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Museum Build Contest Winnars

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Hello everyone!


Thanks for making the Museum Build contest such a success.  We had four really good entries by MasterCommaThe, jdgordon01, stratjeff, and TokenChineseGuy.


Like we said in the announcement thread, there are TWO winners: a popular winner and a host pick.


As you can see from the voting thread,


MasterCommaThe is the popular choice!


After much discussion, Four_Down and I have chosen


jdgordon01 as the host choice!


In regards to the prizes:  Apparently steam doesn't sell $25 gift cards (whoops!), but if you PM me your paypal email or bitcoin address or other preferred method of payment, I can just send you the value in cash :tongue: 


We are also looking for build ideas for our next contest.


Congratulations to our winners!

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