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    recommend anime plz, no intricate plot, or mechas, or action, and there HAS TO BE cute girls, and no guns, or swords, and NO MALES, and no cliches, unless i like them. And there cant be that much dialogue and NO HET AND IF THERE IS NO BEACH EPISODE, then i will quit watching

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  1. Been ages since I've actually played Minecraft, but there's still heaps of people on these servers I'd love to chill with, so I'm hype if this becomes a thing. Also agree that 3DS should get acknowledged, not just for Pokemon, but for Smash as well.
  2. Do you ever feel like a plastic bag?
  3. I've been jamming this a couple of nights with people from S, it's honestly great fun. There's no judging in a "ew I don't like your music taste" way, and it's really excellent being introduced to new bands/artists you like. 10/10 would recommend
  4. Amplified is fun at first but you get real sick of it, real soon. It's not so bad on chaos, but during a typical S rev, it'd have so many downsides. The beginning of rev rush for land would be a mess. Not to mention everyone accidentally tard-towering on each other's land just to get around. It's really pretty, but it's just not practical. I've heard most people who've been playing on chaos suggest maybe having the main center of the map normally generated, with the edges being amplified? For those who want to challenge themselves. Would that be possible?
  5. Cheers Buzzin, was fearing this thread had been forgotten \o/
  6. I don't think it's just people with bad connection/low ping to the server. I've been having this issue too, as well as many others. And yeah, it's definitely irritating as fuck constantly having your stuff rubberband back into chests, having armour unequip because you shift clicked it on, opening and closing chests several times over just to see what's in it and what's still in my inventory. I remember another played pinged a tech about it a few days ago, and for a while he turned off 'item checks' (lol what ever the fuck that is????) and it was magical. Everything worked fine, we could all actually shift click stuff again without wanting to attempt suicide in the progress. Apparently that meant people would also be able to use inv tweaks tho, so it was turned back on????? I don't actually know. Could we get a tech or staff member to update us on this? Is this purely a lag issue, or is there something tech-y hampering us here?
  7. I can't speak with too much experience, as the only time I really vote for a server, it's for the four diamonds, $1150 in game cash, and the five levels of xp, not some labour of love. Either way, it'd be a good way to possibly bring in a few new players, though looking at the kind of servers that use votifier, most, if not all are faction servers, hunger games servers, servers with economy and MCMMO. Is this a place where nerd.nu will be noticed? Votifier is for big servers who can afford the advertising space because they know it's gonna pay off for them in the long run. Nerd is not one of those servers, for good or bad. The people who are looking on sites that use votifier are not the kind of people we want to advertise to, simply because they're not going to be interested in what we've got to offer. An alternative would be good, other ways of advertising that are more friendly and accessible to smaller servers such as nerd. If such an alternative exists :P As for rewards, I can't see many people voting without some incentive. I agree it shouldn't be something ridiculously op, like four diamonds or something. XP levels are good, as they're already easy enough to get in game, without forcing a gap between players who vote, and those who don't. Perhaps a sort of flair on the forums/sub for those who vote daily or something? Hypothetically speaking, ofc.
  8. Dem comic sans. But yeah, best thing to do is claim your land, then go out into the middle of nowhere, set up a chest and gather some starting supplies. Best to avoid the general chaos that goes around close to spawn. Once shit settles down it's easier to go and work on levelling land/building/what the fuck ever.
  9. So, I recently found myself banned for harassment. I'm well aware of who I harassed, and how completely inappropriate that is. I let myself get far too carried away, and I realise I was the main instigator in the situation. I shan't let it happen again. I briefly considered posting in Abiuv's appeal, seeing as we were both banned for the same thing, and from the sounds of it, Tharine has written very similair responses, but decided to go ahead and make my own for integrity's sake. Also for integrity's sake, I'll say right now I'm fully aware of which rule(s) I broke, them being "Don't be a dick", and "No harassment of staff or players".
  10. This is pretty cringeworthy idea. Not sure I'd be comfortable with everyone on my friends list knowing I play online MC like some kind of square.
  11. This really isn't something you should post on the forums. Make a modreq, and be patient with it.
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