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  1. Ah, yes, on reddit. I always forget to look there, thanks.
  2. Wait, Friday as in today? Edit: It looks like you guy put a lot of work into this, I hope enough people hear about it for it to be a success.
  3. This was the case on survival, it was a tiny bit buggy, you had to make sure you locked both "halves" of the bed. But otherwise it worked without issue.
  4. Ignoring players is handled by the NerdMessage plugin. When NerdMessage deals with a player, it uses an "NMUser" object, which contains a set of strings of the usernames of players that are being ignored. The NMUser objects do not persist through restarts, the plugin creates a new one the first time it interacts with a player, and keeps a list of these objects in memory. So in order to persist through restarts, the plugin would have to write the lists of ignored players to disk, and probably store them as UUIDs instead of player name strings. It's not a huge amount of coding by any means, but it's not as simple as changing a config value. This kind of problem arises because nerd insists on "rolling their own" plugins or CH scripts for everything, instead of using one of the hundreds of open-source chat plugins available, which have more features, allow easier customization, and require less Tech Admin time and effort. This is one reason among many why Nerd is less "nimble" in making changes and trying out new ideas.
  5. Lol yea, my bad for never doing anything with that. I made a schematic somewhere...
  6. We'll have to disagree on this one Narissis. That was not my experience trying to play on P. What you call "non-confrontational" I call "passive-aggressive." People are very particular about what can be built and where. I don't want to dredge up old arguments, but I don't think it was a matter of me swallowing my pride, and I don't think it was a matter of anti-S prejudice, I just think the environment of PvE is not for everyone, myself included. That's why I'm not a fan of attempting another "S city" on PvE.
  7. Uncehaven is a great example, he had to go through the same hate until the PvE'ers realized they wouldn't be able to chase him away. I'd rather not. At least on Survival you could kill someone for being a passive-aggressive little shit
  8. Eh, we tried building on P one revision, the amount of hate we got was ridiculous, P is not a very welcoming community if you're trying to do your own thing.
  9. It'd be nice to have some sort of PvP on the network, it's one of the only aspects of Minecraft that's unavailable on Nerd. I spoke with SwitchViewz a while ago about having another UHC event like the one Slide ran, I think a lot of people had a lot of fun with that one. Although I notice Switch is no longer Event Admin, so I don't know the status of that. Anyways, something PvP oriented would be nice, even on the Event Server, for those of us who like that sort of thing.
  10. Bring whom, Toby? Both sides of the issue are represented in this thread.
  11. I don't like this argument. You can say the same thing about ANY issue. People that stopped playing may have stopped playing BECAUSE of issues they saw with the servers. If you only take the opinions of people that play all the time, then you're going to get a self-selecting group of people who are okay with the status-quo (or at least, okay enough for them to be able to continue playing).
  12. I've also had people message me about things I said in PM (To be fair, more than a year ago now). I think bored admins like to search for their own names.
  13. Regarding helping players, maybe a mod shouldn’t be OBLIGATED to do helpful things (or they'd have no time for anything else), but why is it forbidden for them to use their powers to be helpful to a player, like using logblock to find a base that they forgot to write down the coords before they died or something? It seems like mods are only allowed to punish people, and not help them. edit: I think diz and I said the same thing :)
  14. I'm not commenting on your specific situation, I'm commenting about the abstract issue of "strictness." It seems that the point of this thread was to have that abstract conversation.
  15. I think by "strict," cmdrtebok is saying that something as simple as a horse tp requires a player to navigate a bureaucracy.. i.e., modreq, conversation with mod, an investigation, logblock check, elevation to admin, wait until an admin comes online, admin investigation. If there were less red-tape, a mod could just use their common sense and then tp the horse out. Debating the finer points of underground fences is another example of unnecessary strictness/bureaucracy for a lego game.
  16. This error message has to hold the record as the longest running spelling (grammar?) issue on nerd.
  17. Other servers write their plugins to only use the bukkit/spigot API, so they're version-independent. Nerd uses some older plugins that were built against craftbukkit, and only work with the version they were built against. In some cases this is because the API calls to accomplish some things didn't exist when the plugin was written (or still don't), or because the plugin predates bukkit altogether.
  18. Spiderman said that large servers correspond their resets/launches with Minecraft updates. I'm not sure what you're asking to be linked to?
  19. If you launch with 1.9's release, you can "ride the wave" of interest that comes with a new version. But that would require launching ASAP when 1.9 comes out, which would require being basically done with the revision by then, which would require starting now.
  20. Are you running Java 7 or 8? They made some changes re: GC as discussed above.
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