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  1. One downside to /rg list is that they could potentially find the region name of special spawners (creeper/slime/etc) combined with /rg sel or /rg info to either give coords or outline it. Might not be a problem late game but early game it might ruin some of the fun of finding things that are pre-protected.
  2. Welp i'm already a hermit I guess I can forgo a fancy hole this rev... or die in the first five mins and make myself a fancy hermit hole after all.
  3. Welp, I'm always up for trying to break shiny new things. Sign me up.
  4. We could probably find a way to use it in the up coming CS:GO tournament and I was planning to have someone record or stream an upcoming UHC (If I can get around to finding a seed I like).
  5. We've tried language filters in the past, all it lead to was people trying every combination to get around the filter. I don't think it's our job to protect kids from bad language if a parent is worried they can turn off the chat client side.
  6. I'll probably be there assuming my schedule doesn't change between now and then.
  7. I guess I should clarify to everyone that each of your projects were amazing, crockoduck the issue issue wasn't the maze itself that was fine there was a five block area or so on the walkway outside of it where a player could grab an enderpearl from the enderchest and lob it into the maze area and walk to the prize at the end. This was fixed as were a majority of the other problems I stated above with the flag enderpearl-deny. The checklist was for future reference because I couldn't make it to preparation so I pasted my personal list plus some new exploits we discovered this event. I'm sorry if this came off as me saying that your maze(or any other project) was bad or a failure overall, I simply meant that for the first few hours on event they were open to some exploitation that may have ruined the fun of them.
  8. Ok so it seems that no one did my usual job of trying to break all the things before an event goes live so I'm going to post this helpful checklist aptly named JudgeDreads Ambiguously Sized List of things to look for before a mini-game lobby goes live Help I'm stuck Look for places players can fall into or warp into where they can't get out without mod assistance. Inventory Managment What inventory can a player bring into the lobby and can they use it to cheat? Potions: Will a strength, night vision, speed, jump boost make anything unfair (I actually don't know if we have a debuff easy sign)? Ender Pearls: Can they use ender pearls to warp to places you don't want or even skip over everything entirely? Item Drops: Can a player drop their kit on the ground get a reward and pick up their kit again after their inventory has been "cleared" essentially netting them a free kit? Build Complete? Is the build complete not just functional? Command Abuse Can they use a command to steal items that may give them an advantage? From this last event lets see who passed Spleef: (Failure) Players (me) got stuck under the floor, walls were 9 high or so low enough to be ender pearled over, and build was functional (I don't think the doors were working at first) but aesthetically incomplete. Maze: (Failure) No barrier blocks around the outside of the maze blocking someone from enderpearling to the top of the maze and running to the prizes. KOTH; (Failure) No barrier blocks around the outside of the hill blocking someone from enderpearling to the top and getting free stuff. Missing three blocks in the lobby making a player trap (asymmetrical while not a requirement I just wanted to yell at you Barlimore). Players were able to "/join" out netting them a free kit. Obstacle Course: (Failure?) I didn't try to break this too much but the wall on the right side was only 5 high or so allowing for enderpearls to go over and get into the course, and I think in the minecart section players could get stuck in unusual circumstances. Now most of these were fixed with a region flag and some quick building/finishing. This should hopefully help for the next event to prevent some of these silly things from happening, luckily nothing was overly abused before we noticed and before they became an issue.
  9. Hello Temorqry, Trevorman is no longer on staff so i'll be handling your appeal. Given that your ban was issued 2 years ago for grieifng, I'm going to suggest that you reread our rules (http://www.redditpublic.com/wiki/Rules) before re-joining our community. Unbanned.
  10. Hello maximunnit, Trevorman is no longer on staff so i'll be handling your appeal. Given that your ban was issued 2 years ago for grieifng, I'm going to suggest that you reread our rules (http://www.redditpublic.com/wiki/Rules) before re-joining our community. Unbanned.
  11. The bot pulls from the rss feed which only updates every five to ten minutes.
  12. Just thought I would dump some of the ideas that have been bouncing around my head for the past few days/weeks/months. Some of these need some help but they weren't going much farther bouncing around in my head so I thought I might as well post them here. Might be nice in the future to have a stickied event brainstorming thread for half finished ideas or to test the waters on things. "Fun" Run Also known as the 5K/1K/nK/Was this suppose to be fun. We give users a bedrock surrounded plot with an exit and entrance defined where they can build a section of the course. I want it to be surrounded so they can't practice and ruin any fun surprises someone might prepare. I'm still a bit undecided on how we should do the race. We can do it as a free-for-all and a race to the finish or we can duplicate the course and have a red vs blue race. In the team race I thinking 2 points for the first person to finish and 1 point for everyone after, and once you get to the end you can start back at the beginning and try to get more points for your team. Build wise for the team battle we can mix it up and have the teams build a section for themselves or their opponents. They won't know where it's going until the race so they can gamble and risk an easy section for their opponents or a deathtrap for themselves. Small themed arena idea Two airships with clouds or some kind of floor that requires jumping and the possibility of falling to your death. Need some feedback from pvpers on this but I thought it might an interesting change to what we have and there's the possibility of changing gamemodes to koth/kotv depending on the floor layout. CtF map Similar to the above each sides base would be a giant airship with 4 supporting smaller ships. They would be in opposite corners of the map with (a) floating island(s) in the center. In the exact center would be a temple with a colored beacon so show what team is winning or has a bonus/perk/something. Now each supporting airship would have a specialization. One for potions that contains farms for netherwart and some way to get various potion ingredients. One for enchanting might contain a grinder or a way to get xp bottles. One as an armory that allows you to get diamond armor and bows. One that contains better food/farms and possibly building supplies. Each of them will house a wool/flag that will act as a power core, when it's taken the ability of that airship is diminished. The base airship will have essentials iron armor/melons/etc. Idea for P spawn Have a competition to build a spawn for P PvE style (no creative) or if a town wins a spleef tournament or some kind of tournament they can get their spawn as the next P rev spawn. (Might also be able to do something similar on S with clans and arenas). Team Builder The original idea was for this to be a precursor to a UHC, it was meant as a way to see how well teams can communicate and work together. It involves a few stages and points will be rewarded for time and accuracy. This was designed with 3 people teams in mind so it might have to be modified or changed to scale up or down. Phase 1 Building Player One (P1) and Two (P2) will be involved in this. P1 can choose from 3/4 builds ranging from simple 2D patterns to somewhat complex 3D ones. P1 then has to tell P2 how to build these, P2 can't see what needs to be built and P1 can't see what P2 is building. During this phase P3 might be doing something to gain extra points for his team. Phase 2 Puzzles P3 and P1 switch out. P3 and P2 go through rooms to hit buttons stand on pressure plates to help each other escape. Phase 3 is lacking I need ideas on something P3 and P1 can work together. I think I originally had a PvP segment here but that's been moved to Phase 5. Phase 4 The Maze This is for everyone. I was thinking of a multi leveled maze where the player directly above or below you can help solve your segment of the maze, might have warps at the end of each segment to change levels so every team member has to help every other team member. Phase 5 PvP Using the points you've won so far you can gear everyone up you have the choice of mining to earn more points and possible perks for your team but you must have someone on your team out fighting at all times. From here we can do winner takes all or choose the top few teams to move on to UHC.
  13. Ban for LouisRielForever on c.nerd.nu for Major block and crop grief on P nerd.nu/appeal by WondrLand on 2015-02-12T03:48:23.175 (no more bans, no notes) Please allow 48 hours for your banning moderator WondrLand to reply here to evaluate your appeal. Feel free to bump after 48 hours. If you are dissatisfied with the treatment of your appeal you can consult a head admin and request they take charge of the appeal.
  14. http://redditpublic.com/wiki/Survival_Arenas#Operating_an_Arena_Night Any mod can run an arena you only need approval for the prizes (I think) and since you'll be in modmode they'll need to be placed in a chest. It would be nice to have a list of pre-approved prizes so we can skip the admin approval phase and just run these when we have the time.
  15. Seeing that you were banned ages ago, I see no reason not to let you back. Make sure to read the rules and most importantly have fun. Unbanned.
  16. I think I'm ok with the way this is heading. Might be nice to think about adding two command if we go this route. First a /nominate [palyername] [optionreason] might be helpful we could respond with a simple message saying the player will be looked into during the next round of nominations, and second a /applyformod which will add their name to the list we could respond to this with a link to becoming a mod is not a promotion and or moderation guidelines so they know what they are getting into. That aside I think we're missing a bigger piece of the puzzle for me it was never about names we can grab some from the usage page if we need them. The problem I think we face is getting to know our candidates. I couldn't tell you the number of times I abstained from voting because I didn't know the people. I think we need a better way to get to know our possible mods, while a list a names is a good place to start I would love to see a change in how we deal with them, whether its a more active approach on our end aka we go talk to them, or we have someway for them to talk to us in a less formal matter. This is kind of a tangent but still in line with the conversation, but one of the problems we face is once someone is nominated they tend to campaign and we don't necessarily get to see them instead we get to see them as they want us to see them (aka brown nosing and being an upstanding citizen).
  17. I'm not the biggest fan of mod applications. I still think we'll get the wrong people applying and the people who we want to have mods will just keep doing what they do. That being said there is definitely a problem with possible good mods slipping through the cracks. I was wondering if perhaps there was a more passive way of finding people. Perhaps some kind of flag associated with the user, maybe they can opt in/out of wanting to be a mod. I think anther thing we have to ask ourselves is if we want this to all be on us or if we want the community to have a larger say in the process. If we go with applications would it be possible to strip the names out and let users decide if they want that applicant to be a mod.
  18. I brought up a similar idea in this thread (https://nerd.nu/forum/index.php?/topic/1105-community-outreach-ideas/) but didn't much feedback besides cyotie pointing out that it would be better in the forum, I agree with this by the way. I would like to see this implemented as well or at least a post documenting the best way to go about bringing a name forward.
  19. I've been tossing around these ideas in my head for a few days now, I also ran them by a few staff members and the feedback has all been positive so I guess it's time to make a thread on it. Feedback Thread The first idea I've been toying around with is a monthly feedback thread either here or on the subreddit (I myself prefer the subreddit). In this thread posted on the first of the month would state what's going on with the servers, anything interesting that may be happening this month, and taking/answering questions/concerns. This I feel will help us get more involved with our playerbase and on top of that hopefully help them feel like they have more input into how the servers are run. Player Mod Nominations This is a little tricky but i would like to try it out. The idea being that players start a thread on the subreddit nominating a player. The players then state their opinion and if the consensus is positive or neutral we look into this player and make an effort to get to know them. After a period of time, say a week, we vote on person. I realize this may/will turn into a popularity contest so we have to a strict guideline and criteria for how we tally the votes. An example would be we weigh S players votes more for if said nomination is primarily an S player. I feel this could help us find players that slip through the cracks, on top of that it should help the community feel like they control the server instead of the other way around. So time for more feedback here. Bring forward ideas that can help us interact with the community more in terms or policy or just general interaction, and discuss the merits and faults of these idea. small edit: I would like to move this over to modchat public eventually either before or after discussion.
  20. It seems this account hasn't been used in about 3 months or so, and before that It was mostly used for server status. I was wondering if we should expand on it's uses. For example using it to announce arenas on S or build events on C. People also like to complain about transparency so perhaps something to do there (No idea what but just thought I would bring it up). Any suggestions or shall we let it die in peace?
  21. Since things seem to be moving along I was wondering is this list (https://docs.google.com/document/d/1J53n5pUdon5FF6dqKBO3-h_xP63xJnhMIJvsXBIjxsQ/edit) is still current or if it needs to be revised.
  22. Seeing as this is an old ban I see no reason not to unban. Welcome back.
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