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  1. Listen to the title, it tells the truth
  2. Thug life?
  3. how many c's could a third c third if a third c could third c's
  4. Not trying to be a downer here, but It's not that much different to just type the letters afk. And you could just build yourself an afk chamber next to your house.
  5. :DDDDDDDDD shanty spider, shanty spider, does whatever a shanty spider can
  6. My thoughts on this is that this might unfortunatly end c one day, Which is why I hope we can start some type of promotion. Maybe on a youtube channel, or any other sort of popular social media outlet. If there is anything I can do I would like to to it, Cause c is a good server with a good community. [And btw, my personal reason for being inactive lateley is just cause of my life, I dont have all that much time to play minecraft cause of my work, school, and pretty much my life outside of the internet. But believe me, I will try to get on c more when I can :)] {and also, another side note, if i said anything in this comment that was already resolved or discussed about, then sorry, I typed all this before reading others comments.} :)
  7. Kinda, It's not really super important, So I choose to leave it here :3
  8. I got on c this morning, and found this near my house. It's a bit creepy considering I don't know who made it...
  9. I need someone to build a big ship for me, sort of like a pirate ship. Comment on this and we'll talk. [btw If someone that I know and/or trust on c.nerd offers, I'll probably end up choosing them :)]
  10. So I was playing a game of capture the flag... and... yea
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