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After more debugging today we've confirmed the source is CobraCorral, Database.java in the getHorse function, every recorded call to getHorse is a cache miss, resulting in a database query being made on the main thread ( which is the 1000ms delay per horse )


Debugging functions (shown below with logs) were written into the plugin, producing the following output




At this stage I am handing off to the rest of the tech team, I will be gone the next 3-4 days. Best of luck guys

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Thanks, C45Y.


Those are some very interesting numbers.  The measurements for "Horse found, checking for lock and updating; duration=" are all 1001, 1002, 2001 or 2002 ms.  Is something sleeping for precisely one second?


It seems to me that we could simply disable CobraCorral and re-enable the lock-horses setting in KitchenSink.  Everybody's horse would then be locked to the person who tamed it, right?  We would lose the ability to share horses, except by the temporary sharing feature built into KitchenSink, and we would lose fancy stuff like GPS.  But the server would be playable.


Perhaps we could get TheAcademician to comment on how well CobraCorral would cope with being disabled for a while until the database issue is fixed?

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CobraCorral appears to exclusively use entities uniqueIds behind the scenes, so I'd assume it would pick things up properly when re-enabled, if it were temporarily taken out.



The reason I asked, of course, was in case the CobraCorral fix was going to take a long time.  Or if we run the new version and things turn out to be not as simple as was thought.


I had a chat to TheAcademician today, in game, and she said that new locked horses wouldn't get registered with the DB if we disabled CobraCorral.  So GPS data would be off.  However she also said that it would eventually resolve itself and otherwise shouldn't be an issue.


So given that there is a new version in the works, I look forward to seeing what it does for the lag.  And I'm still mystified by these 1000ms pauses.

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