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  1. Start mining and grinding for the first maze arena of the revision! Beginning at 7p CDT this Saturday, April 11th on Survival (calculate your time here), be ready to kill your friends in a Portal inspired fight to the death! Everyone is welcomed to attend! Don't want to join the blood bath? You can still cheer in the stands! The matches will be as follows (if unspecified, it will be a kitted match): 1v1v1v1 2v2 4vMinotaur (Gear supplied) 1v1v1v1 (Bring your own gear) 8vMinotaur (Gear supplied) 4v4 (if enough attendees) 1v1v1v1 (Bring your own gear) 1v1v1v1 2v2 1v1v1v1 (Police hats and time switched to night) FFA (kitted) A reminder of the rules: Kitted Match: Fight to the death where the gear is given. Last participant standing wins the prize! Minotaur Match: Team match of four participants against an admin in special gear. The goal is to use team work to defeat the Minotaur. Killing your teammates will result in you being removed from the match. If the team of participants kills the admin, all participating players will be given the prize. Bring Your Own Gear (BYOG) Match: Bring your own gear. Any gear is allowed. Fight to the death match with the last standing person in the arena being the winner. Police Hats: Kitted match including a police hat. Fight to the death. Must keep the police hat on the entire duration of the match or you will be disqualified. FFA: No gear or items, fight to the death. Last person standing wins. Interfering with any of the arena matches will result in a warning kick. If you persist in being ornery after being kicked you will be moved to time out. All other general server rules apply. Curious as to what the prizes are? They vary but include your standard diamonds, a mob egg of some sort (in some cases you get to choose!), ghast tears and more! Win certain matches and you might receive some jungle tree saplings! Questions or comments? Reply here or shoot me a PM! Can't wait to see you all there!! :D
  2. When I was playing on S I noticed I didn't have a rulebook, so when I did /rulebook, it gave me this response:"You've been given a copy of null." I don't know if you are aware of this, so I thought I'd just bring it to your attention.
  3. Meh, I'm starting to like the revision.
  4. Greetings Survival Community! We’re happy to announce that we are launching Revision 28 on time, April 3rd at 8p CDT! Not in Central Daylight Time? Figure out when it is for you here! We know that you have a lot of questions about what is different and what is the same, and we’re going to do our best to outline everything. Basic Changes and Removals No more auto locking chests No more enderchests in spawn Drop XP plump to 2 instead of 6 with XP Plump Removed pearlnerf Removed Cobra Corral Removed plugin that nerfs strength potions (all other potions are normal) Combat Logging What’s different? It now is a mixture of the avatar body and the public shaming chicken message and a 10 second automatic combat log is in place, even if you’re not engaged in PvP to help with people logging when they see someone coming to kill them. So please log off some place safe. Economy You all know about Economy coming to Survival. This means you can buy and sell things in the shop, PvP will be more rewarding, there will be special events, Lottery will be available, etc. There is more information on how Economy will work in this post here. We are also adding a new plugin called PEcon. This is a plugin designed by Dumbo52 that manages money from PvP fights, cooldown, and the money you receive from killing mobs. Voting Perks are now a way to get some cash and dessert. If you vote at either of these websites (look here and here), you will receive either a cookie and 25 coins or a pie and 25 coins. Do both and you will get a total of a cookie, a pie, and 50 coins. Basic economy commands are as follows: /bal to check balance /bal [player name] to check others balance /pay is currently only enabled in the shop You may purchase a shop space for Chest Shops, by submitting a modreq for the space you want and paying 10,000 coins. Map and Nether Changes Spooky Custom Nether Witches, normal spiders, and normal Nether mobs will spawn The World to Nether ratio 8 to 1 to enable faster traveling 4 Portals per road, 4 located under spawn Map Generation Map will start at 5K by 5K then slowly expand to either 7K (10K possibly if players are available) by the end of the rev Road Colours: Red, Cyan, Purple, and Black glass with lighting underneath In the world to encourage exploring we’ve hidden two types of items for players to find. First, little towers of bedrock are located at rather cool natural areas. If a player finds these, they can make a modreq to name the region if they desire (all server rules will apply) or to just have it removed. Second, we’ve added in some structures for players to find. You can note these are admin made structures because a message will pop up when you near the structure. It can all be destroyed and broken down, but that’s at the discretion of the players and whether they claim it or not; if a player claims the area, they can rename the area they found. In order to claim this area for either renaming or destroying for resources, make a modreq. This encourages exploration a small amount, and gives players a little bit of something else to do instead of just mining. To help with resources we’ve also added in Botany. You can read more about this plugin here. There is one creeper spawner located in each quadrant of the map as well as your typical four hidden nether portals. Community Meetings At least two community meetings per rev; this is to touch base with what the community likes and dislikes that is going on. This will also give us feedback on what we should be looking at to change for the next upcoming rev to help alleviate the issue of not being able to change rapidly enough with what people want. The goal of this is to be a discussion. If players come to us with something that is completely messed up or that they really do actually hate or are dying to have that goes with what we’ve added (not one or two of them, but like 95%) we are willing to make adjustments mid-rev for some things. For example: “We hate that chests don’t auto lock anymore” then are we willing to be like, “Ok, we’ll compromise and put auto locking chests back on the map, however, this does not mean that refunds will be given on gear you lost because you didn’t lock your chest.” This being said, after the community meetings happen via Mumble and the notes are posted, any immediate community changes will be put on the forums to be voted on as well, just in case people who use the forums don’t use Mumble. The standard meetings will occur after the first two weeks of the revision launch and then again a couple weeks before the revision is launched. Arenas and New Activities SAL as you all know, will be making a comeback. Due to popular vote, we will be switching the floor terrain each week for the fights. Players will be allowed to submit designs if they wish, please remember though that all designs must be created with PvP in mind. In addition to the standard SAL winner prizes (head at spawn, post of honor, and subreddit flair, etc), we will be also adding in a prize of a $50 steam gift card. The Maze Arena will also be making a return this revision. If you haven’t played Portal, I suggest that you give it a look through because it’s an inspiration for what you can expect. All new Mob Arena! This is something we are particularly excited for and think you all will love. This arena is a pay to enter arena (don’t worry, the entry fee is only one diamond) and you battle until you drop! Select different classes to fight mobs and keep making it through the waves for more and better prizes. Basic commands are: /ma join to join (remember the price is 1 diamond to enter) /ma leave will teleport you back to spawn /ma help for more information Also occurring on some nights is Blood Moon which will spawn in faster and harder mobs. You can hear it coming by an in game sound and a message that will pop up. You can read more about this new addition here! We have configured it so that mobs will not do damage to structures. We do apologize for the delay in getting these details to you all and can’t wait to see you launch night.
  5. Hey guys, we have some very important news about rev 28, some economy changes and some rule changes as well. Starting with rev 28, we have decided to get the full quality S revision we want, we will be postponing rev 28 until May 2016. While this might upset a few, we know the majority of our very large player base will respect our decision. Also the current map of Chaos will stay up. I know some players have asked for a change, but we believe that there is quite a lot more to explore in the world! To continue with rev 28, we've decided to take a Runescape approach, and remove PvP entirely from the majority of the world. PvP will only be available outside a certain radius of spawn (likely a 1000 block radius) and when you enter these areas you will be assigned a target that is also in the area. We feel this is a good way to help introduce players to the game, giving them a bit of room to really express themselves. We know we might get some negative responses, but we just wanted to say that it will definitely be worth your while to travel outside the radius. The extreme terrain in large mountains and crazy ravines will make PvP more fun and exciting than ever before!! Onto economy, we actually have decided that for a certain amount, players may pay their own money to donate to the server cause. This money will be used directly in advertising and other important purchases. Players who donate will given a decent amount of economy money in game, and this can be done as many times as they want! We're not adopting a pay to win mentality, we're simply adapting to the changing times and giving the players the options to donate if they would like! With Rev 28 being postponed, this gives us a good amount of time to reevaluate the rules and what we want from our player base on S. We've decided to add in some rules that I think will really help the server grow! Firstly, no more troll talk. On S we need to be grammatically correct at all times. Any silly mistake will result in a ban, and an appeal will need to be made. Minecraft is serious business, so lets try and keep it that way. Secondly, we're going to be implementing a new banning policy. From now on if you are banned, you won't be given a set time to be unbanned. The Sadmins will be in full control when (or if) you get unbanned. This way, we can stop silly players from getting banned all the time by just not unbanning them! Lastly, we're now allowing mod and sadmin abuse on the server. It's not fair that we have to do so much for the server and not get rewarded, so any mod or admin can now spawn in their own diamonds. We feel this is necessary and will not discuss it any further. Well I think that's everything! We know some of these changes might be a little off the wall, but we're trying to think outside the box to make S a better server to play on. All of these changes will be implemented today, April 1st 2015. Of course, if you have any concerns or questions just leave them below and we'll get back to you as soon as possible!
  6. SAL Building Contest commences now! Due to popular demand, we are leaving the fighting area blank so that it will have the opportunity to change each week. Here are the requirements: You will have an 155 x 155 arena build area 50 x 50 blank area in the middle of the arena for fighting Elaborate design of the stands and arena Landscaping You can access this contest using /mvtp contest-SAL on Creative. Contest Building ends March 29th. Winner will be announced April 1st.
  7. Hey guys, after the original announcement of Economy coming to Survival we realized some problems we needed to address before showing every detail of the system at work. Now we feel more stable and ready to announce more details on it, along with some of the changes we’ve made from the original announcement. I’ve broken the announcement up into parts to try and keep things organized and easy to understand. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Server Shop: The “Server Shop” will serve the purpose of a currency exchange. Within this, you can convert certain items into the currency, and convert the currency into certain items. The items that will be available for this exchange are: - Diamonds - Emeralds* - Gold* - Lapis - Redstone * We are aware that emeralds can be acquired through villager trading, and that gold can be acquired through pigmen farming. To make sure this isn’t an issue, villager trades will substitute emeralds for iron (the trades for redstone and lapis will be removed entirely) and the pigmen drops will be modified from gold nuggets to glowstone dust. The Server Shop will also have other items available just for purchase. These are rarer items that can’t be produced, and will be revealed later on. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ways to earn money: There will be three main ways to make money that are built into the server (which means player ran businesses, shops, are not included). These are through Chest Shops, killing mobs, and PvP. Chest Shops: Chest shops are shops that players can fill with an item and sell for a certain price listed on a sign placed on the chest. Players will also be able to purchase a room within the main “Shop” area to create their own shop in a mall like environment. Players can also make chest shops outside of the main shop in the overworld*. Players will NOT be allowed to sell these items in a chest shop: Diamonds, Emeralds, Gold, Lapis, Redstone. *To create a chest shop outside of this mall area, the player will need to create a modreq. This is to avoid exploitation of transferring funds. Killing Mobs: After a player kills a mob, they will have a chance to receive a small amount of money. Each mob will be set to their own percent chance, and will have the value set as well. Mobs spawned in spawners do not have this chance so players cannot abuse grinders to get money. PvP: The system we’ve decided to go with in PvP is that when a player is killed, the money is subtracted from the losers balance, and added to the winners. The amount of money is dependent on the losers armor, not the winners. Meaning a player in Prot 4 Diamond killing a Prot 3 Iron won’t receive the amount for winning a Prot 4 dia fight, but will win the amount you’d receive for an Iron Prot 3 fight. To be able to win the money, both players must be in one of these four armor types: - Diamond Protection 4 - Diamond Protection 3 - Iron Protection 4 - Iron Protection 3 If you are not within these types of armor, no money will be transferred. If you are killed and do not have the amount of money within your balance, the winner receives everything that the loser has until he hits 0 in his balance. To prevent players from dropping their money into alts, /pay will be disabled. This is also why players have to modreq for chest shops in the overworld, and why the purchasing price of server side items will be higher than the selling price. Players can also check the balance of other players to know whether players have the proper funds, and to plan for future attacks. The reasoning behind having the player lose money is to 1) incite a more high risk higher reward with PvP, and 2) prevent players from exploiting PvP to make money. We wanted a system where we wouldn’t have to monitor players to see if they’re abusing the system or just killing their friends since I tend to kill my friends as well (just ask Eehee). PvP Cooldown: To prevent players from killing the same players over and over again, there will still be a PvP cooldown timer. This only applies to armored fights, and doesn’t prevent PvP, however, it prevents players from continuously losing money to the same players. Essentially if two players fight in armor, the loser loses money. If the loser re-suits, tries to fight the winner of the last fight and loses, the loser will not lose money and will only lose whatever armor he took out. If the winner of the first fight loses, that player will lose money like normal and the previous loser’s timer will be reset so the process can continue. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Reasons to keep up with funds: We’re obviously not going to force players to keep up with the economy, but there will be quite a few incentives to keeping up with your balance. Events: Some events the server will run will require players to spend their funds to get in. This won’t change anything for the main events such as SAL or the player ran arenas, but some events you’ll want to have funds for. Especially those high roller arena’s, I hear they’re giving out some amazing prices! Leaderboard: We’re working on getting a leaderboard set up based off economy similar to that of the PvP leaderboards. The difference is that the econ leaderboard will not reset like the PvP one will be. We will be adding incentive to be on the top of these leaderboards. Server Shop: Like I mentioned before, the server shop will have unique and rare items for sale that you can’t find anywhere else. I won’t go into anymore details, but it’s highly recommended you check out what’s for sale at launch. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Lastly I just wanted to say this isn’t leading into a pay to win server mentality. S won’t become a pay to win server, absolutely none of us are interested in going that route. It won’t even be an option. The reason we opted to go with economy is it can lead into so many different avenues for events, ideas, ways to play, and that it just made sense to add it to a sandbox game. We want what everyone wants, to make S more enjoyable for everyone while being less repetitive. If you have any concerns or questions please leave them below or message us directly, we’d be more than happy to respond!
  8. Hello everyone, We will be using marting11's glasses frame, "nu variant," for the new Nerd.nu Gaming Community logo! We will be changing the logo on the subreddit, wiki, forums, etc. over the next few days, so keep an eye out for that. Thanks to everyone who participated in the contest
  9. Hey all, today we have a big announcement about the upcoming revision of Survival. We know you guys want more information about Rev28, so here it is: Survival will be implementing an economy plugin. There were debates, some arguments, and I’m pretty sure LadyRavenOwl made rtr69 cry once (confirmed, she did), but as a team this is what we have decided to go for to add new and interesting dynamics to our gameplay. First of all, with this new economy plugin, we had to find a way to make it work without it being completely abusable, while still making it worth it to play. With that, we have decided to make a server side shop. Within this server side shop, players will be able to buy and sell the following items for a set amount of currency : Lapis Gold Emeralds Diamonds These items are non-renewable, so there would be no way for players to create more to gain an advantage; iron is not listed is due to iron grinders. Players will not be able to sell these items to other players however. The reason for this, is that if a player decides that they have a much higher amount of diamonds than they need, they can effectively sell their diamonds for a lower price than the server shop. This can be abused by another player being the diamonds for cheaper, then selling them back to the server shop and repeating the process. Player 1 might be getting a bad deal but if they’re still making a decent amount of money, they might not care. However, while players cannot sell the four above items, they will be free to sell any other item they want, for any price they want, through sign shop set ups. We will also be opening a player shop hub, where players can purchase a room within the shop to sell their items at the same location that the Server Shop is located. This will function as a mall does in real life, players are free to sell what they like while other players are free to browse and purchase what they would like. Although some players might be fear that this new plugin might deteriorate PvP on S, we hope it’s the opposite with PvP stimulating the economy. Armored PvP will now be rewarded with currency. The types of PvP that give a reward of currency listed from the most amount of currency received to the least amount are as follows: Prot 4 Diamond Prot 3 Diamond Prot 4 Iron Prot 3 Iron Misc Enchanted Diamond Misc Enchanted Iron With this, we will also have a place to repair armor for currency and purchase levels of XP as well, so PvP can now fund PvP. There will also be more secret things to purchase from the server shop that you can’t normally obtain in game, though those are gonna be kept a secret for now. Despite a cooldown period implemented by the plugin we are using, there may be a potential way to abuse this system, so we’re forced to create a new rule: Players are NOT allowed to abuse economy for monetary gain through the constant killing of the same players. This means that players are NOT allowed to continuously kill their friends, allies, or alts to receive monetary bonuses. Please be advised, this is easier to track than other things such as x-ray or player logging, so please just do not do it. This will result in a ban for BOTH players involved. We really didn’t want to add anymore rules, but we feel this is necessary to implement now rather than later when clans start abusing this. Adding this new feature to Survival gives us the opportunity to offer a new bounty system, new rewards, a lottery system, and new betting systems for arena fights. We’re excited about the possibilities that this will open up in the future and we encourage all of you to approach us with any ideas of things you would like to see in addition to the things we’ve already mentioned.
  10. This is my entry for the SAL contest, let me know what you think! Album: http://imgur.com/a/GGWXf
  11. Hey guys, during discussions on SAL we were discussing having the floor of the arena changing every time we host an SAL. The arena itself (stands, doors, etc.) wouldn't change, just the floor itself. We wanted to see what you guys thought of this, or if we should just leave it alone. So voice your opinion! :D
  12. Hello everyone! It is our pleasure to be your new Sadmins and cannot wait to launch Rev 28 for you guys. We know you have a lot of questions and hopefully some will be answered in this post. All further questions can either be left here, addressed in IRC, talked out in Mumble, or PM'd in the forums. As a whole, the goal is to institute more events and activities to help promote and retain players. This includes the Survival admins logging in more consistently and maintaining communication with our player base. There would also be more advertising and promoting done by the Sadmins in an effort to gain more players. We're looking to launch the new rev the first weekend of April 2015. We're very excited and plan to coincide our launch with a special Easter Event for you all on Survival. More details will be given on the Event as launch date nears--don't worry though, it's not maze related. The foremost thing that we would like to announce for changes, and this begins now, is proper communication. The first part of this plan is at least two community meetings per rev; this is to touch base with what the community likes and dislikes that is going on. This will also give us feedback on what we should be looking at to change for the next upcoming rev to help alleviate the issue of not being able to change rapidly enough with what people want. The goal of this is to also be a positive discussion, this is in no way permission to attack other players, we want you to voice your opinions in collected mature ways. Secondly, if players come to us with something that is completely messed up or that they really do actually hate (not one or two of them, but like 95% hate it) willing to make adjustments mid-rev for some things. If it’s something like “We hate that chests don’t auto lock anymore” then are we willing to be like, “Ok, we’ll compromise and put auto locking chests back on the map, however, this does not mean that refunds will be given on gear you lost because you didn’t lock your chest.” This being said, after the community meetings happen via Mumble and the notes are posted, any immediate community changes will be put on the forums to be voted on as well, just in case people who use the forums don’t use Mumble. Though we strongly encourage everyone to use both avenues of communication. Another thing you all can look forward to is SAL coming back. While there will be some minor (and exciting) changes made to it, we're happy to make this a thing that is going to happen successfully. Along with this regular activity, we will be adding in new fun events and activities. Have a standard arena that you want to see used for SAL? Hit up LadyRavenOwl. If more than one arena is submitted, we'll have a community vote! Make sure you submit the arena by March 28, 2015. Something that has been asked several times is "What is the orientation for Survival that you're taking?" We're going to have basically a hybrid of ideas and with five people throwing in ideas, it should be. We're focused on increasing PvP, bringing back in aspects of raiding, still being build friendly, and generally building a solid and positive community. We have some new plugins making an appearance, including some custom plugins being written, making things generally more of a challenge.
  13. This week's Arena will be held on Saturday, March 14, 2015, at 9:00 PM EST. We've been having a good turn out and would love to see some new faces this week. If you play PVE or Creative you're just as welcome to come participate in the weekly arenas. Most of the matches are kitted so there isn't any need to bring gear unless you intend on participating in the BYOG bracket. As always, this is an official arena and as such the winners of each bracket can expect to be rewarded at the end of the Arena. The Current Fights are Planned as Followed:Itemless FFA 1v1 Kitted Tournament 1v1 BYOG Tournamnet 2v2 Kitted Tournament 3v3 Kitted Tournament Kitted FFA How the Fight Schedule Will WorkSign ups this week will be completely at-will. Before each match in a bracket, players will be given a special word to type and then contestants will be chosen completely at random. Once the initial rounds of a bracket have been completed the bracket will move in to semi-finals and then followed by finals where the winners can duke it out until only one contestant(or team) remain. Changes to the Provided KitsThis week we're changing the kits up. Chest, Pants and feet items will be iron. Due to the issue of being able distinguish teams the head item will remain leather. Also, this week the potions provided will be Splash II Health and one Regen. Any abuse of the kit system will result in immediate disqualification. You will also not be allowed to exit the arena with any kit items. Once more, the arena will be held on Saturday, March 14, 2015, at 9:00 PM EST. If you have any other questions feel free to contact me, Veltoss, or Avadakedavra03 here, on the /r/mcpublic post, or in-game. We look forward to your attendance! To convert to your time zone, click this link.
  14. The Sadmin team has a question for our Survival community. Would you prefer to have the SAL arena designed and built by the admins or would you like to have a chance to build it yourselves in a contest? As a whole we are making an effort to bring the community into the decision making process for the server we all play on. Please vote in regards to one way or the other. If you have anything additionally to say, please do not hesitate to reply below. We will decide on the course of action Friday, March 6th, and act accordingly on the majority vote. Cheers! :D
  15. To keep it consistent with last week, the S Arena Team would like to know what your opinions were of this most recent arena. How was the pacing? What did you think of the Arena? Were the brackets fun for you? What did you think of the provided kits? Were the prizes adequate? Mostly, what I personally would like to know, what kind of arena would you like to see in Revision 28? All player feedback is taken into consideration(good and bad) and will ultimately help us make these weekly Arenas fun and engaging for everyone. Again, thank you for your criticisms and opinions, and a special thanks to all of this weeks participants!
  16. Saturday night at 9:00PM EST the Sarena team will be hosting an Arena on the Survival Server. Gear will be provided to players in most brackets and we will also be hosting a BYOG(bring your own gear) bracket. At 9:00 PM EST you will be able to warp to the arena with a command, and at about 9:05-9:15(depending on player turnout) we will begin the first round. This is an official arena, and the winners of each bracket will be rewarded with a special prize :D. The Current Fights are Planned as Followed: Itemless FFA 1v1 Kitted Tournament 1v1 BYOG Tournament 2v2 Kitted Tournament 4v4 Kitted Tournament(time and player amount willing) Kitted FFA How the Fight Schedule Will Work:Sign ups this week will be completely at-will. Before each match in a bracket, players will be given a special word to type and then contestants will be chosen completely at random. Once the initial rounds of a bracket have been completed the bracket will move in to semi-finals and the followed by finals where the winners can duke it out until only one contestant(or team) remain. The Sarena team looks forward to hosting yet another arena and we really hope you'll join us this Saturday(3/07/15) at 9:00 PM EST. If you have any questions please feel free to PM here, on reddit under the username iamdarb, or in-game. You can also contact Avadakedavra03, or Veltoss for more information. http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/fixedtime.html?msg=[03%2F07%2F15]+Saturday+Chaos+Arena+Announcement%28Gear+Provided!%29&iso=20150307T21&p1=623
  17. Ok, I know I have already started a thought provocative topic recently and that this may very well be locked simply because of it's title but I kinda want to establish something. I may have all my history/facts wrong and you can feel free to politely correct me bellow, but this is my view of how the term 'toxic' kinda got out of hand. Firstly, the term 'toxic player' wasn't even a big thing in the early nerd.nu days, in fact I barely recall it being said except for maybe being used to describe players who were legit just around to troll and ruin people's time. People who were no good for the server or the community by definition. In later times, when staff/player tension started to rise, one particular staff member used the term to describe a few players who they disapproved of in attitude and their opinions surrounding certain topics. This staff member at the time had been hit with a bombardment of stress due to their dedication to the server and was also undergoing a lot of scrutiny by disgruntled players and I believe other staff members. There were arguments surrounding the use of the this word to describe those people who were often involved in heated arguments and issues in mumble/irc etc etc. And these arguments and throwing of opinions were very common at this time (this is where a tiny bit of factionalism in the community started to occur) and what was worse was that players who were being considered 'toxic' often were in affiliation with players who had left the community on a bad note (like by being banned or having left due to other controversy). Now the idea of not being content with the staff team often coincided with outbursts, starting or commenting on controversial subeditor posts and the likes but the concerns that the people had against the staff were somewhat founded, and just the way they expressed a lot of their frustration about this happened to be destructive for both themselves and the staff team trying to handle the mess at the time, it effectively ruined communication. Originally there were arguments about the use of the word 'toxic' to describe players who were otherwise valuable to the community but didn't get along with and agree with everyone all the time. A lot of these kinds of people were S players, which isn't a surprise considering how the S server went into crisis and the general way a lot of the S players liked to express themselves as the result of the kind of environment they played on in survival (where everyone is pitted against each other and rivalries will occur). Which was a perfectly valid way of interaction (granted it was mostly kept to the survival servers) and often when these 'aggressive' players said things or bantered in certain ways it was somewhat more tolerated knowing that they were an S player (which aggravated more gentle mannered P players). Anyways, a lot of S players were starting to get pissed off, people started forming vastly different opinions about each other and in general those who started arguments with the P players or staff were normally seen as 'the toxic survival players'. There were quite a few hateful (and still are) goodbye posts from players who were at one end or the other of the overall divide. There were players who kinda had an anti staff agenda or at least an agenda to be rid of the shitty things about staff. And these players were known by and were friends with a lot of other players in the community and while vocal, weren't just there to have a bitch about nothing and stir trouble. But these people landed themselves a toxic label anyway in the 'new' sense of the word. So when you go on about 'all these stupid S players' and those who seem to push the limits of staff members and the likes, just know that once upon a time we all got along kind of better than we all seem to now. There was always a kind of banter between S and P now but never have I seen so many players share hatred towards the other servers. A situation kind of let these things get out of hand and no single party or group is to blame. And while you may see it as a lesson as to how P and S don't mix and can't communicate in a crisis, just let it be a lesson that we can decide to listen to each other regardless of not liking what we're hearing (that means you grumpy people) or the way someone says it (that means you staff and care bears). tl;dr if I see someone use that fucking word again, i'm gonna go play civcraft... anyways <3 darkelmo xoxo peace out homies
  18. What did you think about the Arena? How did you hear about it? What was you opinion about how it was hosted? What would you like to see in future arenas? Please critique us thoroughly so we can tailor these arenas as much as we can to the community.
  19. I'm very happy to announce that the new S admins have given Avadakedavra03, Veltoss and myself permission to host the first official player ran arena of Chaos. The arena will be hosted Friday night at 9:00 PM EST (Eastern Standard Time). At 9:00 PM you will be able to warp to the arena with a command, and at about 9:05-9:15(depending on player turnout) we will begin the first round. The Current Fights Are Planned as Followed: Itemless FFA 2v2 Kitted Tournament 1v1 Kitted Tournament 1v1 BYOG (Bring your own gear) Tournament 4v4 Kitted Kitted FFA How the fight schedule will work: You can sign up now by commenting on this post with what bracket you're interested in participating, or you can opt in before the actual matches themselves. Note: players who have signed up in advanced will have priority over those who opt in before a match. That doesn't mean you won't get to fight though! We will do our best to work in anyone who is interested in participating, even if it means we end up being your opponent! And you better believe, with three of us running this, we'll be fighting along side you. The winners of each bracket will be awarded with a special prize! This being an official arena, the sadmins have agreed to provided prizes to the winners of each bracket! So thanks kindly sadmins! About the Arena: The arena is completely new and somewhat different, and we're really hoping you'll enjoy murdering your friends on it! A lot of love went into crafting this map. It has a diverse biome theme, with 4 platforms in the center for flat oriented pvp. There will be a few hidden chests throughout the arena with some items, that may or may not aid in your fight, but to balance the advantage you may put yourself at a disadvantage when attempting to get to the chest. Note: you will not have this "advantage" in the bring your own gear bracket. We'll be hosting an arena once a week during chaos, and hopefully if this is successful, even during Survival Revision 28. Fingers crossed. We really hope to have a good attendance for this arena. All are welcome, so if you wanted a fun activity in-between the chaos of Creative, or planning on the new PVE map please consider us at 9:00 PM EST this Friday. We look very forward to seeing you fight! http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/fixedtime.html?msg=[2%2F27%2F15]+Public+Chaos+Arena&iso=20150227T21&p1=179
  20. This is a thread for any questions or comments for the upcoming Rev 28 on Survival. Please be respectful and on track, posts that are attacks on other players will be hidden as well as anything off topic. You may reference the Introduction to Rev 28 here.
  21. What’s up guys, I’m dizney07 and I just wanted to make a short post basically introducing myself and talking about survival and what not. This kind of "inaugural" post was an idea I had a while back, and while I don't expect this to be the standard for server admins, I wanted to basically test it out. I know I might be a surprising choice for sadmin to some, so I wanted to try and talk about my views and what not. I started out not really caring about pvp honestly, but the “hostile” environment was much more fun for me than P or C. It wasn’t until later I actually began to pvp. So I joined S in Rev 17 for a total of 3 days before the revision reset. In Rev 18 I had a nice and tall smooth stone fort that I rarely ever left. Rev 19 I had a nice underwater base that got camped and griefed daily, and rev 20 I lived in the grand city of Egreth. Rev 21 I actually pvp’d a bit, while helping with the city of sanctuary. After that, I kind of got burned out from minecraft and decided to leave. During this whole time, I never took notice to the subreddit or forums (did the forums exist back then?). I stuck to focusing purely in game, and never entered any politics. I knew mods based off /list, and I had no idea sadmins even existed. Fast forward to rev 24 and one of my good friends I play other games with, DementedM0nkey, let me know he played minecraft. We decided to start (and never finish) a Survival Lets Play on youtube. It was fun for a bit, but we failed to really get any good pvp action because.. well it was nonexsistent. Rev 25 was pretty boring. Yeah it was a test rev, but we just could not find anything fun to record so it ended there. This started our discussion on different ideas to try and make S better and more fun. Over time, I’ve probably made around 15 full fledge survival ideas, submitted 6 to the sadmins at the time, and ended up making a few public (some with good, some with bad responses). Leading up to rev 27, I started talking with the sadmins more and more, and came up with a few different ideas for rev 28 to reinvigorate S. This is my main reason I wasn’t hugely active on Rev 27. Rev 28 planning was where I actually put a lot of my time. I probably still have pages in my google docs with over a hundred different plug-ins listed to review and test just to see what would work. I went as far to create a timeline set up for the sadmins, listing when to have the set idea by, when to have rev 27 shut down, when to have rev 28 start, etc. I was working/talking with the sadmins daily to try and come up with ways to make S better. At one point, I felt cut out of the planning, and eventually I felt it was just too late for me to join back in as I felt S was going to reset soon (it ended up lasting another month or so) so I decided to wait until rev 28 to rejoin and focus on S. And that’s where we are today. As a sadmin, I want to be completely open and not have this stigma that “Oh it’s an admin, I can’t approach him”. In the past, I never really spoke to any of the sadmins aside from one maybe two on a regular basis. I actually want to hear from you guys, hear your thoughts and ideas, see what you think works and what doesn’t. If you need anything, make a post in the forums/subreddit, or send me a message on here. If you’re really looking for daily communication, ask for my skype, I’m always on there. If you have any questions just ask. And one last thing, if rtr lures you into his swamp with candy, do not take the candy.
  22. The head admins have reviewed all the community input and decided on a group of admins for the Survival server. The new Survival admins are, in no particular order: LadyRavenOwl Mrgauthier34 rtr69 cab417 dizney07 These staff members have come forward with a plan for the future of S, care about the future of S, are all long time survival PVP players, and are able to work together to accomplish that goal. We look forward to them sharing their plans and updates and gathering feedback from the nerd.nu community. You should look for an announcement from the new admin team soon.
  23. So this morning during my shower, I started thinking about Survival and what can be implemented into a revision in order to make it more fun without taking away from the survival aspect. One of my ideas I truly liked was this one: https://nerd.nu/forums/topic/2250-a-survival-idea/ Now some people didn't seem to like the enchanting idea, and to be honest, I don't either as much now that I think about it. Not being able to enchant based purely on luck would be...well annoying. Enchanting has never really been the problem due to enchantism and grinders, so really there's no point in making that aspect harder. So instead, I would like to propose a few changes to the idea itself. Instead of making enchanting harder, I determined it would be better to make mining harder. Now I know, that sounds dumb at first but hear me out. - Ores are not plumped, but are more scarce than usual. - The areas, ghost towns, whatever/wherever the chests are will no longer hold enchanted books. Instead they can house any kind of ore, and any kind of armor. This puts an emphasis on going out into these areas to try and scavenge for armor and diamonds, instead of focusing on the mining aspect. Maybe I'm wrong, but mining in general tends to be a bit boring, and while it's still an option, this just feels like it adds more to gameplay having to explore and search. At the same time it's a risk/reward situation. More balanced enchants/kits for pvp. Honestly I have seen this come up in countless threads about S and I think it would be very important now that I actually know what it means. I'm not huge on PvP that doesn't require a stone sword and an angry person who just lost his carrots, basically because I never thought it was worth it to spend maybe an hour on a set for a 5 minute fight that I'll likely lose because I don't have great pvp experience, or I win and now I have two broken kits that need repairs. So with this, enchants and potions would be balanced out in the best way the community sees fit. Since I don't pvp a lot, I don't know what is the "perfect kit" to make pvp rewarding (actually earning a kit instead of having two broken ones) but I have talked to a few players about it and many seem to know what would be the best. Honestly this post is for mainly community feedback. Obviously we only have one sadmin at the moment, so that's not the target audience. I want to hear what the community thinks, for no other reason than to see what the community thinks. We have a ways to go to get back to where S once was so we might as well start now.
  24. This informal/unimportant poll was produced by cross referencing the following sources by me without asking anyone if they minded because I'm radicool y'know this is just how I roll: http://nerd.nu/staff/ (active staff) http://nerd.nu/usage/survival/index.php (top 50 users) If I've missed someone or someone doesn't want to be on the list I will try fixing it. edit: I'm being informed of the flaws in my polling since a lot of great staff don't play much bc it's boring, but I just based it on usage STATS. Uh, if I hears someone's name pop up a lot I will add them because I'm easily swayed by peer pressure.
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