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  1. No or less 1x1 holes into the void please. If I'm going to die in CTF I want it to be while fighting another team, or from normal Minecraft causes (mobs, heights, lava, ect.). It just felt kind of cheap to be walking along, fully prepared to sneak upon the enemy base, then slip to your death from a hard to see hole in the ground. I'm all for dangerous environments, but that was more annoying than challenging.
  2. She's a magestic little bugger when she's not barking at grass.
  3. Thank you, let me be the first to say holy shit Thrawn!
  4. I got this for the first time yesterday, and it happened when I entered modmode in the overworld. I entered it, did /spawn since everything was black after entering (also common), tried /tpc, then with /mb tried to ask why I couldn't /tpc to a modreq. Here's a screen shot of the error messages, if this helps at all. http://i.imgur.com/M3fNH5q.png
  5. We had one pretty resen- holy crap that was 4 months ago. Well here's me a couple days ago, twas bright out.
  6. I wasn't around for the first CTF, but the second was the most fun I ever had on Minecraft and the reason I became a regular on mumble.
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