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Archaeologists' Guild: Winners of the Poetry Competition!

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After several hours of sharing notes and votes with the Head Researcher of the Archaeologists’s Guild, we are very happy to announce the winners of the Poetry Competitiont!

The winners of the contest are as follows:


In 3rd Place: schererererer, with ‘Sonet 1962’.

Long years ago a frigid conflict burst

Across the coupled cities’ palisade;

Through clashing creed

Was swollen their bloodthirst,

Yet open warfare was by craft delayed.

‘Twixt Brom and Argoth rivalry did grow,

With military assets fortified.

Until at last the missiles fell as snow,

And all the folk of Brom and Argoth died.


But wait, some life yet stirs beneath the ash!

One deep and hardened bunker hosts a guest;

An Argoth mayor rises from his cache;

In spite of carnage, hope stirs in his chest.


And though he stays a mayor, through and through,

The mayor now is a defector too.


In 2nd Place: PPGOME, with ‘Rev 21 Memories’.

All of the player rush to get melons

Barlimore and his fellow PAdmins watching

Claims are going up all over the map

Death by mob after mob due to the lag

Everybody is beginning to settle in

Finally, portal 1 has been found

Griefers who came through Tabula

Happy times building with my new friends

I never expected to build the Olympics!

Jingle bells, jingle bells! Christmas town is finally here!

Keeping this memories forever in my heart

Laughter when we realize the entire Olympic arena is off by one block

My treasured memories.


In 1st Place: buzzie71, with ‘Of The Ocean’.

I am of the ocean,

a realm of little commotion.

Here I live out in the sea,

and dream of what could be.


Here sits my domes and tunnels of stone,

complexes sprawled out in zones,

above a yacht of diorite floats,

among a city of island rose.


Yet the ocean is kind in its emptiness,

its blank canvas still there in silence.

And before the water teems with dolphins and drowneds,

I will be here to build on my home grounds.


I am of the ocean,

a realm of little commotion.

Here I live out in the sea,

and dream, perhaps, of 1.13.


A big round of applause to everyone! From thrilling to sad, from humble to epic, we are very thankful we were able to glimpse a slice of your experience in this server through your poems! All qualifying participants can now pick up their prize at spawn, there will be a chest with your name in the Archaeologists’ Guild library (/place Poetry).

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Congrats all 3 of you, highly impressed !!  \o/  awww buzzie i liked your ship it saved me from drowning when tic's boat broke !!

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