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I am twilexis, AM(a)A!


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Okay, it’s time I come clean. You’ve all guess it anyway.


Redwall and I are dating. We’ve been dating for a few weeks now.


I guess we first started falling in love at the beginning of this rev. It started over our mutual interest in bdsm. Before you ask, I’m the sub.


He’s moving to Australia soon, then we’re travelling to Tasmania to train under eehee to learn the fine arts of PVP and butterknife assassination.


That’s why I laugh so much when people say I have redwall wrapped around my finger, because in reality it’s the other way around, and I love every second of it.

ye m8 2v1 me m4a1 swer 2 lawd wil rek bote of u

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8 minutes ago, twilexis said:

Only if I can adopt Little Defie


LAWL okay.

Our matching little defie and little twi can marry and be adorablez foreverz. And we can call their names and watch them both turn around and look at us and we shall be amused for all of eternity. <3

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