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  1. INTRO When I was told that Nerd was going to re-release the S server and make it more PvP focused I was truly excited. Unfortunately, I was extremely let down by the staff when they released the server. The server closed prior due to the lack of people playing on it and when they re-opened the server and made no changes to the gameplay at all I was surprised. I am not sure if the thought was that 1.9 changed vanilla PvP enough to make it fun again but obviously it didn’t and the lack of anyone playing on the server proves that. I tried to power through the first revision but eventually got bored of it for the lack of any type of "NEED" to play (which i will cover later). I was hoping that with PvP Revision 2 there would be changes, but again I was wrong. As of the submission of this post the second PvP rev is 48 days old and only 140 players have spent more than 10 minutes on the server. Out of that 50% of the players have spent less than 90 minutes total on the server and more than half have only played 1 or 2 days out of the 48. If that doesn’t prove that something needs to change I don’t know what does. I don't want to see the server disappear again because i enjoy the community and the non pay to win atmosphere it provides. ISSUE WITH VANILLA PVP In my opinion Vanilla Minecraft PvP died in Beta 1.7, worked well in Release 1.0, and then has been dead since. The 1.9 PvP update didn’t make the vanilla pvp as fun as it was back in the day of infinite arrows, iron armor, a dsword, and an inventory of mushroom soup. So changes need to be made. PROBLEMS The main problem with PVP.NERD.NU is the fact that it does not provide its community with a “NEED” to play the game or an “NEED” to make sure to log in. Here are some examples where it fails to create that “NEED”. The common thought by the staff seems to be if they make enchants easier, than people will PvP more because getting “God Armor” won’t take as long. This in theory makes sense but doesn’t increase the amount that people PvP. It actually in essence hurts the server by decreasing the amount of time people NEED to spend on the server. Making enchants easy to get gives players instant gratification but makes enchants worthless and as players/clans grow it becomes so easy to get that losing items doesn’t matter. PvPing is pointless because there is NO NEED or reason at all to actually PvP on the serverThere is no penalty for dying so players don’t NEED to ever protect themselves. They can die multiple times and it does not matter to them. This also can lead to players simply annoying/disrupting other players by constantly barraging them with stone weapons etc. Player chests are impenetrable so players don’t NEED to protect their belongings. Like I stated above if they die there is no penalty so they don’t care and since all of their goodies are locked up in the chest that can’t be opened they don’t NEED to PvP to protect it. The current Risk/Reward structure for PvPing is pointless. Since there is no death penalty and no ability to get items out of chests there are only a few times PvPing actually happens. The first is when an armored person goes around and just kills whoever they see, most of the time yielding nothing of value because people don’t carry things on them since they are usually rushed to a chest the second they get anything of value. The second is when two armored people/groups meet. This is the only actual case where PvP happens, but again whether you win or lose your risk is low and the reward is low as well. If you win, you get broken armor which you already have plenty of since enchanting is easy and if you lose you just go back to your base and get more armor which you have because enchanting is easy. I believe by creating NEEDS it will make players want to play more. Yes it makes the game harder and might make certain people complain/quit but at this point what is the difference since no one plays to begin with. MY IDEA / WHAT I WOULD LIKE TO SEE IMPLEMENTED So to recap above I would like to see: Make enchanting harder and more random. Create a penalty for death Disable locking of chests What I would also like to see implemented into the server: Land claiming - this would prevent people arguing over claims and make clear and defined boundaries of peoples/clans landmake it chunk based Make the limit based off of the amount of people in the clan and set a max limit Will avoid people taking massive plots of land at spawn have the claim dissolve if players dont login within a certain amount of time. Protections – create some way to define the amount of land a player/ clan is allowed to protect. Possibly make it material based so players need to put X amount of an item in a chest to enable protections. This type of method would increase players NEED to play since it would require them to make sure that their protections were always enabled. I have more detailed ideas on how to do this but will save that for laterLand/Chest protectionsSome type of way players/clans can protect certain areas of land from being interfered with to a certain level. Maybe use reinforcement materials on builds etc. Offline protectionsNothing is more annoying then coming back into a game to find everything you’ve worked for destroyed by people who attacked it while no one was around to protect it. What I would do is have it set up to be that after X amount of minutes after the last member of a clan logged off that clans land would be impervious to being attacked. The reason it wouldn’t be instantaneous is to prevent players from just logging out to prevent being raided or to protect themselves. Death Penalty – there needs to be a penalty for dying. However, too big of a penalty will annoy people and too small of a penalty would make it useless. My idea would be that when a player dies within a clan, X amount of materials are taken out of their “Protections” chest. Physical Economy – I’ve always found economies interesting in Minecraft. Creating one would create another NEED to play on the server. It adds another level of things to do on the server other than PvPing. Therefore, if there is no one on to PvP you can focus on that, or if PvPing isn’t your thing you can focus on becoming a rich player. The reason it needs to be physical instead of virtual is that you should be able to lose it and have to protect it just like everything else.Would have a turn in villager at spawn that would convert materials to physical currency. Disable Enderchests - Great idea but horrible for PvP. The second enderchest were implemented it ruined PvPing. Before enderchests people would carry more valuable things but now that they exist it provides a way for people to teleport their valuables around and also make them unable to be stolen. I would get rid of them so people would have to carry items more often. Disable Enderpearl TravelI’m not really opposed to it one way or another, I just feel like it is more fun to play without it. Drop Inventory on Logoff – the main reason for this is to prevent people from abusing alts to store items in a safe place and impenetrable place.This would create an unprotected chest at the players location with the players inventory in it. Players would hold their inventory 15 minutes after logging off before a chest would be created in case a player DCs on accident. McMMO – I’ve always been a huge fan of it. It adds another secondary element to the game that makes it fun to play so even if very few people are on you can level up certain skills and see where you compare with the rest of the players on the server.I would make it hard to obtain I would disable the PvP elements of it as they are too overpowered I would use the repair and salvage functionality of the plugin so players could salvage item they don’t need from raiding etc. Add Rarity/Events – the biggest attraction for me in any game is being able to somehow obtain that one in a million item.Mob EventHave an overpowered mob randomly spawn on the map and announce it to the server where it is located. This will increase PvP at the mobs location Have the mob drop a special “rare item” like an unbrekaing V book or something of that nature. Maybe implement crates and crate keys Chest EventHave a random chest spawn at an announced location This will increase PvP at the chests location Add variety of chests and vary the % drop chanceCommon – crappy items Uncommon – decent items Rare – specialty items King of The HillIf enough people are on have it randomly trigger the event Will increase PvP Make the game more difficult not easier. Easy games aren't fun to play for more than a few days because you lose interest. I believe implementing features like the ones i provided above would provide a nice platform to build off of and a more fun place for players to play. I also believe it would help with retention of old and the gaining of new players as it can appeal to more audiences. Of course people will more than likely complain that it is different and some may not like it. The biggest complaint I always hear is when players say its not S and its too differet, but again since very few people are currently playing on it to begin with I believe it’s worth a try. Sorry for the long post as I put a lot of time and effort into it and I appreciate you taking the time to read it. I look forward to hearing other player’s ideas and feedback in regards to this. Hopefully people agree with me =) On a side note I also update my modpack which can be found here.
  2. Please fill out the survey so that the nerd.nu staff know what the community would enjoy playing. For those of you new to the idea of modded minecraft, you can try out various mods from the minecraft forums, or try the super easy to use modpack launchers by the Feed The Beast team, the Technic team, ATLauncher, or Curse (the company that hosts the minecraft forums and wiki). The popular/featured modpacks are usually pretty well balanced and work without many issues. http://feed-the-beast.com/ http://www.technicpack.net/ https://www.atlauncher.com/ https://www.curse.com/games/minecraft (if you go with the Feed The Beast [FTB] launcher, a very good introductory modpack is the Direwolf20 pack) If you want to tinker with mods on your own (it can be a little bit tricky if you are new to it) I highly recommend using the open source MultiMC Launcher. It makes everything very very easy to keep contained so that if you make a mistake you can easily undo it or work in a separate instance. If you tinkered with minecraft mods in ages past, know that it is much simpler and less challenging than it used to be - Forge is basically the main thing that allows mods to be easily dropped in and out of a minecraft instance, and there are no more data value conflicts when multiple mods are installed. http://multimc.org/ http://www.minecraftforum.net/forums/mapping-and-modding/minecraft-mods http://minecraft.curseforge.com/mc-mods (NB: this poll and post were made by me, Mumberthrax. I am not a nerd.nu staff member. Voting in this poll does not necessarily guarantee any particular action on the part of nerd.nu staff/administration) Thanks for taking this survey! Feel free to share your comments below! Edit2: to allay concerns about security issues, the FTB launcher, Technic launcher, and ATlauncher are all three open source with code hosted on github. AFAIK your password/credentials never go anywhere except to mojang's login servers when using these launchers. The curse voice launcher doesn't even let you input your mc password iirc. Edit: To be clear, nerd.nu uses server plugins that are sometimes called mods, but client mods are what we're talking about here. Here's a video series as an example of what the direwolf20 modpack is like:
  3. Go ahead. Post your random screenshots taken on the servers. :) Some from the C chaos: PUTTING AN END TO DIDY'S INHUMANE ILLICIT GOVERNMENT EXPERIMENTS
  4. Intro Create a pvp-enabled survival server to run on the event server for two weeks minimum. Include a handful of plugins to make the game interesting* and more balanced pvp-wise. Have an early target end-date in mind before launch, and announce it publicly. *(Interesting = environmental challenges from extra hard mode, mineralvein, & monster apocalypse) Plugins Include: the extra hard mode plugin monster apocalypse mineralvein (the one they use on civcraft) antixray and orebfuscator grief prevention nerdspawn (with random-radial spawn enabled and a handful of respawn locations around the map) pwnpvpbalance and/or redwall's combatrebalancer cobracorral vehicleraid mylineagepvp nocheat plus (disable chat spam filtering) pwnfilter (or just let griefprevention handle chat spam filtering) clanchat enchantism pearlnerf combat tag (or ideally something like it that spawns an NPC anytime anyone logs off - regardless of whether they were technically in combat or not; griefprevention has a combat tag config but it kills players instead of spawning an NPC and only happens while recently in combat) botany (because trees) moblimiter whatever plugin P uses to boost passive mob drops Optionally include citadel for those who want to reinforce stuff outside of GP claims. mylineagepvp would basically allow users to be pve if they want, passively discouraging PKers, but rewarding consensual combat. If you want links to or descriptions of any of these plugins let me know. ***Some plugins may require tweaking for MC 1.8 but I'm pretty sure all of these are open source and permissively licensed*** Configs Generate the world with roguelike dungeons. set "extra hard mode" plugin to nerf grinders. plump xp by a ton for mobs/ores. Enable siege mode in griefprevention. Possibly disable the nerdpoling nerf in extrahardmode. Definitely change the extrahardmode notifications to the chat window and not scoreboard. Find that damned plugin that stops snow golems from generating snow unless they're on obsidian. Monster apocalypse should be set to make mobs identify the player from farther away if nothing else. Use a relatively flat biome for spawn - like plains or savannah - to decrease fps/lag issues for those who want to pvp near spawn. Include warps at spawn to various locations around the map. Include warps with a 10 second warmup back to spawn at those points. These could also be the nerdspawn respawn locations. This warmup thing could easily be done with CH. Don't make spawn too elaborate or too big - KISS. Keep the rules straighforward too - e.g.: "don't be a dick. No cheating (fly/speed/pvp/xray hacks, etc.). Don't be a dumbass - if it isn't a fair fight, nobody is going to have fun." Put a melon farm at spawn. Consider putting a tree farm at spawn that autoplants saplings - so new players have access to lumber (worldguard and/or wgcustomflags for this). Make /help not ugly like it was on S, make it actually informative. Don'ts Don't mess with economy stuff. Don't mess with bounties. Don't mess with pvp ranking plugins unless it is polished, refined, not spammy, and easy to use. Don't mess with prisonpearl. Avoid dependence on LWC - consider not using it at all in favor of GP locked chests (LWC has rare chances to fail, exposing items assumed to be secure). Don't use safebuckets - it isn't needed with griefprevention. Don't make cardinal roads. Precautions Extra hard mode will respawn the end dragon periodically, so warn people about attempts to make end grinders. Roguelike dungeons have lots of mob spawners. ensure extra hard mode is set to nerf grinders - and/or worldguard protect the roguelike dungeons except for breaking certain blocks to gain entrance/escape (wgcustomflags plugins can help with this). I haven't tested monster apocalypse on a server with many players so pay attention to TPS and such while using it and adjust spigot settings like mob view distance and the like - pay attention to player feedback - it should be challenging, not pointless. If someone is obviously intentionally causing lots of mobs in dungeons to spawn, warn/ban them - or find a way to limit the maximum amount of aggressive mobs in a chunk. Concerns Grief Prevention will cancel the threat from monster apocalypse in terms of mob griefing protected bases. Grief Prevention will disable tnt use above sea level, making mining for coal initially fairly challenging... extra hard mode's torch nerf will favor people using gammabright and xray mods. Grief Prevention provides a method to teleport to spawn if a player is stuck - I'm uncertain if it works outside of GP regions which might be an issue if citadel is used. Make sure mobs are actually spawning at a reasonable rate for mild threat and reasonable ghast tear collection - play the game at ~peak hours (or alternatively buff tear drop rates) antixray plugin may be an issue if players tnt a very large diamond vein. Experiment and tweak accordingly. Blah blah Run this as an event, not a regular server. Invite pve regulars to try it out. Do this after activity on P from the new rev has died down some, so as not to detract from it. After a little while ACTIVELY gather feedback. Pester people not through in-game automated notifications, but say "hey, hey... hey joe. fill out this survey so we can do better." Or do it automated and provide an incentive"fill this survey out and get a couple blox of tnt and two diamonds." but only do it after the server has been up for a few days. Make the survey easy to fill out, and not too long, and allow for open-ended written responses. Make results visible to public either live or within three days of the end of the event. Make a fancy post introducing the event with nice headers and bullet points, with a quick summary at the top. Optionally set up some control points (like, ten or something) and let individuals/clans establish dominance over them to gain fame and mild buffs (i don't know what plugins for this there are, so consider it a low priority compared to getting the event up and running) Consider using that plugin from the CTF that added special blocks - basically for a speed-boosting block for players to make roads with. Consider providing a convenient source for gunpowder/sand/tnt, for mining with extrahardmode enabled. I don't know what the padmins have planned for their story this revision, but consider integrating this event with it somehow, to encourage p players to try out the event for a little bit and hopefully increase the ratio of adventure-style players versus "imma fuk u up" types. This is not about trying to replace P or steal P players, it's about setting tone. Maximum kit loadouts (this is basically what limits are set on permitted enchantments for armor and weapons, as well as brewable potions and their effects) This is where I'm inexperienced and the pwnpvpbalance/combatrebalancer/mylineagepvp plugins may alter the dynamics. go with vanilla. gather feedback. adjust. pay attention. watch for: evenly matched combat durations, armor/weapon damage, repair costs. Combat should be not too long, not too short, and players should not lose all of their gear just from fighting in a single match. Moderation Once the server is open, let it go with little moderation - mostly for chat/harassment and pvp "hackers". Grief shouldn't be an issue with grief prevention(+citadel) - if someone tears up natural terrain or makes swastikas just use GP's natural regeneration tool on it and do whatever with the "griefer" seems reasonable. Warn people using pvp/fly/speed hacks to disable them before banning. Don't be afraid to start muting/kicking trolls/toxicites for being dipshits in chat. Are private player notes a thing yet? They need to be for easier tracking of troublemakers without giving them a scarlet letter. orebfuscator and antixray should weed out many xray issues. Seriously, if someone is being a dick repeatedly, just ban them. Nerd may be a place of second (or twentieth) chances, but it doesn't mean you gotta let assholes ruin the place. A pvp server doesn't get a free pass on assholeism. Admin: exercise discretionary powers wisely, always in the interest of fairness and fun. if a rule is inhibiting creativity and/or fun in a specific instance and the reason for the rule in this particular case is not exceedingly clear, exercise discretionary powers. Fairness and fun. Fair and Fun is camping a worthy opponent's base and defeating them against odds. Unfair and mildly fun for only one party is camping an unworthy opponent and preventing him/her from playing in the way he or she prefers. This is also called "being a dick" and it applies at spawns, bases, or anywhere else. If someone is distraught enough to complain in global chat, leave them alone. If they're complaining despite being evenly matched, then they aren't going to be fun to fight anyway if they're a sore loser. Anyway, mylineagepvp plugin should help with some of this. Ending the event Ceremony or no ceremony, up to you. The point is having fun in the middle if nothing else. Gather feedback and use it for whatever survival server planned for the future. Having something interesting to look forward to at the end of the event might help encourage activity in spite of the announced end date. Closing This is some relatively easy stuff that can be thrown together for a mildly interesting relatively-low-maintenance pvp-enabled event. I don't really see any downsides to trying it. If anyone has suggestions for improvements please share. If any admins have any opinions, please share. Forum moderators, please remove any comments that are drifting off-topic or overly dramatic. Also, I'm not heavily invested in this. I just always kind of wanted to use extrahardmode+griefprevention+monster apocalypse on a server with nerd-quality moderation/community peeps and figured I'd jot this down and throw it out there. Edit: actually, I just want to play with the better TNT from extra hard mode. o___o Edit2: also, some stress-testing was performed on a testing spigot server running on my dinky laptop with extra hard mode tnt and worldedit (and grief prevention). Giant cubes of TNT+redstoneblocks were created. Spigot did a wonderful job of keeping the explosions asynchronous and the server was fine, as was my laptop. Also the overworld surface was pristine despite the new massive cavern below. Rest easy.
  5. Following straight on from the news post here, this is the topic that we'd like to begin coagulating thoughts and ideas into a plan. You're more than welcome to submit these as individuals or as a group. We're looking for something quite different to survival as we know it, something that is fun to play and something more focused on pvp. To help guide these suggestions, I'd like to offer a few categories to include with any suggestions submitted: Community - Let us know which community events you'd like to see upon survival. Design - How would you like the map and spawn to look? Would there be multiple maps connected through multiverse? Features - Are you a complete Barlimore at pvp, why not try pvp kits? Goals - What would people log in for and what is the end-game? Plugins - Which plugins are essential to supporting your plan? I hope those very brief descriptions help to give some guidance. If you do take the time to make a submission then don't feel the need to answer the questions I've typed up, interpret those categories as you wish and add more as you see fit. If you see an idea that you think is bad, offer a way to improve upon it as we'd like to see Survival succeed. We'd like to continue developing as much of revision 30 in public as we can together (without revealing anything specific enough that would spoil someone's fun). The most obvious thought now is "This is ok, so who is going to run it?". If you'd like to submit those thoughts privately to me or share here then that would be good. Just none of the applyformoderator messages I've seen please, where people nominate themselves under another username while pretending not to be themselves - Just be confident in yourself if you're putting yourself forward. Ideally, we would like someone who cares about seeing Survival succeed, would be interested in trying a malleable approach to upcoming revisions with significant community feedback and has a reasonable time committment.
  6. I'm getting tired of having to /ignore the same dumbases every time. Alternatively, have some sort of automated periodic report in /mb of top /ignored users, so moderators are aware if someone is pissing people off.
  7. o u kno who it is folks its ya boiiiii dizney bringin u anoda brilliant idea oooooo here we go Actually this is an idea I've had in my google docs that I found while writing my final term paper lmaooooooo but I thought I'd post it just to throw something else out there and see if someone wants to take off with some of the ideas or what not. Map: - The map is made up entirely of desert biomes. - Three major cities (destroyed, apocalyptic looking, etc) spread out across the map - 8 to 10 smaller destroyed locations (amusement park, boardwalk, airport, hospital, etc.) spread out - Everything is destroyable Basic Gameplay: - Players spawn with a kit of leather armor, stone sword, and a bit of food in one of the three major cities. Whenever a player dies and respawns without a set bed, they always respawn in one of the three cities and always with a kit. - No trees, wood can come from abandoned structures. - Ores are sparse but still exist. Diamonds can only be found in diamond blocks scattered around cities/structures or won in arenas/ruins/colosseums. - Citadel style system is used to protect blocks and structures, griefing is allowed. - Whenever players spawn they begin with a "guidebook" (not a rule book, but more of an explanation of new things) - Rotten flesh can be cooked to make it not give poison hunger (or whatever its called) - Health doesn't heal unless hunger is 100% full - No enderchests - Mobs that spawn in cities/structures are significantly more strong than mobs spawning in the desert. - XP is vanilla and enchants are restricted. Better enchants/unique enchants are only available through mob drops in the ruins or through winning colosseums/arenas Clan Bonuses: - Players within an official clan (registered by a mod/admin) get a strength boost when fighting near one another - Registered clans spawn with leather armor that is dyed whichever color they choose (128 different colors if I did math right) The Colosseum: When players enter the colosseum (with /colosseum), they spawn within a room on the bottom floor of the arena. Whenever a fight begins, a random amount of random rooms will be opened (maybe 1v1's, FFA's, etc.), and those people are expected to fight. If a player is killed, they become a spectator and may leave the colosseum, however if they return, they will spawn within a room again and might be expected to fight. This forces players to come as equipped as possible if they wish to enter the colosseum, and all winners will be given amazing gifts. When players leave the Colosseum, they spawn at their bed or at a city. Mob Ruins: Taking the place of the mob arena, these ruins consist of different floors going down. Each floor has mobs, with each floor getting more powerful mobs. However the more powerful the mobs, the better the drops (diamonds, armor, unique enchants, etc.). Players won't know how many floors exist, however defeating the ruins means the players will have a statue built of themselves in the center of the world along with bonuses to their character overall. If anyone has any questions I'd be happy to answer, and suggestions are welcome. Even if this isn't something nerd is looking for right now, maybe it will be in the future!
  8. Hello everyone and thanks for taking the time to read this forum post and please keep in mind this is just off the top of my head and not 100% thought out but the beginning of what I think could be a great idea. Only a handful of you may know me, and that is probably because when I play on Nerd I only play for about the first month of a new revision before I quit and I think that happens to alot of players. After taking a look at the graph below I feel that this is the case for a lot of the players that play here early on in the revisions. When I play on PvE, after about a month I have accomplished everything that I have wanted to accomplish and with nothing else left to do, I get very bored of the game. I feel like the same thing happened to S players. This got me thinking about ways to help player retention and I came up with the idea of a Hybrid PvE / PvP server. In my mind this type of server was always the server I wanted to play on because I feel like it would be the most fun and realistic and gives the best of both worlds. Just to be clear I am in no way stating that we should turn PvE into this nor am I suggesting this as a “FIX” for Survival. I am suggesting that we attempt this as a completely new server in addition to the current servers on nerd.nu. So after reading my ideas below, if anyone has any constructive input to contribute, I would greatly appreciate it. Obviously this type of server won’t appeal to certain PvE and certain PvP players, and I understand that. If it doesn't appeal to you please don't post in this thread as that isn’t the intended purpose. Anyway, here is my idea so far: The hardest part and largest barrier that will come from this, is creating an effective balance of both play styles. Players can create towns. These players would then be allowed to claim land based on the amount of players in their town. While within the "claimed land" of their town or of a town they have an allegiance with they would be invulnerable to PvP damage. While outside in the wilderness or inside a town they are rivals with, they are vulnerable to PvP Players could self-designate PvP Zones within towns that would allow members of that town or allied members of that town the ability to PvP one another. If a player inside their town attacks an outside town member, the player would then be flagged for PvP for a variable amount of minutes removing their PvP vulnerabilities within their town. Players fighting within their town would be granted a slight bonus to damage output and damage reduction I also think making towns create PvP and Spleef arenas and then having server ran PvP and Spleef Leagues / Events would help with the longevity of the game. ALLIES, ENEMIES, and NEUTRAL Declaring Enemies: Declaring another town as an enemy means you are hostile towards them. If both towns declare each other enemies then the PvE conditions of those towns cease to exist between members of those towns. This would allow for strictly PvP oriented towns to attack one another at will. Declaring Allies: Declaring allies would protect you from other players when visiting allied towns Declaring Neutral between two towns would set the flags back to the standard. Declaring Neutral from Allied or Enemy would take a variable amount of time to prevent abuse Declaring Neutral Nerd has always traditionally been a vanilla based server which is respectable, however, the base game can only take you so far and ignoring additions that can accent the game I feel hurts the community overall. I would want to add plugins like mcMMO – Is a plugin that adds RPG qualities, experience, and abilities to the game. Everything about this plugin can be configured to suit the needs of the community and achieve balance in the game. The plugin offers both PvP and PvE abilities. The PvE abilities are nice. Take a look at “Tree Feller” for instance. “Tree Feller” allows you to chop down an entire tree in one swing at the expense of the durability of your tool. This ability can only be used so often (configurable) and recharges so often (configurable). Also depending on the amount of EXP you have in the Tree Cutting ability, this allows you to chop down bigger and bigger trees at once. For instance if you are level 0 and you try to chop down a large tree it won’t work. Many of the PvE abilities are similar to this one. There are PvP abilities too, however, I would disable them as they make the game very unbalanced due to the nature of the abilities. One of the cool things I like about mcMMO is the fact you can view all of the stats of players on a website. Below are a few of the pages from the site which I have access to the html files. · Statistics – is a plug that gives a ton of in depth stats about everything going on in the server a lot more than the current nerd.nu/usage stats. For a sample of what it shows you can look at this link http://blockynights.com/stats/ · An Economy Plugin – some type of an economy based plugin would be nice for various reasons and functions. Maybe make iron the currency and disable Iron Golems from dropping Iron making it more valuable and not abundantly available. · A Player Chest Shop Plugin – I think allowing players to sell items for the above currency would make the game more interesting from a PvE perspective. Those are the plugins I would 100 percent add in addition to the server and I can think of some others but for now am leaving them out of the initial discussion. POSSIBILITIES: Raiding: I was thinking of some type of raiding aspects but I don’t know how to balance them especially with the fact that I doubt any PVE player would want it to be a possibility. Personally I think it is ridiculous that you can lock as many chests as you want but also don’t think it is fair for someone to just open yours and get everything, especially if you are not online to defend it. What i was thinking would be Maybe some type of reinforcement system so it makes it harder to break / unlock the chest Offline protections so that it can’t be touched if no one was on to defend it A warning system to those online when a chest is being broken into Maybe only allow a variable amount of items to be removed from a raided chest per 24 hour period Weekly Wars: (pez252 idea) At the start of each week towns could sign up to join the weekly war At the end of the week whichever town has the most kills against other weekly war towns could be given a prize Obviously this would have to be monitored to prevent abuse Influence: (Waterslide’s idea) The amount of time you spend in an area the more influence you have in that area granting you more damage output and damage reduction up to a certain point. This would allow players the ability to better protect themselves in areas the frequent the most. The issue I see really comes down to the PvP aspects of the game. I can’t think of a way to include PvP, in addition to what I have already stated, that would not make PvE players not want to play and I think that is where my idea needs the most help. Thanks for reading my idea and as I stated before, if anyone had any constructive input to contribute I would greatly appreciate it. Sincerely, Blockbuster
  9. I was walking down the blue road and saw that someone had posted this sign (it's new, wasn't there Saturday) Always a fan of the risky link of the day, I drilled it into a browser and found that it is a griefing team, which is a thing? Sorry I've owned minecraft since alpha, but after playing through to beta, I didn't really play a huge amount, mostly to other cool games and free time sucks. Have been playing on s.nerd and enjoying, I read server rules and understand griefing is on honor system, there is no protected land plots, just locked chests, furnaces, etc. so didn't know if this was something the admins would be interested in. Please feel free to throw me a stfu noob if such is warranted, I'd just hate for someone's hard work to be trashed. From website: -and a post by admin maybe? So who pissed off Robin Hood?! Sign wasn't in front of my house so I didn't investigate to see what was done, if anything?
  10. Hi there everyone! First of all, I wanted to thank everyone for their congratulations and such. I can't wait to work with everyone, staff and members alike, to help bring great things to all our servers. Next, I have had a few people ask me and other admins questions regarding my new position. To answer the first question I've been asked: yes, I do have quite a few ideas for different events for each of the servers and can't wait to set them in motion. Some time this week I hope to meet with all the server admins to discuss ideas and time frames so we can start things as soon as possible. In addition to the new events I will be running, I will also be hosting the moderator run arenas on Survival, speed builds on Creative, and (hopefully/possibly) that lovely game of Spleef on PvE. In regards to the Event server, what I hope to do is host three to four major events on it a year. The Head Admins and I are already discussing getting a donation event set up, so be looking out for that! All the other events will be hosted on our current servers: Survival, PvE, and Creative. I also want to take this opportunity to extend an invitation to the community to bring any ideas they have for possible events. My idea with this is not to take over any ideas the members of our community have but work along side you to make it happen. This way we can work together as a team to make our servers as great as possible. If you have any ideas, please don't hesitate to PM me here on the forums. Another way to reach me is IRC; if I am working at the office then just message LRO|Office instead of LadyRavenOwl. All of you are also more than welcomed to message me via Steam, my username is LadyRavenOwl. Speaking of Steam, another thing that I will start directing is Steam Events! I am looking forward to extending our community and having fun outside our virtual legos. If you have any ideas for that, hit me up and we can talk about it!
  11. We have been watching the activity on s.nerd.nu across this revision and have been happy to see so many people getting involved with the server. From the start, there has been no end of revision timeline, instead we have allowed player activity to dictate the closure. Now that it has consistently dropped to levels far below what we were observing earlier into the revision (across June / July), we are now announcing the end of revision for Saturday 12th September. In terms of this revision, I have to reach out to Bluuefuzzy, C45y, ExcessiveToker, Willravel and Zburdsal who have put countless hours into assisting with this map and moderating over 76% of all modreqs. And to all of the people who took the time to give feedback before this rev had a plan, jump on to have some fun or cause some chaos with terrible puns in chat: Thanks for all you've done. :-) Moving forward, Survival will not be returning until a plan is in place to dictate its future - this is where you come in. For years survival has fought to reinvent itself as PvP has changed over the course of numerous Minecraft updates. What we once loved no longer works, so we need new ideas and new admins. We want you to submit your proposals for Survival when it returns. You can write this individually, or as a group, it should cover all the main aspects of the game in as much detail as possible. The submission of these proposals for the future of survival will be reviewed and either implemented or bastardized into a mixture from various peoples ideas. Future survival revisions will be a lot more community driven, and we hope more to the communities liking. Click here to head to the feedback topic.
  12. This is for fanfiction about people on nerd itself (so not just minecraft). Anything goes on these fanfics, just have have warnings if it gets graphic, so go nuts
  13. We're seeking feedback this time around on the /spawn command. Currently you only need to wait a 10 second cooldown to use it, however there has been feedback for an increase on the timeframe. Due to your feedback so far, we'd like to see further feedback contained here and your vote is encouraged. The most popular option will be chosen. Edit: This is what I call a "Barlimore" post, typed up at 4am. Count the number of times the word "feedback" is used. 10 seconds will remain as the cooldown time for the /spawn command
  14. With the recent updates to survival we have some optional new functionality for the CombatTag plugin. Depending on the outcome of the poll we can either leave it as is, where you need to type /ct to view your cooldown, or we can enable the cooldown HUD shown below while you are on cooldown: We will leave this poll open for 2 weeks, or until a majority of active survival players ( according to usage boards ) have responded. Thanks
  15. Ideas and suggestions: Following the model that CAdmins have established with the creative ideas/changelog post, we've set up https://nerd-survival.uservoice.com as a single place to submit ideas and suggestions for survival or vote on changes suggested by others. The most voted items rise to the top, so it sort of sets a priority for what things we admins ought to look at doing. Survival Changelog: This post itself will be used as a changelog for the survival server. It will be updated when admins make any notable changes to the server. You're welcome to post comments here, and to keep it readable and non-cluttered just like in the creative changelog thread we will remove non-changelog comments on every update. If you've got a specific request, use the link above, or if there is an idea or issue you want to discuss without it being cleared out on updates, please consider posting in the server discussion forum or bugs forum.
  16. Want to help out on S but not sure how? Do you find yourself lacking admin requests on your own server? Welcome to the survival admin modreq queue. Clan Verification Clans will expire after 24 hours if the clan owner fails to log on during that time period. In order to stop this happening players can request their clan to be verified. /clan verify <CLANTAG> The CLANTAG should be replaced with whatever the user has put in the modreq, this is normally an upper case sequence of letters of 2-5 characters. There is no real reason to ever reject verifying a clan tag unless it clearly clashes with our rules about language. Mob Spawner Players are able to purchase creeper spawners for 20,000 points. In order to place them the player will normally mark a specific block they wish to be replaced with the spawner. To create a spawner you need to place a normal mob spawner, then while holding the required mob egg run /spawnerswitch. There should be a change in creeper animation and a few creepers should spawn. /i mob_spawner 1 /i creeper_egg 1 /spawnerswitch /fe deduct <playername> 20000 Once the spawner is in place you need to take the 20,000 points from the user, which is the amount defined in the spawn shop. Land Claim requests These requests are best handled by a survival admin. Most requests will be denied this early into a revision however. Once we reach a month or two then this response will likely be revised. Most requests can be handled and denied until that time however. /done <id> No, land has not been inactive long enough yet Shop Purchase Underneath spawn is an area for a bunch of shops, these are worth 10,000 points. These requests will generally be made while standing in the shop area they want. These shop regions are no different than the usual usage of /cregion. The size has been shown in the below image. Upon completion use the following command to remove the required balance. /fe deduct <playername> 10000 That's all the major requests I can think of, if I have missed anything just ask and I'll append it here. Clan Regions Clans may request a region be created for the purpose of locking chests to that region name. When a request comes through you should clarify with the player as to what they wish the region to be named, once that is decided use /warp admin To gain access to the admin room pictured below Each clan gets a box and a sign, create a new block and create a region for it, using /cregion <clan_name> <clan_owner> and close the request, informing the player of the region name for record keeping purposes.
  17. Hello all playing on Survival, we're looking to reach out to you in regards to a few design / gameplay changes at spawn. For those that recall, there was a spawn contest held on the creative server to contribute to this revision's version of spawn. Due to a number of reasons, we ended up reaching this decision. Up until now, Wozdaka's contributions have not been incorporated into spawn, however C45y and myself have begun adding sections on the surface when you head outside and will continue to add elements from Wozdaka's design. Please let us know what you think of these aesthetic changes. Additionally we have received feedback on the underside of spawn, specifically in regards to the shop area not being used as much as it could be as pvp is enabled there. We have a poll attached to this topic asking which, if any, changes you'd like to see to the spawn area, to encourage further use of the feature. We'll keep the poll open for at least 14 days and advertise this topic on the subreddit / server alerts to gain more feedback. Provided we receive enough feedback in 14 days from the poll, that is representative of our community numbers on Survival then we'll go ahead with your choice, if not, we'll communicate further here. Thanks for reading! -LadyRavenOwl -C45y (I've very subtly linked to their profiles instead of my own. Send feedback you have regarding survival to either of us as we all sync up regularly and try to act on feedback) ----------------- No Change has been voted the most popular opinion. As such we will leave spawn as it is currently set up. Thank you all for voting.
  18. Hey their everyone, this is something I have always wanted to do and I intend to push really hard to get this going. I want players to be able to host their own events on the server with staff assistance if needed. When I was a player I always wanted to host official Mob Arenas or Spleef Matches but was turned down by staff because we don't do that. I want to change that and open event hosting to all of the community. I want to do this however without granting any sort of extra perms to players and to do this they will need staff assistance and support. This is what I propose for Player-Ran-Events. Info Players submit a document following a specific format (that I will write up at a later date) that will include information about the event. Such as what server they want the event to be on, what kind of staff assistance is needed, what the prizes are (if any), and other details regarding the event. The goal here is to have the player completely run the event and only have staff assistance for things they can not do. These are the things that I feel we should offer to players: /o and /broadcast usage (announcement on the servers) Teleporting short distances Prizes EasySigns All of the above would be done by a designated staff member for the event and not done by the player. The player(s) running the event would be in a clanchat to communicate with the designated staff member. The initial launch of PREs would not include players building something on E in Creative and then having it transferred over to P, C, or S. However this is something I would like everyone to comment on as I think it is a neat idea. Essentially a player would submit a idea proposal, let's say a 5K for PvE. They would build it on E, then next rev PvE it would be transferred to the map. How would server admins feel about something like this? If it is on S or P it would not be put in the world, it would be put in a MV World or under spawn where players can not do block damage or bring things back to the overworld. Rules Draft Event must be hosted on P, C, S, or E Event must not take down any other servers (You can not do something like the fundraiser where all servers are taken down) Prizes can include any item that is obtainable through survival gamemode. Can have a custom name or enchantment (such as a fish with Protection 2). Can not be anything to ridiculous if on PvE or S (ex: giving out stacks of diamonds). Staff reserve the right to halt an event if problems are to arise Approval Process The approval process would work like this: Player posts event submission in the correct format EAdmins overlook it to see if anything seems unusual or a bit extreme (such as huge prizes) If nothing is wrong, it will be overviewed by that servers admin team If all server admins and EAdmins see nothing wrong it is approved Event is built/hosted This is my initial proposal of Player-Ran-Events to you guys and this is definetly subject to change. Please leave any feedback you have and if you would be okay with something like this.
  19. This is mostly a continuation of a PM between LadyRavenOwl and myself, but I figured I would continue the planning publicly in the event anyone has comments they wish to make ( and to make sure this doesn't clash with any planned events SwitchViewz is running ) Below is the post I will be making to /r/mcpublic within the next 36 hours https://gist.github.com/stevommmm/5178662826b0c5b7b3d1 We are taking a bit of a different route it this tournament and allowing players to craft their ideal PvP kits, with the possibility that their will be chosen by the community and used in the arena. Current plans are also to make use of a recently created player arena presuming continued building by the owner (Bluuefuzzy) has the arena created in time. In the event the arena is not finished by the planned time then the area below spawn could be transformed into an arena in a relatively short period of time. That's about it :)
  20. Since the community news forum section is primarily for announcements, if you have feedback and thoughts to share please reply here or within the subreddit post.
  21. Hello everyone! We S Admins are continuing to work on the new revision plans. To further that goal I've come up with a form with many of the options we're considering. We've been passing the form around the admin team and some mods that have already seen the pertinent documentation about these features. Now we're opening it up for any staff to provide us some feedback on these proposed features. Many of the options on the form require some basic explanation. The original documentation we compiled from all the suggestions is a bit wordy and so I will provide a brief summary of some of the more non-intuitive options. The Server Cauldron-based Modded Server - Uses Forge mods to add custom items, biomes, realms, etc. This would greatly increase the freedom we would have in building a server with the options on this form such as adding custom NPCs, ores, furniture, and other cool stuff. The downside is that players would need to have the mods the server is running to log in. Using an existing modpack or rolling our own and making available are viable options here, and there are a few avenues of making that easy to use for the playerbase. The Map Persistent World - Provide a static and unified experience for players. Many areas of the map would be off limits for modification by players. Lots of pre-built structures and landscape. Revisions would be longer, and new content and areas would be added on. Dungeons - Not just spawners in a room. These would be custom made (probably by many members of staff) large areas that players would need to group up to clear for rewards. Raids - Dungeons on steroids, need more people, get more loot. Instancing - Areas (Dungeons) are private to a player or group of players. This prevents outside interference when clearing a dungeon or raid. Non-Vanilla Mob Spawning - Spawn mobs based on locations or other circumstances, not on light levels. Custom Generation Custom Nether - A Nether that is more custom built like the overworld and isn't just a place to quickly travel between portal locations. RPG-Design - The world would be custom made and designed into continents, island, zones, biomes, etc to fullfill a narrative purpose for the world. This option works way better with persistent worlds as we don't have to redesign a custom map every time. Ores only available in certain parts of the map - Possible only in mines/quarries, but also possible to have specific areas rich in certain ores. This depends heavily on other options. Ores regenerate - Mostly relevant to mines/quarries, but this option mostly prevents strip mining the entire map by allowing people to acquire new ores by re-mining the same areas on a timed basis. Designated Areas - We have some ideas that revolve around varying areas of PVP, which ones would you like to see? Gameplay Partying System - Allow people to group up and take on PVP and PVE objectives together. Custom Abilities - Instead of just swinging swords and shooting bows, players would have additional abilities that would allow them to do more damage or place effects on their opponents. NPC Clone At All Logoff For 15 Seconds - Policing combat logging is a problem, to resolve it, an NPC clone would spawn any time you logged off for 15 seconds (or more) regardless of combat status. PVE/PVP Specific Gear - Much like now, some enchants are better against players than mobs, this could be expanded to have armor and weapons of many types that are good against mobs but not players, and vice-versa. Disable Minecarts/Track For Players - This is mostly relevant for a persistent world setup as it would be difficult/impossible to build cross-world tracks. There would be exceptions for people building inside their own areas. Hearthstones - An item that attempts to return the player to a set location. Would have a "cast" time and cooldown period, and be interruptable by combat. Classes - We're considering adding classes to balance the mechanics of PVP and allow for more interesting gameplay in general. These would likely be stuff like knight, rogue, hunter, etc. Class-restricted Potions - Only certain classes can use some potions, ie: rogue uses invisibility as part of their abilities. Guilds - Clans by another name. Formed by 3 or more players to unite against their foes. Factions - Non-player run factions (think fighter's guild, thieve's guild, etc) that the players can join. Professions/Crafting Remove/Replace Vanilla Crafting - To facilitate a lot of the other options on the form, most vanilla crafting recipes would need to be removed. Some of the more simple crafts could be kept in some form (think torches) but most item/armor crafting would be replaced. Meta Materials - These would be crafting materials made up of combinations of other ores/items. ie: 3 diamonds and 2 iron produces Cut Diamonds. Economy Players Can Make/Purchase Locks/Lockpicks - Non-bank chests would need to be locked, people would be able to pick those locks. Players could purchase varying toughness of locks, thieving players could buy varying levels of picks. If we use NPC factions, possibility of unpickable locks/skeleton key rewards. PVP PVP Toggling - Players would be able to "flag" themselves for PVP or turn it off. Players not flagged for PVP could still be killed in any non-PVE area but there would be consequences. Karma - A punitive system for players who kill people who are not flagged for PVP. Players with karma would be able to be attacked at will, even in PVE zones. Attacking a player with karma would not flag anyone that is not flagged for PVP. If you have further questions feel free to ask them below and I will try to clarify as best I can. Please keep in mind that this form is not definitive for the future S revision plan, and any and all features are still on the table :] Here is the form! Please do not distribute this link to anyone not on staff at this time, thanks!
  22. One idea I thought of was to start something new for server admins, an inauguration post. Basically when a player gets elevated to an admin position, the new server admin would prepare a post (short or lengthy) about what expectations the community should have for them, what some of their plans are as admin, they're past on the server, etc. I think if server admins did this it would show more publicly their care for the server they'll be admin of, and possibly assist in keeping the community content. Also in the process, this should alleviate some of the tension between the player community and staff by keeping everyone connected through direct communication. Thoughts?
  23. This is just a quick reminder to add notes if you guys warn someone for something. There have been a few instances of someone being warned for something, but no note is made which is not good. Adding notes helps us document rule breaking and allows us to see when we need to take further actions.
  24. Not sure if its just me, but I no longer have the perms to ban, kick or add notes to players. It also tells me I don't have perms to use /trace, however it shows up in chat after a bit of a delay.
  25. Survival Revision 29 has just launched! Changes in this revision: Smaller map (3000 by 3000) Back to normal nether Bringing back pearl cooldown Removing strength II (due to all the issues with it) Spawn was built by c45y with accents by Wozdaka and with the shop by Bluuefuzzy Beds will no longer set your spawn point (due to several people asking for it) Weekly SAL fights occurring on different days of the week (points from this revision will be carrying over to next revision) Bulletin board at spawn for player ads 100-150 block square buffer zone from spawn to prevent chunks constantly loaded Community farm inside spawn for new players (This won't be there on the first day to help with the panic) The way shops are done (They are now located under spawn and you no longer have to warp to them) Unsafe buckets for sale in the shop (griefing with them will be a bannable offense) Buyable XP from the server shop /spawn will be enabled with a 10 second warm up and a 15 minute cool down (this particular feature is a dying wish of rtr69 that I am respecting) You can now steal other people's horses All animals are now able to murderated (Yes, this means you don't *currently* have to leave 2 of each animal, this is also because people asked for this previously, if more people hate it than like it then we can change it back) Auctions (courtesy of c45y and another dying wish of rtr69) What to Expect: As said before, the premise of Survival will be the same. Roads will not have ice (although the snow biome road has some sporadically) and will not go to the end of the map; roads are also not based on colours this revision, but instead on biomes based on an idea that nickeynickey123 brought to me. There will be Nether portals in the middle and at the end of all roads, as well as the one in spawn. Spawn will be mostly re-enterable and shop will have access through spawn. You can see the portal and road designs here. Many thanks to c45y, Barlimore, smdavis93 and zburdsal for all of their very very hard work in getting this completed with me. Revision 29 would not be happening without them. Also many thanks to Dumbo52 for helping with the launch.
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