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  1. Any plans for doing something with Overwatch? I know they won't be having private dedicated servers, but it'd be nice to have something going on as far as nerd goes when the game releases.
  2. But where are they? I personally have been trying to keep contact through my ideas and suggestions on their uservoice but that things been dead for mpre than a month now.
  3. It's clutter and we all know by now that if a kid wants to grief, they'll do it no matter how many appeals they make or tempbans they serve. It's clutter and it's annoying, and we shouldn't waste any "manpower" dealing with them. So tempbans that act like extended kicks would get rid of the problem for the moment and add a tally against that player. And if we were to use a three strike policy like kitty mentioned, only then would they have to appeal and "reform".
  4. What we should do is divert discussions and the like away from the subreddit and bring them to the forums. That way we can use the subreddit for images and announcements. As it stands the subreddit isn't very noob-friendly, and that's because a lot of what you see when you get on it is a bunch of PvE stuff that only they know what they're talking about, 2 or 3 albums of stuff on c followed by a video of the last S tournie or something. Our sub would be a lot more interesting to newer players if most of what they saw was of builds, towns, bases, etc. A simple fix to get new players to head straight for the forums would be to add a box above the submit a link/text post button that reads something along the lines of, "New here? Visit our forums first!" and then link it to a welcoming message on here, that explains who we are and what each server offers as well as other simple stuff.
  5. The ghetto guys that were trying to pick a fight with him ran away in fear of his "beast within" he started chasing after them as fast as he could, for his justice boner was tingling.
  6. The other twenty were busy filming said banging, Leeroy must've walked into a porn shoot.
  7. Our story now takes us to Leeroy's girlfriend, Jen, Jen Kins was your average, ordinary, nothing-special, mundane, boring, down to earth, simple, plain girl, she liked the color pink, and animals, and make up, she showed no signs of ever changing, until she met her boyfriend, the late Leeroy, a man that would change her life forever, by dying.
  8. And thus, Leeroy was forced to use his Starbucks© Via Instant Coffee™ using the left over water from his previous cup, unfortunately the grounds had spilled from the filter so his coffee ended up like a bean SlushPuppie®, which he promptly drank furiously ad he stormed his way to the car, wondering what the hell happened to the mess of cops and the mysterious intruder that is from that one movie that everybody has seen but can't talk about it because the company that owns it is very anal about their copyrights being used, so much in fact that while I was writing this sentence, I got a cease and desist in the email, but now I'm breaking the fourth wall so someone should write the next sentence.
  9. Also make a proper way to organise and showcase pixel art. Instead of leaving it like a clusterfuck of pictures.
  10. I'm on mobile atm, but this was my suggestion on the uservoice, from like 2 weeks ago. https://nerd-headadmin.uservoice.com/forums/276723-general-suggestions-feedback/suggestions/7500073-any-chance-we-can-change-the-wiki-s-domain-name
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