here to support Trop.
  5. Are curves the answer to the question of life, the universe and everything? Do you prefer to be called Diamond or Lover?
  6. First, ducks are scary. Second, horses are cool. Fighting 100 semi-tiny horses would probably be adorable. I don't think I could kill them, though you didn't say I had to kill them. I would go with one horse-sized duck. I'm going to face my fear and fight the horse-sized duck.
  7. I am kp910460 but most of you know me as kp. I am most active on PvE, but I venture over to S and C from time to time. Please, feel free to ask me anything. If you've never interacted with me, ask something! I love meeting new people! This seems like a good way to break out of the servers and on to the forums! I hope this doesn't crash and burn... Geronimo!
  8. Flappy Bird is the devil. Favorite console game? If you had all of the money in the world, where would you live? If you had all of the diamonds on P, which city would you build a diamond house in? (This is a silly question. You can ignore it)
  9. What is your favorite block (A) to build with (B) to look at © to destroy? Are you into poetry? If so, who is your favotire poet? If not, what are you into? Favorite 90s sitcom?
  10. What is your favorite hobby (other than MC)? What is the best thing you've ever built? (pics or it didn't happen) ;)
  11. Whale Rider is a great film! I am also very excited to see The Monuments Men (Coming Soon!)
  12. I don't know if we've every spoken, but I'd like to say thank you for everything you've done for the nerd community. I've heard so many great things about you from other players. Like everyone else here, I'd like to wish you luck in your future endeavors!
  13. I was in denial for a very long time. I've just started series 3. It's fantastic!
  14. I've got to try this for New Years! Thanks Denevien!
  15. I love a good Midori Sour. 1 Shot Midori (or other Melon Liquer) Sour Mix Sprite to taste Garnish with two cherries
  16. Warning: Giant picture! But really, how do you small picture? This is the most recent picture of myself and my little one.
  17. Lorde is my current obsession. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4g03b4U_aPk
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