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Museum Build Contest  

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    • MasterCommaThe's Build at (-2036, 269)
    • jdgordon01's Build at (-1600, 2757)
    • stratjeff's Build at (2050, -360)
    • TokenChineseGuy's Build at (/home TokenChineseGuy tedkovsky)

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Now that all the entries are in, it's time to start voting on the Community Pick for the Museum Build Contest.


You will notice that I have made the votes public.  We made this choice in order to avoid vote-stuffing.  Votes from brand-new accounts, alts, etc, will be discounted.


Because of the delay (sorry!) in getting this poll up, voting will last until this Sunday (February 1st).


I'd also like to ask that you vote for the entry that you actually like the best.  Please don't make this a popularity contest.


PLEASE VISIT EVERY BUILD BEFORE VOTING!  Sometimes stuff looks different in-person.


Good luck everyone!



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