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  1. This post is announcing a couple major changes to the survival server: I'm sad to announce that Mumberthrax and TheAcademician have stepped down from their roles on staff. We thank them for their contributions the the community and their service as survival admins. This Friday, Feb 6th after Avada's Arena Event (calendar link) we will be switching Survival to end-of-rev PVP TNT Party mode with kits and TNT at spawn for the weekend. At the end of the weekend Survival will switch to 1.8 Chaos game mode while we begin the search for new Survival Admins. The Chaos server will have a dedicated arena area or world set up for the ongoing arena series being planned by the players and events staff. Players who wish to run arena events on S please contact Event Admin LadyRavenOwl for more information.
  3. Please help me welcome LadyRavenOwl as the new Event Admin! She has been playing on the servers since mid 2011 and has been helping out as a mod from July 2011 to February 2012 and recently from December 2013. You may know her from on the recent maze events, her cake shops on S, or creating the awesome mazes arenas on S! For those who are wondering what the Event Admin will do, they are in charge of leading the event server, coming up with ideas for events, coordinating players and staff, helping out server admins with running events on their respective servers, etc. LadyRavenOwl will bring a lot of experience, ideas, and a new perspective to the new Event Admin position and I look forward to working with her!
  4. Ya'll know me, still the same GB but lately I've been low key. In the past few months my career and personal life have taken an ever-increasing chunk of my time. As such, I feel I am not capable of taking on the duties of a Head-admin at the present time. I am now stepping down and moving to inactive until I can better resolve my work-life balance. The nerd community needs an all-hands-on-deck leadership team right now, and my inactivity is more harm than good. I would like to clear the way for some fresh faces to bring their ideas to the table. I appreciate all of the time that I have spent on these servers; I have made friendships that will last far beyond my years with the community. I will be regularly checking in on the forums, irc, and occasionally in-game, so feel free to message me with any questions or concerns, don't be a stranger. Sdoc era sdom, Draykhar
  5. All universal nerd.nu rules apply to any servers listed here - if the owner of the server does not agree with or follow this, the listing will be removed. We reserve the right to remove any posted servers as needed. Please keep individual servers and scheduling of games for them, etc, in their own threads. You can post a request for a server or game in this subforum, but once one is posted, the request would be removed to keep actual server posts visible. Thank you, and have fun playing some games!
  6. Hello all, Due to the first issues being a mess to read, The Nerdpaper has found a new home! Find it at http://thenerdpaper.blogspot.com I will be updating this throughout the day today!
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