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  1. Would you post the time of the S-specific training? I'd like to attend if I can.
  2. Farewell and godspeed, Tomato! Though I fear for our diamonds now that omniscient Ceiling Totemo will no longer be watching over us.
  3. There are at least three recent threads in the Server Discussion sub about unbanning former staff members. Two of these three threads contain posts which include disturbing comments about a third party (i.e. not the person making the post and not the unbanned player at issue) that I think do not reflect the spirit of the nerd servers, and which likely violate server rules. Two of the threads are locked, but still visible. Several posts in these two threads are personal attacks against a recently re-modded player that I interpret as violations of the rules against sexism against other players and against harassment of other players and/or staff. If one needs a better label to characterize this posts, I interpret them as attempts at slut-shaming. As a new mod, I don't want to overstep my bounds or throw fuel on the fire by hiding certain posts, removing or locking threads, or even banning members for violating rules. But I think these posts violate the rules in such a way that requires a more forceful response than mere locking of the threads. sansapants
  4. Will this major change to the mod nomination process - accepting suggestions from players through this page and word of mouth - be publicized, either through Server message and/or a subreddit post?
  5. Perhaps, instead of expressing our desire for good behavior in a prohibitive manner, we could present a positive and marginally less flippant statement of how we desire players to comport themselves on our server. I suggest the advice given by the learned philosopher Bill S. Preston, Esq.: "Be Excellent To Each Other."
  6. I like Dread's suggestion of in-game commands. One problem I foresee with using modified version of the current mod application page is that anybody can submit any name - theirs or other players'. This may lead to the possibility that one's name has been submitted for consideration as a mod without the knowledge of that person, or to someone spamming names for consideration. By having an in-game command, we'll ensure that one can only submit their own name, or, if they nominate another, we will have a record of who made the nomination. Prohibition against spamming applications and nominations could then be added to the rules. Another alternative would be to require nomination from a registered account on the forum, again so that we can track who submits names for consideration.
  7. Moving to Closed Ban Appeals. Please remember to re-appeal on Nov. 16th.
  8. In this case, there is nothing else you or I can do. The punitive nature of bans requires that one endures the entire ban. Both the fact that you thought your actions where "hysterical" in the moment, and your contrition after you were caught, have been taken into account. And while your offer of reparations to the injured player is noble, such actions can not serve to reduce your ban length. -sansapants
  9. I appreciate your honesty and your apology. You and OddOstrich griefed the rails to re-direct them into lava. You even left a sign. As a result of your actions, another player died in the lava, and irretrievably lost all the items they were carrying. Due to the fact that you knew your actions were not permitted, and the severity of the consequences of your actions, I am setting your ban length at 1 week from today. You are invited to reappeal on Nov 16th to be un-banned. -sansapants
  10. I may be crazy, but I thought I saw the moon cycle through multiple (perhaps all) phases each night. If so, this likely affects slime spawning in swamps, as there is never an entire night with a full moon.
  11. You magnificent bastard! Oh well, at least we had fun looking for it, and it gave me an opportunity to explore the map that I otherwise might not have taken.
  12. >How would you enforce this? Exactly. That's what this discussion is for. I never imagined such standards would be "enforced," as enforceable PvE rules are generally much less onerous. But they'd at least provide notice of the responsibilities that the community believes accompany a portal, to those who have not previously claimed one. And if a city claims a portal but fails to meet these standards, they could be discouraged from claiming one in the future. Most likely, such standards would simply be advisory, and failure to follow them would lead to nothing more than loss of reputation among fellow carebears (e.g. "Hey, remember back in Rev12, when sansapants claimed a portal, then made a crap city with no rails that was dead after two weeks? What a wanker!"). But if standards help prevent a group from claiming a portal if they know the wouldn't be able to meet the standards, it could prevent a portal being underutilized. Or maybe failure to meet standards, perhaps coupled with absentee region owners, could entice a padmin to add members to a region containing an underutilized portal (or even alter ownership of the region), so as to allow improvements to the infrastructure.
  13. >Additionally, needing to build rails might make things like iron and gold more scarce Iron grinders pretty much guarantee that iron will never be scarce, and if more gold is needed, I'm confident someone would build a zombie pigman grinder in the nether (if the padmins don't provide us with an overworld pigman spawner).
  14. Perhaps a little discussion about becoming a "portal city?" Nether portals are limited on P. There are normally 7: 1 at Spawn; 4 located generally symmetrical in each of the 4 quadrants (though they were a little less symmetrical in Rev11); and 2 "secret" portals, which are randomly placed a bit more difficult to find than the 4 quadrant portals. Portals allow easy access to the nether, and so are useful for that purpose alone. But portals are also used as shortcuts for traveling, using the 8:1 travel between the nether and overworld. In my view, portals are limited but useful resources, to be shared by all, for the benefit of all. In that vein, I'd like to propose minimum standards, if you will, that all portal cities should strive to achieve. 1. Overworld rail station (e.g. CARTS or CARBON), with direct line to Spawn, with slots for at least a minimum number of regional cities (4 or 5?). 2. Nether rail lines directly to 6 other portals. 3. Clear signage and/or easy transit between the portal and rail stations in the Overworld and the Nether. 4. Road system for others to link to portal in the overworld. The purposes of these standards are three-fold. First, to ensure that portals are fully utilized for the benefit of all. Second, to put those desiring a portal on notice that they'll need to provide this infrastructure. Third, to provide objective(-ish) criteria to help admins resolve early-rev portal disputes (e.g. cities or groups of players who have in the past shown the ability to quickly meet the minimum standards of a portal city might be given preference over new groups, should a dispute arise). For reference, this thread on the subreddit is discussing which cities desire portals: http://www.reddit.com/r/mcpublic/comments/1jjq75/rev_12_portals/ -sp
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